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Do Shoes and Bag Have to Match for Wedding?

The rules on what to wear during a wedding can sound a bit complicated. While the last thing you want is to wear a wild outfit and ruin the occasion, it is also not easy to know what to wear with all the different and conflicting tips and pointers out there.

Do Shoes and Bag Have to Match for Wedding

One of the common pieces of advice that you might have heard is to match your shoes and bag. The main idea here is that it will make you look sophisticated, sleek, and perfectly put together for the special day. However, do shoes and bag have to match for wedding in the first place?

For most weddings, matching your shoes and bag is not required. Or at least, your shoes and bag don’t have to look as if they have been cut from the same material.

This short guide will help you determine what to wear so you can nail that flawless wedding outfit.

Do You Need Matching Shoes and Bag for Wedding?

You are not expected to match your shoes to your bag or vice versa in most cases. The rule is already a bit old-fashioned, and it doesn’t even reflect the latest wedding style guide these days.

While it is indeed a popular choice to match your shoes to your bag, it is not really necessary. As long as you are wearing an outfit that is well put together and suitable for the occasion, whether your accessories are matching or not won’t be an issue.

However, even if these don’t need to match, you still need to consider and follow a few rules when choosing your shoes and bag for a wedding. In fact, even the most casual weddings continue to be traditional occasions.

If you plan to wear open-toe shoes, pay attention to your nails. Although it is fine to wear open-toe shoes and you can wear them with most outfits, don’t forget to apply a coat of polish.

Choose a small bag. After all, you don’t need to carry a lot during a wedding. The basics you need are some money, your phone, and maybe a pack of tissues. It might be awkward to wear a large bag anyway. Also, a huge bag can get in your way while eating or dancing. Go small or just bring less if you cannot fit in everything in your bag.

Make sure you only use high-quality accessories. But it doesn’t mean you need to spend a lot to get these quality items, though. A pricey bag with scuffs may end up looking worse than a cheaper but neat and clean bag.

See to it that you choose a bag that you can easily carry in just one hand. Your best choice here is a clutch. You want the bag to be something that you can easily tuck under your arm to let you help yourself to drinks.

Go for a small and thin heel. One of the biggest and most common mistakes people make during weddings is wearing too high heels. These are not just uncomfortable as they also don’t look good among toned-down outfits. Chunky wedges and heels are out as well except if they match the wedding venue.

Matching Your Shoes and Bag Doesn’t Necessarily Mean “Matching”

Another mistake people often make is that they instantly assume that when matching shoes and bags, the two accessories need to be identical. However, it isn’t always the case. You can still match your shoes and bag without the need to buy them from just one range. The secret here is to know what specific parts you want to match.

For example, prints are a great way to add a touch of interest to your outfit and are a famous option for accessories. The print on your bag doesn’t need to be an identical match to the print on your shoes. Instead, your choice of choice can just emphasize a specific part of the bag’s print or vice versa.

On the same note, a bold choice of color on the shoes must only match a certain part of the bag, with the rest being in a more neutral tone. Silver shoes, for instance, can match a low-key bag with a silver clasp.

If you have opted for a statement shoe or bag, it would look better if the two don’t match. Excessive matching may seem a bit over the top. If you wish to make a statement, you need to tone it down with the other accessory.

Are Matching Shoes and Bags Required for Traditional Weddings?

Matching is appropriate for a traditional church wedding. The bride will probably appreciate it if you try to coordinate. It will also ensure that you don’t stand out unnecessarily.

Navy is the easiest and best color for a very traditional wedding. The dark blue color is adaptable and is regarded as a neutral color. It lets you easily match the rest of your accessories. You can pair your navy dress, for instance, with some champagne accessories to achieve a well-put-together look. Similarly, polished silver can add a touch of interest without looking too bold.

Wearing neutrals is also a traditional option. You can use accessories to add a pop of color to a sleek neutral dress without going over the top.

The easiest way of matching bags and shoes with your neutral dress is to opt for undertones. You can pair blush accessories with neutrals with a pink undertone. Navy can go well with cool-toned neutrals while metallic can match almost anything.

Reasons to Match Shoes and Bag for Wedding

You need to remember that you are not the highlight of someone else’s wedding. However, it doesn’t mean you cannot have fun with your outfits. Using clever accessories is the best way to achieve just that.

Your most obvious option here is a neutral dress although it won’t let you express your personality. It can make a big difference if you match your accessories. Bold shoes and bags will be unobtrusive enough to avoid being a distraction but can still jazz up your outfit.

Wedding rules are no longer as strict as they once were. Matching your shoes and bag is a great idea but is not always a necessity. Keep your outfit sophisticated and still have fun at the same time.