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Does the Father of the Bride Match the Groomsmen?

Father of the bride typically wears a matching outfit to the groomsmen. While this tradition is not as common as it used to be, it is still a popular choice for fathers who want to look sharp on their daughter’s big day. Matching suits can be found in any color, and they are often accompanied by vests, ties, and other accessories.

Does the Father of the Bride Match the Groomsmen

If you are looking for a way to stand out from the rest of the wedding party, consider choosing a unique color or pattern for your suit. You’ll be sure to turn heads and make memories that will last a lifetime.

Should the Father of the Bride Match the Groomsmen?

The general rule of thumb is for the father of the bride to wear something that somewhat matches the groomsmen’s level of formality. It means that if all the groomsmen are donned in tuxes, the father of the bride must put on a tux as well. On the other hand, if suits were the choice of clothes for the groomsmen, the father of the bride must also wear a suit.

If the bride wants her father to match the groomsmen but she doesn’t want it to be too identical, the father of the bride can put on a tie in a similar color family. He can also wear something that will match the groomsmen’s vests.

The father of the bride can also wear something in the same color featuring a different accent or cut than the rest of the bridal party. Such subtle elements are perfect for blending with no need to go to the extent of being too identical.

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Tips to Choose the Best Attire for the Father of the Bride

If you are still clueless about what the father of the bride should wear on your big day, here are basic tips to help you make the right decision:

Match It with Your Wedding’s Level of Formality

If your planned wedding is a casual one that doesn’t require a suit, make sure dad doesn’t put on his tux. To make things easier, consider the groom’s attire first and coordinate the look of the father of the bride accordingly.

Don’t Match It Exactly with the Groomsmen

The father of the bride should be distinct from the rest of the wedding party even in a little way. Maybe he can tweak the color of his tie or add a vest to his look.

For instance, if the groomsmen are all wearing the classic black tux complete with a bow tie in any of your wedding colors, the bride’s dad should also wear a tux with a bow tie in a different wedding color or a classic black.

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Harmonize with the Rest of the Father Figures

The couple can decide if all the fathers will match during the wedding. There is something beautiful about this kind of simplicity. But what if the twinning scenario isn’t something you want for your wedding?

If you will assign the outfits, choose a look that is a bit different for every dad just like how you coordinated the outfits of the groomsmen. If you will let them pick their own attire, ask them to send you a photo of their choice and veto the look if necessary.

Make Sure Doesn’t Outshine the Groom

The father of the bride has two main goals for his outfit. First is that he wants you to feel proud of his looks, and second is that he also wants to feel more confident. Other fathers may also prefer a more reserved appearance while some are more drawn to unique and bold styles.

Unless the wedding party and the groom will go big, it is best to let dad wear a solid color classic tux or suit. It is also surprisingly very easy to look great if the suit fits well, even it is only a simple one.

Stick with Just One and Not All Wedding Colors

It makes sense to have a subtle nod to the different wedding colors you have. However, you should avoid packing all honorary shades into just one outfit. Using just a single wedding color ensures more harmonious wedding pictures without creating any distractions at all.

Take note that all of these tips are also applicable to the attire of the father of the groom.

What Should the Father of The Bride Wear?

It has been a longstanding practice that the attire of the father of the bride matches that of the groomsmen. The bride’s father wears the same suit or tuxedo as the groomsmen.

You can tweak an aspect of the outfit of the father of the bride to make him distinct from the rest of the wedding party. He can wear a bowtie or necktie with a unique pattern or alter their button-up shirt’s color. This small tweak can also be made to match with what his wife is wearing.

However, these small changes must still fit within the overall color scheme of the wedding. This kind of coordination is pleasing to the eye to create more captivating wedding photos.

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The father of the bride and the other men and boys in the wedding party traditionally wear a boutonnière. Boutonnières are floral decorations attached to a suit or tuxedo’s lapel and are often made up of a single flower or bud.

If you have a limited budget for the accessory, the couple can just designate it for a few people. But it is a must for the father of the bride to wear one.

Suits or Tuxedo

Again, the father of the bride must never outshine the groom, but he must still be distinct from the groomsmen. If the rest of the wedding party plans to wear tuxedos, the bride’s father can wear a tux in a lighter color than that of the groomsmen. The father of the bride can also wear a vest in a different color.

Tie and Shirt

The father of the bride can wear a slightly darker or lighter shirt. One more option is to wear a tie with a different pattern. It gives him the chance to use his outfit to showcase his unique personality.

What Does the Father of The Bride Do at The Wedding?

Traditionally, the father of the bride is a very important part of the wedding. He escorts his daughter down the aisle, gives her away to the groom, and dances with her during the reception. In some families, he also pays for the wedding.

These days, fathers are often more involved in the planning process than ever before. Many help choose the location, select the caterer, and choose the music. Some even help write their daughter’s vows. No matter what role he plays, the father of the bride is sure to have a memorable day at his daughter’s wedding.

Should the Mother and Father of The Bride Match?

For many people, it is simply a matter of tradition – the bride’s parents have always matched – and they feel it is important to continue this tradition. Others believe that if the mother and father of the bride don’t match, it can be confusing for guests, who may not know who is who.

However, many people feel that having mismatched parents can actually add a unique and interesting element to the wedding. Ultimately, it is up to each individual couple to decide what they think is best for their wedding. Some couples may choose to have both sets of parents match, while others may go for a more eclectic look with mismatched parents.