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Guide to Whimsical Wedding Style

When planning for a wedding, choosing the theme is one of the hardest decisions you have to make. If you are the kind of person that enjoys quirky details, playful, colorful, and fanciful things, then a whimsical wedding style is just right for you.

Whimsical Wedding Style

Most common themes include vintage theme, nautical theme, glamorous theme, and any other clearly defined themes that adhere to a very clear vision that expresses the theme itself.

The idea of a Whimsical Wedding Style is to break the trend of following strictly what the theme entails to provide. The whimsical style unites different and opposite themes into one, single extravagant theme. The word whimsical connotes fanciful and playful and allows a wide range of elements to be infused together to come up with a new vision.

What Is a Whimsical Wedding Theme?

Whimsical wedding style includes vibrant colors, unconventional and unique styles of decorations, and bizarre venues. This theme shows a playful vision of enchanted forests and gardens, colorful fairy tale decorations, and storybook particulars. With this kind of wedding theme, any ideas are welcome and the possibilities are boundless. Just find your favorite things and infuse them with wedding materials. Everything will be perfect.

It is like a party in a garden infused with elements of Alice in Wonderland. Quirky and fanciful elements and details will allude to the fun and excitement of your ceremony. It is like the realization of your dreams; composed of unexplainable elements, a fairy tale wonderland experience, exquisite novel storybook details, and the elegance of a real wedding.

So if you’d like to transport your guests into a very different dimension than the usual classic settings, see our guide and inspirations below.

Types of Whimsical Weddings

Inspired by Gardens

You can have your whimsical wedding in a garden setting. It is no secret that gardens are one of the most intimate venues. Colorful flowers, refreshing greeneries, and luscious landscapes are the ultimate wedding must-haves. What makes it whimsical is doing everything extravagantly. Botanical gardens, greenhouses, and home gardens can be your perfect venue for your Whimsical Wedding.

Inspired by Rustic Forests

One of the popular themes nowadays is the rustic forest. Everyone seems to go gaga over the rustic woods, twigs, vines, and unconventional dried flowers and plants used during these weddings. With a rustic forest venue, it is easy to infuse Whimsical elements because there are many things found in a forest that you can use as a decoration for your preferred marriage theme.

Even dried trees and dried leaves and plants can be used as a decoration. You can use everything that you think you can see in a forest and customize it with a rustic design.

rustic forests

Inspired by Ranch-Country Style

Ranch-country Venues give a timeless countryside experience for couples and guests. Whether you are having your whimsical wedding small or big, a private event venue, or a home venue, rustic-country style never goes out of trend. The elements of wood, wildflowers, weeds, horses, and barn materials can be used as decorations and even part of your entertainment – perfect to complement your dream whimsical wedding.

Inspired by the Child in You

Ceremony are usually done in classic traditional venues with an elegant setting. But parks can be a perfect venue for your whimsical wedding too. Unleash the inner child in you and be as playful as you can be with your decorations. Amusement parks also can be the perfect setting for you. The amusement rides will serve as the over-the-top decorations perfect for your whimsical wedding. Release your young heart and embrace the playful child in you.

Inspired by the Child in you

Inspired by Unique Venues

Any unconventional venue is perfect for your whimsical wedding as long as it reflects both of your and your partners’ qualities. If you want your wedding to be full of whimsy and delight, do not be afraid of trying unique venues like museums, planetariums, sanctuaries, and even zoos. These venues will leave your guests in awe because these are not likely wedding venues.

Whimsical Wedding vs. Celestial Wedding

Whimsical weddings are inspired by unusual things while celestial weddings are inspired by celestial bodies found in the universe. You can make your celestial wedding a whimsical one by infusing celestial elements.

Extravagate your ceremony with props and elements that complement your wedding theme. You can choose your wedding dress to be designed with stars, moon, and other celestial bodies. Make your backdrop designed like the universe, install anything artsy inspired by the galaxy, imitate stars from the ceiling, and many more.

Different Whimsical Wedding Themes

Any wedding theme can be infused with a whimsical style. A classic elegant, rustic, garden, and even a unique themed wedding can be your dream whimsical wedding. The advantage of a whimsical-themed is that you can infuse different themes to make one whole new theme.

Whimsical Wedding Decor Ideas and Inspirations

Whimsical Wedding Styles Inspired by NATURE

One thing that separates a whimsical wedding from a classic one is that it is done usually outdoors, without the four corners of a church or a venue place that restricts guests inside. In whimsical weddings, everyone can enjoy the outdoors and appreciate natural decorations. Some whimsical weddings are also done indoors, but with the imitation of the outdoors. Most ceremonies done indoors have full decorations with flowers, plants, and everything that can be found in nature.

In choosing a whimsical wedding, you can take inspiration from nature. Gardens, forests, jungles, and any imitation or representation of the natural environment can work with whimsical weddings. If the bride is the type that love fairytales or mythical creatures? One can never have too many flowers, leaves, vines, twigs, oak woods, and the like add to the natural feeling of the whole wedding. The addition of these elements creates the natural vibe of the setting.

Choosing the COLORS

Choosing your color palette for the whole wedding can be overwhelming. But most important of all is that you should choose the color that makes you happy and comfortable. This is your wedding. You and your partner’s qualities should be showcased during the whole event.

An exquisite way to use colors is to select the right color to focus on and play around with shades and intensities. Mix vibrant and bright colors with subtle shades to materials like ribbons and table napkins. Incorporate carnival and rainbow accents, to louden and bedazzle the whole event.

You can also mix and match color palettes to your dresses and clothes and other accents. Don’t be afraid to try an unconventional way of mixing different hues because, in this way, your personalities will show.

Choosing Unusual DECORATIONS

Your wedding should be about you and your partner. Both of your personalities and characters should show in every detail of your wedding. There is no day more appropriate to tell your story than your big day. Anyone can throw a wedding, so why not put in a little more effort for your love story to be told.

For whimsical wedding style, the secret is putting in a lot of effort for unique and customized decorations. There is nothing more intimate and personal than making every little thing to be used in your wedding, customized. Customization of unique decorations makes your wedding a one in a million and will leave your guests in awe. Put in your initials in every detail like backdrops, table runners, banners, gift bags, etc. to make your wedding personalized. The accessories you choose make a difference in the whole experience of your whimsical wedding.


One great thing about choosing a whimsical wedding style is that it can bring out the inner child in you. Infuse your quirky side with a formal event and your wedding will be perfect. You can choose any activities that will fit you, your partner, and your guests.

Add mini-games that are popular when you were young to give you the nostalgic feeling of childhood as you enter into a new chapter of your life. You can use the props for entertainment as decorations in addition to your whimsical theme.

Choosing your Dress

Modern brides nowadays prefer a unique chic romantic wedding dress to the traditional ball gown dress for their wedding. Usually, Whimsical dresses have that impression of Boho chic, crowns made up of flowers and vines, gowns flowing softly – all perfect for a fairy weddings. These dresses will always be preferred by brides who choose comfort and mobility rather than traditional big gowns that are hard to walk about.

Fairy Tale in Castle

How to Plan Whimsical Weddings

You can never go wrong with whimsical weddings. By just being yourself, nothing can go wrong, no expectations, and no mistakes. Just show whatever your and your partner’s personalities are, and everything will just fall into place. Mixing and matching unconventional combinations are welcome in whimsical styles so it is easy to gather materials for your wedding. You can also incorporate elements that are different from each other, like balloons to floral crown, mismatched tables and chairs, and even assorted kinds and designs of bridesmaids’ dresses.

Bring out your taste, your style, and your favorite vibes. There is no doubt that whimsical weddings are popular because couples can just be themselves, showcasing their interests and preferred vibes without the pressure of representing themes that are not suitable for them. The point of a whimsical style is to showcase your personality through materials that represent who you are, as well as your preferred interests.

Unusual weddings are IN these days. Everything seems to revolve around something that is NOT traditional. People choose to be unconventional to show their unpredictability. Of course, every couple wants to make their big day memorable. One thing to make it memorable is to showcase unusual things and experiences. Whimsical weddings involve the infusion of different themes and making the most extraordinary theme. With a whimsical experience, your important day will never be forgotten by your guests.