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Most Popular Types of Wedding Styles

A wedding style is what the bride and her partner want their wedding to look and feel. It includes the visuals, ambiance, setting, flowers, dress’ textures, and lighting. All these factors are decided on depending on the style of the wedding. It helps the couple refine their focus, determine their chosen aesthetic, and develop the preferred details. Therefore, the couple needs to choose a style that they most feel comfortable with to enjoy their day.

Types of Wedding Styles

Top 7 Popular Wedding Styles in United States

  • Classic/traditional
  • Elegant
  • Vintage
  • Glam
  • Modern
  • Whimsical
  • Themed
Traditional wedding style
Traditional Wedding Style

All these wedding styles are popular in the United States due to several reasons. The traditional style is popular as it is a form of cultural celebration appreciating the couple’s diversity. The elegant style is a formal wedding occasion, and it mostly has a traditional wedding’s foundations. However, this type has a modern twist to it, unlike the cultural style. This type of style can sometimes involve non-traditional wedding gowns, venues, and decor. Most American citizens who are more focused on the latest trends in styling choices prefer this type of style.

The vintage wedding style is popular as it involves a kind of styling that is reminiscent of a past era. There are different eras that a couple can choose to use as their style, for example, the Victoria era, the 20’s era, among others. The style is determined by the bridal party’s garments, hair, and makeup.

A glam wedding style is popular among people who love glamour, such as sequins, metallics, and colorful jewelry. A glam wedding usually has an abundance of shimmering clothing, glitters, and all that glam. The modern style is popular due to its contemporary cutting edge. The decor is usually more minimalistic, and the aesthetic is fresher and fashion-forward.

For Americans who love rough edges, organic finish, and a little bit of boho, the whimsical style is perfect for them. This style has become very popular in recent days. Its popularity can be attributed to its casual, natural, and outdoorsy theme.

Last, we have the themed style that’s popular as it describes how the overall look and feel of your wedding will be. A themed wedding is much more specific because it is built around a particular theme and dictated by a particular subject. Moreover, its details may also take on more literal explanations. Some of the most popular themes include the Halloween theme, Winter Wonderland theme, among others.

Factors Impacting the Choice of Wedding Styles

Wedding Venues

Your wedding style can be influenced greatly by the venue of the wedding. Especially if you have a place in mind already of where you would want the venue to be, the plan may not be feasible enough for your chosen style. If your style clashes with your venue, you can always change the style or use another venue. Choose what you feel is more important to you and start planning your wedding again.


Family traditions may play a significant role in the wedding overall style, especially if the couple are from diverse ethnicities. If you have varying traditions, you can compromise with your partner so that you can use a style that will make both of you happy; perhaps you could go neutral and not involve any family traditions.

Religious Aspects

The couple’s religious aspects can determine the overall style. If the couple is from one religion, it may be easy for them to choose a style that fits them. But if the couple comes from different religions, the style may be affected in one way or another. Therefore, if this happens, the couple should agree on the religious aspects they feel they should incorporate in the wedding and those they should do away with. This will help them make an informed choice.

Common Elements Across Cultures

Different elements in certain cultures may have a major influence on the wedding styles. If the couple has common elements, they may incorporate them to develop the style of their choice. Common elements across cultures can bring people together as they will identify with them quite easily. Once the couple decides which common elements should be included in their wedding, they can come up with a style without any problem.

Different Types of Wedding Ceremonies

There are several types of wedding ceremonies for a couple to choose from, depending on their needs. Let’s discuss some of these types below.

Religious Ceremony

Religious wedding ceremonies are very common across many cultures. Religious ceremonies are usually legally binding; however, it is important to check with your state if you need a civil ceremony to make it legally binding. Religious ceremonies depend on your religion and how they conduct it.

Religious will impact wedding style
Couple’s religious will determine wedding style

Civil wedding Ceremony

Civil weddings are conducted by the registrar in the couple’s local registry or they can also have it done in a licensed venue. Civil weddings are very simple and do not require a lot of paperwork to be concluded. The vows, declarations, reading and music are expected to be as non-religious as possible. Civil weddings do not need any rehearsal as they are meant to be kept simple.

Catholic Ceremony

Roman Catholic weddings are conducted according to the Catholic church. The priest oversees the exchange of vows and rings. There is also a lot of catholic music, prayers and blessings involved.

Interfaith Ceremony

If the couple comes from different faiths, then an interfaith ceremony would be ideal for them. Interfaith ceremonies require both parties to combine their beliefs and come up with unique nuptials. The interfaith ceremony can be time-saving as the couple does not need to have two different ceremonies based on their faiths. The couple gets to determine what to incorporate to highlight both heritages.

Non-Denominational Ceremony

Non-denominational ceremonies do not adhere to any religious preaching. The faith of each partner is not included in the ceremony, but the officiant talks broadly about God. This is an ideal wedding ceremony for couples who do not have a focus on any faith.

Humanist Ceremony

Humanist wedding ceremonies do not include any religious reference. The ceremony is solely based on humanism, a belief that society members do not need to adhere to any religious belief as long as they follow strong moral codes. In such ceremonies, a couple can include whatever they want in their ceremony. They can write their own vows, recite poetry and various symbolic activities, which they find good for revealing their love for each other.

Same-Sex wedding

As laws change around the world, same-sex marriages are now becoming very popular. Same-sex marriages allow couples to get legally married. The couple can choose how they want their wedding to be, whether they prefer it to have any religious aspects or not, as religious restrictions do not bind them. The ceremony gives the couple legal rights and responsibilities to each other.

How to Choose a Wedding Style

If you want to choose a wedding style, you need to consider several factors, for instance, the personality and taste of you and your partner. You must also take into consideration the vibe and the mood you want to create that day. Before you come up with the style, you need to take into account the time of year you plan to hold the ceremony.

For instance, if the wedding will be held during winter, the style must consider the weather. The dressing must be warm enough for your guests. It is also quite impossible to hold an outdoor wedding during winter as the guests may freeze due to the cold weather. During summer, you can go for a beach wedding as the weather will be very friendly.

Beach Wedding Themed Style
Wedding at the beach

The venue will also play a role in the style of your wedding. If you want colors to pop, do not use a dark venue. The lighting of your venue will determine whether you will get the desired style or not. Dark colors will not allow your guests to see the details. It would be best if you use your venue to inspire your wedding style and consider the natural elements that will enhance the event.

Last is the mood that you want to achieve. If you are a laid-back couple, you should go for a more laid back and relaxed vibe as it will suit your personalities well. If you are the glamorous type, your wedding should have a party vibe. The mood you want to portray through your style should determine how your wedding should be.

Other factors that should help you choose your wedding style include the color, mood board and dress. Once you have decided on all these factors and chose what you prefer, your style will automatically be clear, and you will know which one to go for during your special day.

Your wedding ceremony will be a perfect opportunity for you and your partner to show the true reflection of both your styles. Therefore, before coming up with a style, you must carefully think about how you will want the special day to be remembered.