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Dress Codes for Beach Wedding

Finding the best clothes for a wedding is just like dressing up for your first day at school. While you want to feel and look your best, you also want to make sure that you will fit in with everyone else. Good thing that most couples today let their guests know if they have a preferred dress code for their big day.

Dress Codes for Beach Wedding

If you have been invited to a beach wedding, it is important to know what and what not to wear so that you don’t look and feel like you don’t belong there.

How to Put Together Your Beach Wedding Outfit

While planning your outfit for a beach wedding, the semi-formal dress code is usually the best choice. Although the attire of guests for beach weddings doesn’t necessarily include floor-length gowns and full suits, it would be wiser to choose an outfit that is a bit more elevated compared to the more laidback shorts or sundress, unless that is clearly asked for on the wedding invite.

Now, if you are not sure of the wedding’s formality, use the wedding website and invitation of the couple for guidance. There are instances when the specific time of day can serve as your guide in choosing your outfit because nighttime weddings have the tendency to be more formal.

You can also refer to the venue as a good reference. Beach weddings held at upscale resorts will probably need a more formal outfit compared to intimate gatherings held near the water. Once again, you can use the wedding website of the couple as your guide. It is where the couple often indicates their specific requests for attire so you will know what outfit is most appropriate.

Formal Beach Wedding Dress Code

A suit, jumpsuit, or dress is the most suitable options for formal beach weddings. You can go for lighter and more solid colors and breathable fabrics. White, cream, and black are a no-no here. Jumpsuits and tea-length dresses are also acceptable for formal beach wedding attire.

Dress Codes for Beach Wedding

If you want to make things more elegant, opt for fabric like lace or metallic. Since it is risky to wear stilettos on the sand, go for formal sandals or chunky heels. It would also be great if you can wear a formal pair of heels if the reception is not held on the beach.

A long-sleeved shirt and tie with slacks and jacket or a suit are great options as well. Stick with solid colors, once again staying away from white, cream, and black. The best choice here would be a summer suit. Look for a breathable fabric like seersucker, khaki, or linen. A nice pair of shoes that look great with the slacks or dress shoes is required. Sandals and shorts are not allowed in formal beach weddings.

Cocktail or Semi-Formal Beach Wedding Dress Code

A jumpsuit, formal romper, suit, or dress all work for a semi-formal or cocktail wedding. You can settle for prints but don’t go for something too loud. If you opted for a beachy dress, you can go for one in maxi or tea-length so you don’t look too casual.  Wedges, chunky heels, and dressy sandals are all acceptable options for footwear.

Dress Codes for Beach Wedding

Although it is not required to wear a jacket, some fun additions you can consider are a unique blazer or breathable sport coat. Once again, prints are great as long as they are not too loud. You can go for a little more casual pair of shoes but you will still need closed-toe ones like deck shoes or loafers. Obviously, sandals and shorts are not recommended.

Casual Beach Wedding Dress Code

High-quality rompers, breezy maxi dresses, or simple sundresses are all good picks for casual beach weddings. Although dressy sandals are great choice, stay away from the standard beachwear flip flops. Short-sleeved shirts are nice like polos paired with nice shorts such as Chinos paired with a belt.

Dress Codes for Beach Wedding

Bold prints or lighter colors will surely up your casual look. Never wear swim shorts, cargo, and denim.   Cotton tees are not allowed even for casual weddings. While it is the only time when it is acceptable to wear sandals, make sure that your feet are clean before you go for the open-toe look. In case you don’t feel comfortable, wear a loafer or deck shoe but never sneakers.

Other Helpful Tips for Dress Code for Beach Wedding Guests

Airy and light fabrics that are not too fit to the body are the perfect options for women, particularly when the event is held during warmer months of the year. These fabrics include cotton blends, lace, linen, chiffon, and organza. See to it that you go for a stylish quality outfit that suits the weather. Of course, you wouldn’t want your attire to have ugly sweat marks.

For men, linen beach shirts and linen pants can do the trick. There are several choices that you can combine with no need to go overboard. Guayabera shirts are also perfect beach weddings thanks to their stylish but simple designs. For formal dress codes, settle for lightweight loose-fitting suit made of cotton blends or linen. You can also wear a linen vest and still look formal and classy.

Women can also choose from various options as far as colors are concerned and it would be better if you can look for one that matches the background. This is usually indicated in the dress code for the beach wedding, if there is one. Now, while that black dress may look lovely, the last thing you want is absorbing all the heat after spending hours under the sun. Think colors such as tangerine, sunflower, turquoise, fuchsia, aquamarine blue, lime green, and sand. Also, you can go for floral prints, stripes, and polka dots among some other patterns in the bright shades.

Gents can wear white or some other linen shirts with bright colors paired with white linen, light sand, or beige pants. This simple combination is stylish and cool. If you will be opting for a suit, tan-colored or cream linen suits for beach weddings are suitable attires for male guests.