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How to Choose Music for Wedding

Do you feel overwhelmed and confused while trying to choose the perfect music for your big day? Are you unsure which is the best option for you, whether you should go for live musicians, a disco, a DJ, a simple playlist in Spotify or something else?

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You might not realize it right away but your choice of music can easily make or break a wedding. Try to think of that one time that you attended a wedding where everything looks and feels perfect. The chosen venue is simply amazing, the entire wedding party looks like they came straight out of a fashion magazine, and the menu tempts you to go for another round.

No matter where you look, things are picture perfect. Just when you thought that nothing can go wrong, the DJ or band starts playing. The music turns into a noise and the faces of the guests were contorted into awkward and uncomfortable smiles. What was supposed to be a dream wedding up being remembered for its cheesy and awful music that ruined the night’s elegant vibe. Now, this is definitely not something you want to happen during your own wedding!

Whether your wedding reception is going to be a hit or miss all boils down to your choice of music. Making sure that you take your time to plan, research, and look for the perfect wedding music will surely be well your effort and hard work.

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As you make the challenging and tricky decisions about the music for your wedding, don’t forget to consider the wedding vibe or theme you like, the space of the venue, the set budget you have, and lastly, the kind of music that you think your wedding guests will also love and enjoy.

Read on below to know some of the best tips to help you on how to choose music for wedding that will best complement your special day and make it memorable for you and all your guests!

Decide on What Type of Music You Want for Your Wedding

While you plan your wedding, it is important to consider everything that you and your betrothed like. Of course, this will also include your specific tastes and preferences in terms of music. Playing songs at your wedding that the two of you love will make your special day more perfect than ever. Be sure that you and your partner are on the same page once you sit down and choose the music you will play during your wedding.

Create a List of Preferred Music

It is important for both you and your partner to make a list of the songs you want to hear being played during your wedding. Through this, you can be sure that none of your music wishes and preferences will be ignored or taken for granted.

The list must include all types of music you wish to hear during your big day together with those songs that should never be included in the playlist at all.

After the two of you completed your respective lists, go over these together. If your partner wants to play a particular song but you don’t think the same way, try to meet in the middle and compromise accordingly. If your partner doesn’t like one of your chosen songs and you also dislike one of theirs, you can either agree to play the two songs or you can remove the songs completely from the playlist for your wedding.

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Discuss about DJs and Bands

You and your partner’s opinions might be conflicting as to whether you should hire a DJ to be in charge of entertainment during your wedding or to go for a live wedding band. See to it that you talk about these options early on so you can play things ahead of time.

If your partner doesn’t really agree with your choice between these two, there are some actions that you can take. For example, you can hire a live band to play and hire a DJ in between the band sets with the DJ closing the reception or performing at an afterglow.

In case both of you doesn’t want one over the other, it is best to be keep an open mind as explore other choices. You could try to scope out DJs and bands together for you to get a better idea of what you can expect from both. Seeing their performance in person may open or even change your mind about hiring any of them during your wedding.

The Debate between DJs and Live Bands

If you will go for a live band, this can often dramatically up the overall ambience of your wedding. There is something unique about playing live music at your wedding that can give it a romantic and timeless feeling.

Now, it doesn’t mean that your chosen band must be skilled only in one particular genre. Your guests will enjoy it more if the band can also offer more variety. A good bandleader is going to entertain and play for the crowd during your reception. It is probably the number one advantage of going for a live band since they can interact with your guests, take note of the feel or ambience of the room, and choose the best music for all spontaneous moments.

DJs are another great option if a live band might not be the best choice for you. There are many benefits to choosing a DJ. DJs are often cheaper that live bands, they also take up a smaller space in the venue, and you can choose from a playlist with thousands of songs. Having a DJ will also give you the assurance that all of your favorite songs of any genre will be played, sounding exactly as you recall them.

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Plan Your Wedding Music Together

Another easy and simple way to ensure that both you and your partner will be happy and satisfied with the music during your wedding is to plan the whole thing together. Remember that this day is special for the two of you. It is never about just you or your partner alone.

If you find it hard to plan your wedding music together, consider this as your chance to reach a compromise for the first time as a married couple. After all, marriage is about learning how to compromise so working hand in hand to find that perfect wedding music that will make both of you happy is a great exercise to practice exactly just that.