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What to Wear to a Winery Wedding?

Winery weddings are magical and cheery. What makes them even more exciting is that various color schemes look great with these weddings.

What to Wear to a Winery Wedding

If you are curious to know what to wear to a winery wedding, you don’t really have to worry because there are plenty of choices you can consider. However, the general rule is to go for softer colors but stay away from anything that is either too loud or too dull.

What Can You Wear to Winery Weddings?

The attire you can wear to winery weddings will mainly depend on the winery’s culture, so it is best to refer to the dress code indicated on the invitation to get the guidance you need.

Some wineries are very casual and country, while others are more sophisticated. Most wineries offer outdoor weddings and many of them also provide indoor alternatives in the event that rain pours down on the day of the wedding.

It is also recommended to wear comfortable shoes that will let you walk comfortably outdoors even over uneven terrain. For the ladies, a nice and comfy wrap dress is the best choice, with light ones recommended for daytime weddings and darker if you plan to party well into the night.

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Common Rules for Winery Wedding Attire for Guests

Winery weddings are lovely in every sense of the word, that not only the couple but even their guests often find themselves enthralled with the location. This is why it is no longer a surprise that more and more couples are tying the knot in wineries.

The first and most important rule to remember if you have been invited to a winery wedding is to always refer to the invitation. Does the couple have a requested or preferred attire?

Every term has a different meaning so before you get all too excited to shop for your outfit, you need to be familiar with the dress codes first.

Below are the common rules for winery wedding attire for guests:


Casual is the universal dress code, with most winery weddings following this option because they are held by the waters or outdoors. You can get a good idea from the attire of the wedding party. If in doubt, don’t be afraid to ask.

Some of your safe bets are a button-down blouse paired with linen pants or a fun sundress. Remember that as far as wedding parlance is concerned, casual doesn’t mean tank tops, T-shirts, jeans, or shorts, unless otherwise stated. Be comfortable without looking messy.

Cultural Apparel

This one varies depending on what the bride and groom want. However, if the couple comes from a certain culture, religion, or country, there might be a few special requirements for the attire of their wedding guests. If you are unsure or unfamiliar, chances are they will inform you where to find one or give you a guide so you can have some idea of what to wear.


Festive means that you will want to settle for semiformal wear and the only difference is that this time, you need to add some flair. This means you should pick fun-colored jumpsuits paired with shoes perfect for dancing in. With this dress code, the couple wants their guests to look nice and at the same time, show off their unique personalities and party their hearts out.


If the dress code is formal, it means that you need to get a bit fancy. The ladies can wear long dresses, while gents can opt for well-made classy pantsuits complete with ties. Black is also acceptable and is usually the most formal out of all choices.

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Semiformal is sometimes listed as dressy casual or cocktail. It means skirts or dresses and suits without being too buttoned-up. You don’t need gowns or gloves here, but you still need to choose a reasonably fancy outfit.

Dress-wearers can settle for something shorter than those recommended for formal events. For invites that state beach formal, it is safe to settle for light linen and dresses that look right at home in upscale resorts with dress codes.

There are also instances when the invitation for a completely different dress code. In cases like this, you can turn to the internet as your best resource. If not in luck, don’t be afraid to ask the couple or the members of the family directly to know their expectations with the attire of their wedding guests.

Now that you’ve got some idea of what is expected from you as a guest, it is time to know the specifics. The next step is to determine what to wear according to the dress code.

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Tips to Find What to Wear to a Winery Wedding

Here are the guidelines you can follow to choose the best outfit for a winery wedding:

Always Refer to The Dress Code

Once again, don’t forget to read the wedding invitation to have a good idea of the dress code that guests are expected to follow. Winery weddings are often dress-up casual or semiformal.

You might be tempted to don on your favorite pair of jeans and shirt for this dress code assuming that they are comfortable options for a winery. But you still need to dress up a bit because you are attending a wedding, not going on a vacation with your family.

Tasteful cocktail dresses are great options for the ladies, while gents can pair a coat with a simple white shirt with no tie. Check the wedding’s color scheme for the colors according to the invitation or ask the couple if your outfit is acceptable.

As always, never wear something that will steal the spotlight from the couple, regardless of whether it is a wedding in a winery or not.

Consider Comfort

While choosing a respectful outfit is a must even for outdoor weddings, practicality and comfort are still crucial. Stay away from lengthy outfits that can make it difficult to walk around or wear flats to save yourself from trouble.

Men should opt for shirts with breathable colors and a pair of dress shoes that won’t be too painful to wear all day long.