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Having a List of Wedding Roles For Wedding

“And so together, they built a life they loved” – this is one of the sweetest lines that we could ever hear when a couple gets married. A wedding is one of the most unforgettable events not just for the bride and groom, but also for their family and friends. It is the ceremony when two individuals become one for the rest of their lives.

List of Wedding Roles

Since this is a once-in-a-lifetime event, everybody wants to make sure that all of the planning will turn out amazing. This also includes the participation of the closest relatives and friends in the actual ceremony. That is the reason why wedding roles are assigned before the wedding so each will have their part in this most-awaited ceremony. Below is a guide to knowing the who’s who in a wedding and what they do:

Traditional Wedding Roles

Maid of Honor

This role is commonly fulfilled by someone very close to the bride. It may be a sister or a best friend. Some of the usual roles that a maid of honor include signing the license for the marriage of the newlyweds, and give a toast at the wedding reception. However, the most meaningful would be being the bride’s main source of support in times that she would need emotional support before the wedding.

She is the person that should be by the side of the bride at all times during the pre-wedding and the actual ceremony. This will also include organizing the bridal shower, holding the bridal bouquet during the wedding, adjusting the train, and even supplying the tissue paper for the teary-eyed bride until it’s time to say “I Do.”


This group is made up of some of the closest friends of the bride. If there are girls under the age of 16, they are considered junior bridesmaids. Their main role is to cooperate with the maid of honor when it comes to the wedding plans and also assist the bride in any way she may need.

Also, some of the common tasks that are assigned to them are addressing invitations to the guests and planning the bachelorette party. Sometimes, they contribute to the cost of the bridal shower as well as pay for their gowns and transportation to the actual ceremony.

Best Man

Traditionally, the best man is the male counterpart of the maid of honor. However, these days, this role can be done by either a woman or a man. Given this, he should also be the main support of the groom before and during the actual wedding. He is typically the groom’s best friend or closest brother.

It is also the best man’s role to be the head organizer of the bachelor party. He should also attend to the needs of the groom and the groomsmen such as tuxedo fitting, and other wedding-related tasks. With this, it is his core role to make sure that the groom will arrive early and dashing on his wedding day. Just like the maid of honor, the best man will also hold toasts, sign the license, and assist the groom during the actual ceremony.


They are the male counterparts of the bridesmaids and also have responsibilities before the wedding and the actual ceremony. Mainly, they assist the best man host and plan the bachelor party. They would also check if the groom and the best man can manage wedding tasks and offer any help they could give in times of need. They serve as additional support to the groom in any way. They are also expected to welcome guests and assign them to their seats in cases that ushers are not available.

Other Wedding Roles


An usher’s primary responsibility is to direct and show the seats of the guests during the actual ceremony. They are often the first people that will greet the guests. They are also assigned to maintain a smooth flow in the ceremony. With this, some of their additional responsibilities are to hand out the program to the guests if printed versions are available to make sure that everyone will be guided accordingly. In cases that there are late arrivals, they are also assigned to seat them on their respective sides as well as serve parking attendants. Commonly, these responsibilities are done by groomsmen whenever ushers are not available.

Ring Bearer

The ring bearer is traditionally a young boy that is assigned to carry the wedding rings that are usually tied to a satin pillow which will then be carried down the aisle. In most weddings, the real rings are guarded by the maid of honor and the best man for safekeeping purposes. Just like the flower girl, this role is also adorable to the extent that some of the couple’s furry friends are invited to do this in the actual ceremony.

Flower Girl

The flower girl is typically a small girl between ages 3 and 8 that is close to the bride and groom. She may be a part of the family or a family friend. At her little age, she is assigned to prepare by scattering flower petals before the bride walks the aisle. This role has also grown adorable through the years that some of the furry friends are invited to do this role. Generally, the parents of the flower girl are expected to pay for the attire as well as assistance in fulfilling the said role.

Gift Receiver

Although a not-so-common role in weddings, gift receivers are essential depending on the theme and the size of the wedding. They are assigned, along with the ushers, to ensure a smooth flow during the reception. They are expected to set a certain part in the venue where guests can put their gifts and make sure that fragile materials will be handled with care.

Ceremony Readers

This role is assigned to read poems, passages, and even special essays in the course of the actual ceremony that will serve as an inspiration for the newlyweds to live a happy life. They may also opt to read their works or they can be assigned with something specific, or from a certain selection of readings. Older relatives, such as a close aunt or uncle, are usually assigned for this role as they serve as guidance for the married couple.


Along with the ushers and gift receivers, greeters are also assigned to provide a smooth flow during the wedding. They make sure that guests are welcomed to the event accordingly. With this, they are expected to review the list of invitations and arrive at the venue an hour or two before the ceremony starts.

Wedding roles

Why Do You Need a Wedding Roles List?

Having a list of wedding roles and their assigned tasks will make preparations easier. The main purpose of this is to help with the organization of the wedding since there are already delegations of tasks beforehand. It also helps the bride and groom narrow down their choices on who will be chosen among their friends and family for these roles.

They also need to make sure that the people they choose to be a part of their wedding are reliable and responsive to their needs in preparing for the most-awaited day. Having an incredible wedding roles team will prevent major wedding plan headaches and will ensure that the couple will have an amazing and unforgettable wedding day.

Is It Possible to Hire Someone to Be in the Roles?

Yes. Nowadays, wedding roles such as the maid of honor, bridesmaids, and groomsmen for hire are already available and searchable online. Although this should be considered as the last resort of many, it becomes common especially if there are no available people to do these roles. There are lots of other options such as hiring someone to be the maid of honor. Some mothers, who are also considered the best friend of the bride can be assigned to be the matron of honor.

This is also true in case there is nobody who wants to be the best man or groomsman.  However, if this situation is unavoidable, some sites offer a professional maid of honor or bridesmaid to attend the wedding ceremony. They are said to have a maid-of-honor crash course and also train the professionals how to write a speech and also walk down the aisle before the bride.

In cases that the lighter roles are the ones that cannot be filled in, a wedding planner is usually hired to do these tasks. There are already known services nowadays that are paid to make sure that everything will be organized – from the invitation, up to the catering services. They are really useful and commonly preferred by couples who plan to have a big wedding to avoid the hassle and to make sure that every detail is reviewed thoroughly.

Additionally, they give essential tips and suggest tasks to the groom and bride so the wedding will turn out memorable. A good wedding planner should be someone that listens to the demands of the couple and has a wide network of suppliers, venues, and even photographers.