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What to Wear to a Civil Wedding?

Have you been invited to a civil wedding? Contrary to common belief, a civil wedding is not only a methodological process to make things official. Instead, it is now considered a beautiful and meaningful way to get hitched.

What to Wear to a Civil Wedding

But do you have any idea what to wear to a civil wedding in the first place? Semi-formal attire is recommended for daytime civil weddings, while something a bit dressier is perfect for nighttime civil weddings.

The good news is that there are many options available to choose from when it comes to civil wedding attire. Read on below to have some idea on what to wear during civil weddings.

What to Wear as a Guest to a Morning Civil Wedding?

If you have been invited to a morning civil wedding, laidback attire fits just well for the occasion. Daytime civil wedding guests are recommended to wear semiformal attire. Don’t forget to inquire about the specific themes and dress codes from the hosts.

What to Wear as a Female Guest to a Morning Civil Wedding

A dress is the most obvious choice for female guests to daytime civil weddings. The knee-length cocktail dresses are the classic semi-formal outfit that falls right under or over the knee.

Patterned dresses also look gorgeous, especially for civil weddings in spring. You can pick one in any type of neckline but make sure you don’t opt for something that looks too daring or revealing. Don’t forget that all eyes should be on the bride and not on the guests. A New Look or A-line cut can give your midi or cocktail dress the flawless vintage touch.

Long jumpsuits are another great option, but you have to take note that those in pastel colors look best for morning civil weddings. It will also be great to settle for shin-length jumpsuits rather than the true long styles.

You can also opt for a long chiffon trouser pair that looks great with a matching top or a stylish shirt. Be sure to accessorize a bit more if you decide to opt for this outfit.

What to Wear as a Male Guest to a Daytime Civil Wedding

Male guests to daytime civil weddings have fewer outfit options, with most guests donning on the classic tie and suit combo. But you can also try toning down the suit’s serious look by not going for the matching pants and blazer and combining two colors instead.

For daytime civil weddings, male guests can also wear suits in light colors such as pale gray, brown, beige, or an extensive array of blues. You can put on a bowtie as a tie alternative. You can mix the color access with the accessories or blazer.

You can also fold up the trousers’ hem to add a more special touch to your outfit if the civil wedding is less formal. Just be extra careful with your socks, though.

What to Wear as a Guest to a Nighttime Civil Wedding?

You can try dressing up more if you have been invited to a civil wedding to be held at night. But as always, the bride and the groom should always be the center of attention.

What to Wear as a Female Guest to a Nighttime Civil Wedding

A long maxi dress is your best choice for a dress for an evening civil wedding. Monochrome dresses made from luxurious fabrics like satin or silk will complement your figure. Once again, never wear something too revealing or too tight. Since wedding parties may last several hours, see to it that you pick an outfit that remains comfortable for the rest of the night.

If the wedding is more informal, you might also go for a maxi skirt or knee-length dress, or even a pair of long trousers paired with a classy shirt or blouse. Once again, another good alternative is a jumpsuit.

For evening civil weddings, opt for a wide-legged full-length jumpsuit in fine fabric like satin to look amazing.

What to Wear as a Male Guest to a Nighttime Civil Wedding

The usual tie and suit combo is the best choice that male guests can wear for nighttime civil weddings. You can also match your blazer with another pair of pants. As for winter night civil weddings, you can pair a velvet blazer with a pair of plain trousers.

What Colors to Wear as a Guest to a Civil Wedding?

Just like in other forms of weddings, especially religious weddings, white is not allowed because this is solely reserved for the bride. White is something you need to avoid wearing to ensure that you don’t rob the spotlight from the bride.

Wearing black is also a big no-no. Black is not really the most appropriate color to wear if you are a guest at a civil wedding. For example, the Western world associates black with mourning. You will be better off with another color instead of black. A black suit may be allowed if you are part of the groom’s party to match his. Just make sure that you ask him in advance.

The best way to wear black to civil weddings is to balance it out with other colors. For example, a black suit or dress can be paired with colorful accessories like a shawl, shoes, a chunky necklace, a handbag, or shoes.

What Accessories and Hairstyles are Appropriate for Civil Weddings?

Accessories like headdresses and picture hats are welcome in civil weddings held during daytime, but this still depends on the specific form of the civil ceremony. The last thing you want is to look inappropriate wearing your royal-looking hat at an informal civil wedding. You wouldn’t want to stand out excessively with your outfit to avoid taking the attention away from the bride and groom.

If your hair is long, a braided hairdo is your best option for civil weddings, such as the bohemian braid. It is a type of hairstyle that looks spontaneous and formal all at once.

These are some of the outfit ideas you can consider the next time you are invited to a civil wedding.