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Best Ideas For Spring Wedding Themes And Reasons to Have It

It is a dream for every couple to have a memorable and unique wedding celebration that they can look back to and reminisce. It is a special celebration in which they do not only share their love with their friends and family but also tell their love journey.

Spring Wedding Themes

Before the wonderful and fun celebration, couples have to go through the tedious process of wedding preparations. Some may choose to hire a professional that will manage the planned wedding from start to finish, or couples may work on it on their own.

When it comes to wedding planning, you will be faced with lots of decisions to make, long lists of things to do, and coping with your daily life. It is important to remember that you will need a lot of time to prepare, usually about a year. Working with your partner is significant as the wedding celebration should reflect the two of you as a couple.

But where do you start? Planning may be a tedious job, but it can also be fun. The first step is to brainstorm possible wedding themes. Worry no more as we got you covered on planning your theme – especially if you are considering a spring wedding.

Reasons to Have a Spring Wedding

Warm temperatures and sunlight are on the horizon as winter draws to a close. You will finally hear the birds chirping as the landscape changes color. Spring symbolizes many things. It is the ideal time to get married because it is a season of rebirth, fresh starts, and brighter days ahead. There are so many things about spring that we all enjoy, and here are some of the reasons why spring weddings are popular.

Full Bloom Flowers

In spring, many lovely flowers, such as dahlias and peonies, are in full bloom, making it the ideal time for a wedding. Spring is all about flowers, and there is no finer setting for wedding photos than a full bloom of different colors. If you are considering an outdoor wedding, gardens are at their finest in spring, making your wedding more colorful.  Whether you choose a soft or vibrant color scheme, you will find the perfect flowers for your wedding.

Flowers Blooming in Spring
Flowers Blooming in Spring

More Color Palettes to Choose from

Since spring is a transitional season between winter and summer, any color scheme may be used. With the stormy skies of early spring, you may want to go for cooler colors, but in May and June, as summer approaches, you can go for vibrant colors like shades of yellows, coral, and other bright shades.


Spring weddings are ideal because of the comfortable weather in this season. You will be assured that the bride is not shivering in her dress and the groom does not feel too hot in his neat suit. However, pleasant weather is not always possible. If the sun isn’t shining on your wedding day, don’t worry; a gloomy day will have the best natural light for your wedding photos.

Wedding Venues

An outdoor ceremony in a garden is possible since spring is the best season to get married outdoors, with its temperate weather and a surrounding that is in full bloom. As there is still a chance for rain showers in this season, choosing a venue for spring nuptials is crucial because you don’t want to ruin your special day.

The Foundry in New York City, which gives off an urban vibe with its indoor setting, the Franklin Park Conservatory in Ohio, which gives off a garden vibe, and the Camp Navarro in California, which gives off the glamping set-up amid the redwoods, are some of the wedding venues that offer an indoor set-up that is as fabulous as the outdoors.

Guests Are Energetic

The arrival of spring brings your visitors out of their winter hibernation, making them more energetic as they greet the sunlight. This puts everyone in a happy mood. Like previously said, decent weather is not assured, although it is much better than summer. On your wedding day, your guests will also enjoy the fresh surroundings and full bloom flowers.

Elements in Spring Wedding Themes

The basic element of a wedding is made up of the main ceremony wherein the exchange of vows happens, followed by a reception, which may be a simple meal or a party type. These two things make up the whole celebration, but you can still add other elements to make your big day a truly memorable one. You will be surprised by how easy it is to make your wedding day better. It may be as simple as adding specific details like the choice of music or adding elements such as lighting and decors. While these are minor adjustments, they will have a significant impact on how your guests will remember your wedding day.


The first thing you need to do is find a venue that suits your wedding theme, whether it’s conventional or classical, or if you want it to have a garden feel. Work on the specifics, including the minor ones, and put your creativity to work. Personal decorations can tell your story to your guests. However, working with a lot of elements can be overwhelming rather than fantastic.

Having wedding outdoor in Spring
Having outdoor wedding in Spring


If you choose a garden wedding, the venue must be scenic enough that you don’t need too many flower arrangements, or it would be too distracting. Since spring is all about flowers, try to integrate them into everything – from chairs to tables to souvenirs. On the other side, if you opt for an indoor wedding, you can also accomplish the garden vibe by adding as many floral features as possible, such as a flower wall.


Lighting can make a huge difference on your wedding day, especially in photos. This can emphasize the mood of the celebration by making it more romantic or lively. You can also create a dreamy atmosphere by using dreamy lights, which bring an elegant glow to the setting. The addition of strand lights to plants and tree branches will also help create a romantic atmosphere at the wedding.

Dresses in Spring Wedding Themes

What better way to prepare for a wedding than during the spring season when all is blooming? There are many dresses to choose from, ranging from ethereal to goddess-like, not just for the bride but also for the bridesmaids. You can draw inspiration from nature and apply your personal touch to create the dresses you want.

Colors ranging from pink to lavender will give your wedding fashion a feminine touch. You can consider warm colors if you prefer bold colors to create a lively atmosphere. However, it is critical to match your dresses to the venue, especially in terms of length and fabric. A floor-length gown could get dirty if you’re having a garden wedding. Here are some dress themes that you might want to consider for the wedding gown and the bridesmaid.

Wedding dress for spring theme

Floral Dress

If you’re doing a flower-themed spring wedding, you’ll need a floral gown. You can break the all-white tradition by adding floral touches to the dresses.


Thinking of a unique vibe? Then jumpsuits may be a good option for you. This can change the whole vibe of the wedding. You may opt for a plain top partnered with printed floral pants.


If you’re not a fan of jumpsuits, go for a seasonally fitting sundress. It can be patterned with flower shapes or cutouts for a fresh and contemporary look.

As for the groom and groomsmen, you don’t have to limit them to black suits or tuxedo. They may even choose their preferred style. Since the weather warms up in spring, they can skip the jacket and opt for waistcoats and some headwear for additional details.

Gray can give a more rustic and cooler look. You can even consider yellow to achieve a vintage look. If the couple wants to opt for a more formal look, a white or blue coat with a neutral spring-colored tie and some touches of flowers is a good choice.

Spring Wedding Decor Ideas

You have a lot of choices for wedding decorations for a spring wedding. You may make a colorful piece for each table using a selection of flowers to illustrate the spring bloom. You may also make a flower arch to greet your visitors. This will make the entranceway stand out and become the focal point of your wedding celebration.

You can also embrace nature by decorating your chairs with leaves and flowers or even line the aisle with flowers to add a more dramatic feel, especially pastel-colored flowers. Wooden benches also provide a unique touch to the wedding’s overall atmosphere.

Swings in the reception area are also a smart idea. The visitors will be reminded of their youth, and it will also be great for photo ops. You can add a chandelier or canopy when planning an indoor wedding ceremony and celebration.

On the table, soft blue and gray linens and plates work well with warm pastel flowers to create a romantic look. Floral-printed ceramics are another option.

Spring Wedding Invitations Ideas

You must first work on your invitation to set the mood of your guests and get them excited for your spring wedding. Because it is spring, you can draw inspiration from nature by using flowers, birds, and sunshine as a motif.

You can start by looking at colors that go well with the season, but pastel colors are popular in the spring. You can also use shades of green to represent nature, yellows for sunshine, and blues for rainy days. To add an elegant touch, use stamps of pressed flowers and pay attention to the calligraphy or font that will be used. You can also add a personal touch to your invitations by personalizing them.

What Flowers to Use for a Spring Wedding?

Early April rain showers bring flowers to full bloom in May, making it the perfect time to bring into life the floral wedding that you have been dreaming of. If you’re planning a spring wedding, here are some spring blooms to consider for your bouquet:

Baby’s Breath

Baby’s Breath is a beautiful accent to any spring wedding themes. It is a popular centerpiece filler and bouquet that represents celebration but is usually used to support the star flowers. Baby’s breath has a small white cloud of petals and can stand on its own, making it perfect for flower crowns and other decorations.


Anemones are a perfect fit for various themes – from modern to classic arrangements for their graphic beauty. It is a delicate bloom that symbolizes anticipation.


Carnations are a great choice for a contemporary theme with a nostalgic feel. Carnations are available in a wide range of shades. The pink reflects gratitude, and the white represents pure love. Keep in mind that striped carnations reflect refusal and should be avoided.


Everyone loves peonies and they are classic flowers with a wide range of colors. Peonies come in a variety of hues, including white, pink, rose, and red. Hybrid peonies and tree peonies, on the other hand, have a wider range of colors. It is a versatile flower that pairs well with other flowers and can be used in bouquets as well as flower walls. Peonies symbolize a happy marriage. It is the perfect flower that emphasizes the bride’s bouquet.


Roses are traditional flowers with a wide range of colors that complement several themes. It works well in bouquets and centerpieces together with other flowers. When you want to go for a classic, romantic, or even boho look, roses are the way to go. If you want to show the world how much you love your better half, red roses are perfect because they reflect passionate love. Pink roses, on the other hand, represent admiration, while white roses represent purity.


Gardenias are the best match for a classical and romantic look, with their strong scent and large size, making them suitable for the groom’s boutonnieres as well as the bride’s hair. Gardenias have waxy, pointed petals that reflect happiness. It comes in ivory and white tones.


Orchids are now often used to add a contemporary touch to floral arrangements. They come in a variety of colors and forms, including mini orchids, large orchids, and other shapes. Orchids add a dramatic touch to a wedding because they reflect refinement and elegance.

Best Colors Palette for a Spring Wedding

Because of the gorgeous blooms and warm weather, spring weddings are sure to be beautiful and unforgettable. This season is linked with a variety of colors that you can use to create your color palette for the wedding. Pastel colors with lighter tones are associated with spring, but they are not limited to that. Deeper colors can be used for rainy weather at the start of the season, or colder colors as summer approaches.

If you’re having trouble deciding on a color scheme, a palette of natural hues may be a good option. This palette contains two tones of pink, which give off a romantic vibe, and purple, which gives off a floral vibe. The blue and gray tones, on the other hand, give the room a more rustic feel. Of course, you can build your color scheme based on your preferences and desired style.

Best Colors Palette for a Spring Wedding

Why Pink Is the Popular Color for Spring Wedding?

Pink is a romantic hue that adds to the specialness of the wedding and goes well with other colors. Pink with gold creates a rich classic look, but pink with whites and other shades of pink will provide a rustic vibe if you choose to opt for a more relaxed look. Different colors of pink evoke a different mood and tell a different story.

The appeal of blush pink continues to rise simply because it is a versatile shade that looks stylish when paired with a variety of other colors ranging from navy to greens to other rich hues. Blush pink has a neutral color that gives a high-end feel. It’s a light, luxurious color that’s perfect for a beautiful romantic wedding.

Other shades of pink to consider are rose, which pairs well with pure whites to create a classic look, peach, which is a softer shade of pink than blush and works well for both relaxed and formal looks due to its warmth, and coral, which is an orange-based shade of pink with more red undertones and is suitable for outdoor venues.

Pink is popular color for Spring wedding

What Colors Are Bad Luck for a Wedding?

The colors are the first thing that comes to mind when planning a wedding, but only a few bother to understand their meaning. Weddings nowadays are a combination of old customs, beliefs, and the trend. Weddings have long been a symbolic ceremony, drawing many beliefs that aim to avoid bad luck, one of which is the colors that the couples should not use.

The color of the wedding dress determines the quality of the marriage. Colors such as yellow, black, red, green, and gray are said to be unlucky. Combinations of colors that include greens and other metallic colors such as silver and gold, blue and red, yellow and green, yellow and blue, and red and metallic colors, are also believed to bring bad luck to couples.