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7 Time Saving Tips for Effective Wedding Planning

One of the most memorable and special days that can ever happen in your life is none other than your wedding. Unfortunately, the whole process of wedding planning is not only expensive and stressful as it can also take up a lot of your precious limited time.

Time Saving Tips for Effective Wedding Planning

For you to do everything that must be done leading to your big day, take note of the following time saving tips for effective wedding planning to simplify everything.

Enlist the Services of a Wedding Coordinator or Consultant

Some of your married friends have surely told you how seamless their weddings were thanks to their wedding planner. While it may first seem like just an additional expense, the truth is that working with these professionals can be one of the wisest investments you can ever make for your special day. Hiring a wedding coordinator or consultant or even a full wedding planner is the key to help you save time as you plan your wedding.

To ensure that you will be making the right choice, you can consult some candidates first before settling for one. During the consultation, they can provide helpful insights about the amount of work required to pull of you dream  wedding as well as other things you need to do so. This will help you evaluate the situation yourself and determine if this is really your best choice or not.

Delegate When and as Needed

It can be very time-consuming to plan your big day if you will be doing and handling everything on your own. Don’t forget that your wedding day is a wonderful experience meant to be shared among you, your partner, and other special people in your life. This means that there is nothing wrong about asking for a hand when managing your time becomes too impossible and overwhelming for you.

The easier tasks on the to-do list can be delegated so that you can use your precious time on other bigger and more pressing priorities. Whether it is picking up the deliveries or adding address to the invitations, you will be glad to know that there are a lot of people who will be more than happy and willing to lend you a helping hand.

Work with Your Partner

Think of the things that your partner is good at and ask them to help during the planning stage. Let them take charge of the tasks they excel at the most. This way, you will not just reduce the time you will need to spend on planning your big day as it can also ensure that your partner also plays a role in the planning process in general.

Is your partner a fan of music? Let them search for the right DJ or band for wedding entertainment. Is your partner a certified foodie? Put them in charge of the catering and menu selection. Consider the things they like to do and let them take over as needed.

This way, once your big day arrives, they can take pride in the things they did for the wedding. Just make sure that once your partner is put in charge of something, allow them to be truly in charge. Avoid micromanaging as it will just miss the whole point of sharing your wedding’s to-do list.

Stick with Realistic and Achievable Timelines

Timelines for wedding preparation will help you keep up with your deadlines. Remember that wedding vendors have exact timelines to help you stick to schedule. Be sure you consider the timelines of your chosen wedding pros as you plan your wedding.

Maximize Your Day

Meeting all of your wedding vendors might prove to be a bit difficult if you have a packed schedule for the day. So, when you book your consultations, it might be best for you to coordinate your day so you can accommodate several appointments as much as possible.

For instance, wedding cake testing and visiting potential venues can be done in just one day. Get a full and better experience by coordinating the food, drinks, cake, and desserts at the same time. Doing so can give you a good picture of how things will tie together once your big day comes.

Use Notifications and Reminders to Stay Organized

No matter how much you try to do your best, chances are you don’t really have the time to do everything you need to do. One of the best things you can do is schedule the tasks in Google Calendar or phone. Notifications can be set a day prior to the tasks and another one hour before the respective tasks. This will push you to do as much as you can.

You can also send yourself an email if you suddenly think of an idea or you can add it to Google Calendar. Having a calendar where you can put all your thoughts and review the progress you made and other things that still need to be done will make it easier and faster for you to pick up where you have left off from the last task you did.

You can also use a website that lets you track things and notify you of upcoming tasks and deadlines. These websites let you track your bookings and budgets while having one centralized place for everything to help you save time.

Avoid Procrastination

If it seems like you are starting to run out of time or you and your partner finds it hard to come up with a choice, try breaking the cycle by making decisions faster and planning smarter.

Wedding vendors may get booked really fast depending on the chosen date for your wedding. Once you have narrowed down all your options, you did the necessary research, and you are ready to make a booking, don’t think twice and book it right away.

This helps you save time because sitting on things for too long may make you end up losing your preferred vendors since there is a chance that they will be fully booked. Once this happens, you might be left with no choice but to go back to square one and spend more time searching for a new vendor.

Don’t waste any minute during your wedding planning! Use these tips and enjoy more time to enjoy your wedding instead of just planning it!