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What Do You Call a Male Bridesmaid?

Gone are the days when weddings are all about rules and traditions. Today, couples just want to have fun and enjoy their big day to the fullest.

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While wedding parties in the past only have men on the side of the groom and women on the part of the bride, these days, it has become perfectly acceptable and even common to see the two sides of the wedding party having members from both members.

This means that you can have your male best friend or brother as your bridesmaid.

What do you call a male bridesmaid, then?

Male bridesmaids are traditionally called bride’s attendants or bridesmen, while male maids of honor are called honor attendants or simply men of honor.

Read on below to know about male bridesmaids, their duties as part of your bridal party, and more.

Why Do You Need Male Bridesmaids for Your Wedding?

There are several reasons why you might want to have a male bridesmaid. Probably the most important of them all is that you don’t need to deal with any jealousy during your wedding.

Your bridesmen won’t have to try looking prettier than you, nor do they feel like crying just because they won’t be the ones to wear a ring on their finger.

Men can minimize this female drama and they also have a better voice of reason amidst the chaotic hectic months of wedding planning.

A male bridesmaid can even give you a different perspective in terms of planning your big day, letting you get a sneak peek into the mysterious male mind and get some helpful insights from it. What kind of gift will your groom like? What will your male guests love for drinks and dinner?

Another great reason to consider having male bridesmaids is none other than their versatility. If your bridal party includes men, they can serve as your bodyguard during your bachelorette party, a bouncer during your wedding reception, act as fill-in boyfriends for your bridesmaids, or become a necessary muscle if and as needed.

Things to Remember Before You Look for Male Bridesmaids

Your male bridesmaids, just like your honored ladies, are expected to help you out during the planning process of your big day, attend parties and showers, and stand right beside you on one of the most special milestones of your life.

But before you ask someone to be your male bridesmaid, it is important to consider comfort levels. For example, he might not be the right person to act as the host during your bridal shower. When this is the case, you can just ask a close family member or your mom to be in charge of throwing a party for you.

While you need to invite your male bridesmaids and ask them to help you out, make sure that you avoid putting all the weight on them. For instance, you can consider throwing a couple’s shower. Your male bridesmaids may feel more comfortable planning it, not to mention that it is also the best way for your entire wedding party to spend time together and know each other better.

If your male bridesmaids feel comfortable, you can invite them to help out with planning your bachelorette party or you can ask them if they want to attend. It is totally acceptable if they refuse to do so.

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On the day of your wedding, male bridesmaids are expected to join the processional and stand by your side while saying your vows.

Bridesmen can walk alone down the aisle, or you can pair them with any of your bridesmaids or even the groomsmen as long as they agree to it.

What Does a Male Bridesmaid Do?

Male bridesmaids will often have exactly the same duties as traditional bridesmaids with some minor exceptions as expected.

This means that they will also have duties before, during, and after the wedding. Take a quick look at the different duties of male bridesmaids throughout the different stages of your big day:

Duties of a Male Bridesmaid Before the Wedding

  • Be right there for the bride either hands-on or emotional support.
  • Either help to plan or attend the bridal shower or bachelorette party, which are slightly different events. He needs to feel welcomed, included, and not awkward throughout.
  • Attend the rehearsal and the rehearsal dinner to set expectations about his role on the big day.
  • Offer support for the organization and planning of the wedding.

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Duties of a Male Bridesmaid During the Wedding

  • Although he might not need a lot of time to get ready and might not even need his own place or room to change, your male bridesmaid must still be involved in some way here. He can be the one to pop out and grab some breakfast or he can also arrive later.
  • Male bridesmaids should also assist guests throughout the day, answer their questions, and just be the help guys.
  • He can help where and when possible if something needs to be bought, sorted, or saved, or if anything crops up.
  • They should be ready for photoshoots with the bridesmaids and the bride.
  • Together with the bridesmaids, the bridesmen should encourage guests to hit the dancefloor.

Duties of a Male Bridesmaid After the Wedding

  • Male bridesmaids should be ready to assist with cleanup, remove the decorations, and do other things to support the conclusion of the wedding.
  • The bridesmen also need to attend the morning-after brunch.
  • Male bridesmaids should ideally pay vendors or give tips.

You see, male bridesmaids have many duties and responsibilities from the early planning stages to the end of your wedding reception.

However, all of these different duties can be simply summed up like this – a male bridesmaid must always be there not only for the bride but also for the wedding guests.

But remember that what these duties constitute specifically may vary from bride to bride and wedding to wedding.

At the end of the day, what matters here is that for your male bridesmaid to be fully aware of his role and the things he needs to do. And of course, he must also be comfortable all the time.