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How to Assemble Your Dream Bridal Squad

It can be very tricky and even confusing to choose your bridal squad. After all, the last thing you want is to hurt someone’s feelings. Maybe they thought that you will choose them or maybe you just have a rather large circle of friends that picking a selected few is never easy.

How to Assemble Your Dream Bridal Squad

But, since it is still your big day, it only makes sense that you would want to have the right group of people right there at your side to support you. If you are having a hard time with your decision making as to who will make the cut, here are a few tips on how to assemble your dream bridal squad.

Consider What You Want

Before you go out and start asking people to be your bridesmaid, it is advisable that you try to imagine what your dream wedding is in your mind first. If your idea of a dream wedding is a traditional white wedding, the norm is usually having 3 to 5 bridesmaids. One or two main bridesmaids are enough for those more relaxed rustic wedding ceremonies.

You also need to sit down and talk to your partner about his preferred number of groomsmen as well. If his number is twice as yours, you can try to compromise to meet in the middle. Doing so will help you ensure that the bridal parties match and no one will have to walk down the aisle or dance all alone.

Confirm If They Actually Want to be Part of Your Bridal Squad

Of course, you wouldn’t want your bridal squad to be made up of unwilling participants so make sure that you do a proper bridesmaid proposal for all of them individually. While many of your girl friends will surely love to be right there at your side when you exchange vows with your betrothed, never ever assume that all of them will be interested to take part in your wedding. Remember that it would never hurt to ask. There are many cute ways you can try to ask them, such as the more formal mailed invites to simple and sweet texts.

Include Only the Best

Sure, it would be very awesome to have all of your best gals stand by your side on your big day. But, if all of them are out front, who will fill the aisles and serve as your audience? You can try to include to only your closest and most special friends and relatives when you assemble your bridal party so you don’t get too carried away with the planning process. Siblings, BFFs, and soon to be siblings in law are often the best way to go.

Go for Your Relationship’s Ultimate Fans

If one of your best friends doesn’t really support your marriage or future spouse, it wouldn’t make sense to have them right there by your side as you say “I do.”

Yes, you can still send them a wedding invitation but if they always put down your big day or your partner, they might end up hurting you instead of helping you on this special milestone in your life even if their intentions are for the best.

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Make a Choice Based on Your Current Relationships

Trying to narrow down your bridal squad will be difficult enough without having to consider your friends way back in childhood and middle school. So, make sure you stick only to your present relationships as you go about picking your bridal squad. Maybe one of your friends got really close to you a few years back yet they no longer hold the same spot in your heart right now. If this is the case, there might be no need for you to make her a part of bridal squad.

It is Not Mandatory to Have a Maid of Honor

By tradition, your maid or matron of honor is the one who will be helming your bridal squad. However, things and times have changed and no one will actually question you if you would steer clear of the norm a bit. If every member of your bridal squad is equally dear to your heart, you don’t have to be too pressured to designate one for the title. Besides, even though you might not assign someone as your MOH, you will still need to ask one of them to take charge of the wedding party.

Your Bridal Squad Can Also Include Men

Now, gone are the days when bridal squads are made up of women alone. This is not your no-boys allowed thing so you can also add a bridesman or even bridesmen into the mix. This is especially if these guys are your brother or guy best friends.

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Let Them Mix and Mingle

After you have rounded up and assembled the best of the best members of your bridal squad, you cannot just leave them hanging on their own. You can schedule and host a get together to let the ladies and gents to bond together before your special day.

If there are some members who will come from overseas, be sure to include them through a video call so they can still get acquainted with the rest so no one gets left behind. Don’t forget that it is you’re A-team so you would want all of them to have great teamwork. Breaking the ice is the first step to do exactly just that.

Extra Tip: Breaking the News to the Non-Bridesmaids

You don’t have to pull your hair out when thinking how you will break the news to those who didn’t meet the necessary criteria. Just be downright nice and honest about it. Tell them why they cannot be part of your bridal squad even though they weren’t really the best or most reliable choices in the first place. They will surely appreciate that you reached out to inform them instead of just leaving them hanging or worse, hoping.

So, don’t be afraid. Go ahead and enjoy assembling your bridal squad today!