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Causes of Marriage Problems

Marriage is like a long and winding road filled with ups and downs. The journey is never easy and simple and there are lots of obstacles along the way. Marriage problems are part of this journey and these can happen for different reasons.

Causes of Marriage Problems

There are cases when these problems get solved when both parties are willing to make some effort to solve them. Unfortunately, there are also instances when these issues may end up in separation or worst, even divorce.

But, what really causes these marriage problems in the first place? Below are some of the most common reasons why issues may occur between spouses.

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Verbal, emotional, and physical abuses are common issues that many married couples face. It is never advisable to tolerate abuse as this is a surefire way of destroying any kind of relationship. The sad news is that many people, women and men alike, don’t even know that they are already a victim of abuse. Emotional and verbal abuses include yelling, calling, humiliating, intimidation and threats, ignoring or isolating, and others.


All forms of addiction never end well. People can get addicted to a lot of things such as alcohol, drugs, gambling, and pornography. However, there are also some other things that you might be addicted to without knowing it like video games, spending money, sex, and a whole lot more.

Changes in Appearance

People change once they get older. Things such as age, genetics, stress, and losing or gaining weight can all affect how a person ages. While you would want your spouse to have the same appearance forever, this is simply impossible. Having such unrealistic expectations will only set up the marriage for disappointment and arguments.

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This common cause of marital problems is a bit tough and tricky. While kids can bring married couples together, they can also put a rather serious strain on the relationship. Instead of your marriage, your priorities changed with children being your main priority. You will be emotional, constantly feel overwhelmed, and you take out most of your stress on your spouse.

Differing Religious Beliefs

It is only normal for any marriage to have different perspectives but conflicting core values and beliefs may create a big gap between couples. One spouse might have frustrations about doing religious activities separately, particularly if the two of you are attending different places of worship.

Distribution of Household Chores

It is a must to carefully consider how household chores are distributed. If one spouse feels that the distribution is unfair, this may put a strain on the relationship.

Fertility Issues

A lot of couples seem to think that having kids is easy once they are ready to have one. Sadly, some couples go through challenges while trying to start their own family such as genetics, health problems, changes in priorities, and others. There are times when a baby may not come how or when you want.


Cheating is one of the most common and rather serious causes of marriage problems. When you speak of infidelity, this doest necessarily mean engaging in sexual acts with someone outside the marriage.

This may also mean nurturing sexual desires for someone or emotionally confiding in someone the desire to start a relationship with them. There are also people who think that their partner is already cheating on them by just watching porn.

No one enters a marriage with intent to cheat on their spouse. Among the top reasons why people become unfaithful include emotional and/or sexual dissatisfactions and revenge.

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Lack of Communication

Proper communication is always key in any kind of relationship. There are people who assume that their spouse knows what they are thinking and what they want. But, things don’t work this way.

If there is something you wish to do or you feel upset about anything, this must be communicated to your partner right away. A guessing game never works in marriage as it will only lead to stress to both parties. You won’t understand what your partner wants while your partner doesn’t get what they expect from you.

Lack of Intimacy

It is very important for marriage to have intimacy. Lack of this is not really an acceptable reason to cheat. But, lack of sex may lead to loss of connection. This can make someone feel unloved or unwanted. If you don’t feel the urge to be intimate, it is best to seek out a therapist specializing in such issues or talk to your doctor.

Money Problems

Money and finances can lead to all sorts of marriage problems. Different opinions about spending and saving habits may create some tension. Issues may also arise because of a drastic or sudden income difference between spouses.

If one spouse earns more than the other, it may make them resentful of their long working hours. They may also feel like they got more right to the money they earn and spend it anyway they want.

Social Media

Yes, social media can ruin a marriage in more ways than one. For starters, it can make people set unrealistic expectations. There are also some people who seem to think that posting about their love for their spouse online is just the same as saying it to them personally. But, this is not really the case.

Social media also serves as a breeding ground for all sorts of predators. People crave drama and they may stalk your account to find even the smallest hints of problems in your family that they can use against you later on.

Toxic People

Whether you like it or not, you will always be surrounded by people who can be very toxic to the marriage. These may include in-laws and family members, friends of the opposite or same sex, and even past partners. Someone who always encourages you to leave, supports infidelity, talks bad about your partner, or does other inappropriate behaviors will never be good for your marriage and must not be part of your married life at all.

Try to avoid these common causes of marriage problems to make sure that your relationship will be better and happier for both you and your spouse.