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6 Best Wedding Magazines to Make Your Dream Wedding a Reality

By now, your mind is most likely full of beautiful wedding designs that you can incorporate into your wedding. After all, it’s supposed to be the best day of your life, you have to make it as perfect and as memorable as possible.

best wedding magazines

But getting ready to tie the knot is not easy at all. You need to plan all the tiny details of your wedding: the gown, the venue, the style, the theme, the guest list, the church, the cake, the catering service, the list just goes on.

Whether or not you choose to hire a wedding planner or you decide to go DIY, you definitely would find fascinating wedding inspirations and tips from the best wedding magazines.

Benefits of wedding magazines:

  • It saves you time, money, and energy.
  • You get advice from experts.
  • It keeps you focused on what’s more important.
  • You get peace of mind.

Do you want to start flipping through the pages of these magazines? There are a plethora of them available online and in the market. But don’t worry, we have done the legwork for you and we have put together a list of the best wedding magazines you can check out to help you achieve the wedding of your dreams.

Bridal Guide

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With its wide scope of wedding content and its collection of fascinating wedding photos, it is not surprising how Bridal Guide has become one of the go-to magazines for engaged couples. Amazon has even listed it as one of the best-selling wedding magazines on its platform.

It helps you get started with your wedding planning with its content on organizing tips, checklists, and wedding details. Do you want to envision a perfect wedding? Just check out the real wedding photos and stories on their publication. You will find a lot of destination wedding content there, too. It also features dress inspiration, fashion guides, and beauty and health tips.

To help your loved ones find you the best wedding gifts that are not redundant, you can use Bridal Guide’s wedding registry. With 8 posts weekly, they truly are committed to what they do at Bridal Magazine.

Grace Ormonde Wedding Style Magazine

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Looking to have the luxury wedding of your dreams? Grace Ormonde Wedding Style Magazine is the standard when it comes to luxurious weddings. It gives its affluent readers relevant content that is intended for couples who are going through the selection of wedding planners, stylists, wedding dressing, jewelry, watches, diamonds, honeymoon getaways, videographers and photographers, wedding destinations, and a lot more.

It offers honeymoon destinations all over the world. You can also find stunning photos from its featured destination weddings.

Grace Ormonde Wedding Style Magazine is proud of its awards for its beautifully designed and high-quality content. This magazine, though, is targeted at couples with a “sky is the limit” budget. If you are on a tight budget for your wedding, you might have to look somewhere else.

Pretty Pear Bride

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Can’t find a magazine that showcases gowns that suit your size? True enough, plus-sized women do not get represented a lot in most of the leading wedding magazines. If you are one of these curvy brides, this publication may be the wedding magazine you are looking for.

The Pretty Pear Bride is a groundbreaking magazine that is dedicated to plus-sized brides. Flip through its pages to find real wedding stories, fashion tips, and motivational content. You can also find inspiration for wedding cake designs, bridal shower ideas, and style themes. Of course, it also features a wide array of plus-size wedding gown designs that you can take inspiration from.

MunaLuchi Brides

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In the past, women of color are rarely represented in most mainstream wedding publications. Good thing this has changed over the years. A decade ago, MunaLuchi Brides magazine established its platform tailored specifically for brides of color. MunaLuchi comes from two African names which mean “beautiful work of God”.

When you scan through its pages, you will find multicultural wedding stories and photos and astonishing style inspirations. It is also a venue for the promotion of black event professionals.

Inside Weddings

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Another leader in the wedding magazine world is the Inside Weddings magazine which publishes one issue per season. Inside Weddings provides ideas for different kinds of wedding venues, such as the beach, church, park, castle, lake, garden, country club, hotel, and even destination weddings. It also features real LGBTQ wedding stories.

Inside Weddings provides insider guides to help engaged couples have a smooth wedding planning process. Just like any other magazine, it features a collection of inspiration photos of all the aspects and details of the wedding, like the dress, jewelry, cakes, bouquets, headpieces, and invitations. Its Exper Advice section is a gem when you are looking for trusted and credible wedding-related opinions and guides.

Martha Stewart Weddings

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Martha Stewart Weddings is a section on Martha’s website that includes everything wedding-related. It showcases real wedding stories, planning advice, fashion tips, and many more. What sets this magazine apart from other wedding publications is that it mainly targets weddings happening in the summertime.

Martha Stewart takes you on the wedding planning journey every step of the way, from your wedding attire, cakes, flowers, invitations, to the venue. It is filled with useful content to guide you in achieving your perfect wedding even when you’re on a tight budget. If you are aiming to get creative and choose the DIY route, it surely has great suggestions for you.

Are You Ready to Plan Your Wedding?

There are many things to consider when planning your wedding. Your budget is almost always a concern. You wouldn’t want to kickstart your “happily ever after” with a load of debt, would you?

No need to fret because, with a little creativity and wise planning, you can still make your dream wedding a reality.

Now, are you prepared to take a step in planning for your big day? Are you ready to check out the best wedding magazines we have prepared for you?