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How to Write Unforgettable Wedding Speech for Your Wedding

It is not a secret that lots of preparation is involved when planning your wedding. Every single thing must be in the right place. Everyone involved must know what to do and everything must turn out as perfect as how you envisioned it to be.

wedding speech

Of course, your wedding will never be complete without a speech. Unfortunately, writing then delivering a wedding speech may be equally nerve-wracking as exchanging your wedding vows!

Your wedding speech is basically the chance for you to express your gratitude to your loved ones but standing right in front of them can give you cold feet. What is even more panicking is when you don’t even have any idea what to write in your speech in the first place!

But, worry not because there are some very simple and easy guidelines you need to follow to help you write a memorable and engaging wedding speech. And the good news is that it might not be as hard as you think!

Is a Wedding Speech Necessary?

Now, before you start thinking of what to say in your wedding speech, you could still be wondering if you actually need to deliver one in the first place. Maybe you think that this is something that only the proud parents or best man should do.

Amidst the hectic things during your big day, you might be tempted to just let your loved ones do all the talking. However, the truth is that a speech from the newly married couple is one of the key highlights of any wedding.

Try to think of it this way. You don’t always get the chance to show and tell your favorite people how much you appreciate them, nor do they always gather together in just one place. Aside from that, there are also those guests who took the time to travel, lend a helping hand during the preparations, or offer support for your relationship through all those years.

For this reason, there is always room to express your thanks to these special people in your life plus a heartfelt toast to show them how grateful you are for their presence not only in the event but also in your life as a whole.

What to Include in the Wedding Speech of a Groom or Bride

There are actually several important elements that you need to include in your wedding speech to be sure that you will come up with a great one.

A wedding speech doesn’t need to be boring and long. Instead, you can just keep it short and sweet. It can also be playful and cheeky, informal or formal, depending on how you want to address your guests. The two of you can also deliver the wedding speech together or you can have your individual chances to say a few words. The choice depends on you and what you feel is right.

Whatever format you use, what is important here is that you keep the guests engaged or even laughing and say your thanks to the right people. Here are some of the guidelines you can follow when writing your wedding speech:

Start with a short introduction.

Your introduction can be a funny but appropriate joke that will break the ice or it can  also be formal  welcome.

Say your words of appreciation.

Remember that the whole point of your wedding speech is for you to express your appreciate and gratitude to all the right people. You can include the following in this part:

  • A general thank you to all the guests for attending.
  • A special thank you to those who travelled just to be a part of the event.
  • A special thank you to the people who offered their help during the wedding preparations such as your parents, siblings, and bridal party.

Add some light-hearted anecdotes.

It is the part where you can then share some special anecdotes about your relationship. It can be a sweet memory or a funny story, depending on the tone of your wedding speech.  A few good ideas for this par include the following:

  • How the two of you met
  • That moment when you both realized that you found the one
  • The story of the proposal
  • An unforgettable adventure you shared
  • The funniest memory you had together

Express your words of affection.

If the two of you opted to have individual speeches, don’t miss the chance of saying some heartfelt words of affection to your spouse. You can discuss the best qualities they have, how much they really mean to you, and the dreams and hopes you have for the future that you will be sharing together.

End it with a special toast.

If you are delivering the speech together, you can end it with a toast to everyone who attended. For individual speeches, you can end it with a toast to your spouse.

Tips to Write a Good Wedding Speech the Bests Way

  • Try to work backwards.

Instead of thinking of what you want to say, you should consider what your guests would like to hear instead. Be sure to add a little something for each attendee if possible.

  • Ask help.

Don’t just rely on your personal stories and memories. You can seek help from family and friends to gather some original anecdotes about you and your partner.

  • Draft an outline.

An outline will help you check and ensure that your speech has the perfect balance between humor and sincerity. See how the different sections fit together before you even start to write them. Ensure that the balance is also right before you start.

  • Keep it short and sweet

The best length for wedding speeches is only 8 to 10 minutes or up to 1,200 words when delivered slow and nice.

  • Practice

Make sure that you practicing reciting your speech out loud when possible. Emphasize on the key words and read everything clearly. This is also the time when you should know where exactly you will stand and if you will be using the microphone or not.