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What to Wear to a Courthouse Wedding?

Weddings may not always be perfect, but it doesn’t change the fact that they mark the start of a new chapter for two people who decided to spend their lives together.

What to Wear to a Courthouse Wedding

Through the years, church weddings have been the trend among couples. But times have changed since then, and today, more and more people couples opt for a courthouse wedding, for both practical and financial reasons.

So, what do you wear to a courthouse wedding?

Outfit ideas for courthouse weddings don’t really differ a lot from those for church weddings.

It doesn’t matter if it is for your own wedding, or you have been invited as a guest for a courthouse wedding. There are a few options to choose from when it comes to what to wear to this special occasion.

What Can Brides Wear to a Courthouse Wedding?

With the infinite choices for dresses, some brides may find it daunting to decide on what to wear but this can also be an exciting time for them.

It doesn’t matter if you want something more modern or you prefer a vintage twist, here are a few suggestions on attire for brides for a courthouse wedding:

Blazer Dress

A blazer dress is a no-brainer choice for courthouse weddings because it looks simple but elegant at the same time. Pick one with sleeves or one with a touch of lace on the hem for added formality.

Cut-Out Gown

For courthouse weddings held in the summer or spring, nothing beats a cut-out gown. This lets brides nail an effortless and easygoing appeal without compromising on elegance.


Jumpsuits are nowhere less formal than others on this list, and you can find them in silk, chiffon, and other common fabrics. A jumpsuit gives you more opportunities to accessorize than gowns, giving you more room to be formal, casual, or anywhere in between.

One-Shoulder Ruffle Gown

A one-shoulder ruffle gown may not be the first choice that comes to mind when thinking of what to wear to a courthouse wedding. But this gown can make brides look refined and classy on their special day.

Puff Sleeve Mini Dress

Puff sleeve mini dresses may look a bit outdated at first for courthouse weddings. However, it continues to be a suave and stunning alternative for brides. Accessorizing this outfit can make you ooze with confidence during your civil nuptial.

Tea-Length Gown

If you are one of those brides you want to exude a more vintage vibe instead of a contemporary style, tea-length gowns are worthy to check out. Rather than the usual traditional white fabrics, you can even try experimenting with gowns with floral prints to make them more feminine.

Trimmed Lace Dress

Brides who are working with a specific budget can always opt for trimmed lace dresses. These dresses with their gorgeous details will make all of your wedding photos look breathtaking that you will treasure for life.

What Can Grooms Wear to a Courthouse Wedding?

If you find a tuxedo a bit over the top for your courthouse wedding, don’t worry because there are many options you can consider that will go well with your less formal wedding day.

Lounge Suit

Lounge suits may be the less formal counterpart of a morning dress, but they still exude grace and charm that makes them a great courthouse wedding attire for grooms. You can add a tie or just ditch it altogether. The choice is all yours!

Tweed Suit

A tweed suit is another option to consider, especially if the bride will wear a vintage civil wedding dress. This ensemble has a preppy design perfect for any season.

Vest Suit

Jackets are not necessarily a requirement for courthouse weddings. A vest in a plaid pattern or solid color will make you look refined on your big day.

What Can Female Guests Wear to a Courthouse Wedding?

The first step to knowing what you should wear as a female guest to a courthouse is to determine the level of formality of the bride and groom’s attire. During these occasions, it is often better to feel overdressed rather than underdressed.

Floral Silk Gown

Floral silk gowns are fresh and fun options for the ladies. These are also versatile enough, which means you can still use them for other special occasions.

Linen Skirt and Top

A linen skirt and top ensemble are a great choice for summer courthouse weddings. You can add a finishing touch in the form of a rattan bag.


If you are not a fan of gowns or skirts as a guest for a courthouse wedding, you can never go wrong with pantsuits. These clothes are often more comfortable, especially if there is an intimate dinner that follows after the ceremony.


Yes, rompers are also great options for courthouse wedding attire for female guests. These outfits can work like magic as they appear chic and stylish with no need to worry that you will upstage the bride and her attire.

Velvet Slip Dress

A velvet slip dress is the best way to go if you like to keep things short and sweet. Lighter shades are great for summer and spring courthouse weddings, while darker shades are recommended for fall or winter weddings.

What Can Male Guests Wear to a Courthouse Wedding?

For male guests, it is recommended to avoid wearing cargo pants or jeans unless the couple allowed them.

Corduroy Suit

Corduroy suits are great options that male guests can wear for courthouse weddings. These suits are often available in navy blue as well as other fashionable colors.

Seersucker Blazers

While seersucker blazers are often associated with beach weddings, these are also sophisticated and classy options for courthouse weddings. These are easy-breezy jackets that perfectly match with lighter colors.

Sports Coat

What sets sports coats apart from other types of dress jackets is that these are not traditionally paired with pants that match. You can pair these coats with button-down shirts to complete the ensemble.

At the end of the day, when it comes to what to wear to a courthouse wedding, remember that the first and most important rule is to check with the couple to ensure that your attire won’t feel and look out of place during their big day.