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Style Guide: What to Wear as a Wedding Usher

There are a lot of roles you have to fill in before your big day. The wedding ushers are usually the people close to you. Just like other members of the wedding party, ushers are often chosen for the role because of their close relationship to the couple. The role of the ushers for your event often begins way before the official start of the festivities.

Wedding Ushers

The wedding ushers act as the escorts who will help your guests to find their seats. Aside from that, they can also offer support through telling people where different areas are, answering questions, and relaying important details to the wedding party when necessary.

Dress Code for Ushers

Based on standard protocol, wedding ushers must wear something similar to other members of the party, specifically the groomsmen, to ensure that everything is well-coordinated.

But, this doesn’t mean that you need to follow the norm. You can be as creative as you can get when it comes to these guys. Since they are usually the first people in your wedding party that guests will see the moment they arrive, a touch of flair with their clothes can help set the tone for the event, whether it is frill or fun, depending on what you have in mind. Vests with some pops of color or eye-catching ties are two small but effective ways to add a nice punch to your big day.

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What matters here is to ensure that the attire of your wedding ushers match that of the groomsmen or at least in terms of basic color and style. Failure to do so may easily make them look like they don’t belong to the wedding.

The style and theme of your wedding dictates the specifics for what your wedding ushers will wear as well as your personal wishes as the groom and bride. In general, ushers should aim to dress nicely and look like they belong to the event without looking like a stark carbon copy of the groom.

Go for Faux Pas the Stylish Way

Now, even if the outfit of your wedding ushers needs to appropriately match that of the groomsmen and groom, as far as dress requirements for weddings are concerned, their tuxedo should never be the same with the groom.

Remember that the groom is one of the main focal points of the event and his clothes must make him stand out from the wedding ushers. However, if the groomsmen are all wearing tuxedos that match that of the groom’s, then, by all means, the usher can also wear the same. But, you can further set them apart with a boutonniere or any other stylish adornment.

Make Them Wear Something Suitable to the Tradition

There are traditional weddings that are specifically planned out where ushers are required to have their suits made. In such cases, the suit of the ushers will match the suits of the groomsmen. An excellent way for you to separate your groomsmen from your ushers is to make some slight changes in the color of the tie, vest, shirt or boutonniere.

Wedding Usher Attire in Non-Traditional Weddings

If you are having a non-traditional wedding, you can ask your ushers to wear their own informal suits or dress suits for your wedding day. This is better than requiring them to wear their own tuxedos or choosing a specific tuxedo or suit for them. What you can do here is to give them a color scheme that they can follow or not, depending on your preferences.

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Use Labeled Lapels

Another way to have your wedding ushers a more organized dress them, whether or not they are wearing specific suits, is to ask them to wear usher boutonnieres or pins that will make it easier for them to be recognized as ushers. If the groom or groomsmen are also wearing boutonnieres, those worn by the ushers must be a bit different but still coordinated enough to complement them.

Be Wary of Colors

Although a wedding is often coordinated and planned based on how the bride envisions her big day to be, as far as colors are concerned, there is always the risk of going overboard with colors. Don’t fall into the trap of color coordinating the men’s attire with the wedding’s theme since the result will end up detracting from the true essence of the occasion and worse, your wedding photos may end up looking old-fashioned.

How Many Ushers Do You Need for Your Wedding?

So far, there is no hard and fast rule when it comes to how many ushers in a wedding. However, the count you choose must reflect the number of people in your guest list. A good formula you can use is to have 1 usher for every 50 guests so you can estimate how many you really need in the first place.

Since you are free to make this choice, you can always tweak the formula if you like. For instance, you can add one more slot for another usher if there is one person you wish to serve in your wedding without any other spot where you can include them.

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What Do Ushers Do in A Wedding?

Even though ushers often work ahead of the wedding, they can actually lend you a helping hand in some other ways. For example, they can assist with setting up some decorations that are not yet ready upon arriving in the venue.

Wedding ushers can also hand out your wedding programs to your guests, point them to certain facilities, and make sure that everyone signs the guest book. If one of your relatives needs an escort at the start of the ceremony, one of the ushers can be asked to step in.

Who Can You Ask to be Your Wedding Ushers?

Wedding ushers are often family members or good friends. Although they are not official members of your wedding party, they still need to be people close to you. Your ushers can also participate in your rehearsal and the rehearsal dinner afterward. They can also be part of pre-wedding activities such as the bachelor party if you like.

Do Ushers Wear Boutonnieres?

Ushers, like other wedding attendants, may choose to wear boutonnieres. Typically, the groom’s ushers will wear boutonnieres that match the flowers in the bridal party’s arrangements, while the fathers of the bride and groom will typically wear boutonnieres of a different color. If you are an usher and are unsure of what type of boutonniere to wear, consult with your wedding party for guidance.

Should Ushers Match Groomsmen?

In many cases, it simply depends on the overall aesthetic of the wedding and what the couple prefers. Some couples may choose to have all of the male attendants dress in identical suits, while others may opt for a more coordinated look with different shades or fabrics. If you’re having trouble deciding what look is right for you, consider seeking out advice from a professional stylist or wedding planner.