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Wedding Preparations Checklist

There is always something magical about weddings. After all, isn’t it amazing to finally find the person you will be spending the rest of your life with?

Wedding Preparations Checklist

But, while weddings call for celebration, planning and preparing for it often involves a lot of stress, especially because you want to be sure that the day will be perfect not only for you but also for all your invited guests.

Now, you don’t need to pull your hair out. All you have to do is refer to the following wedding preparations checklist that will serve as your guide as you plan for your big day.

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12 Months Before the Wedding

  • Determine the kind of wedding and reception you want.
  • Decide on the number of guests you want to invite.
  • Visit or check with your preferred venue to set the date and time of your wedding. Booking in advance is recommended.
  • Look for a caterer if this is not offered in your chosen venue.
  • Choose your bridal entourage.
  • Order announcements, invitations and note paper for your thank-you notes.
  • Plan the honeymoon including travel arrangements and hotel reservations.

9 Months Before the Wedding

  • Music plays an important role in your wedding so be sure to know the kind of music that will be played during the ceremony and reception.
  • Order gowns and suits for the bride and groom and all the bridal entourage.
  • Create a guest list while considering the families of both bride and groom. Determine the number of possible guests that both families may invite over.
  • Schedule an appointment with professional videographers and photographers then reserve them for the time and day of your wedding ceremony and reception.
  • Look for gift ideas for the bridal entourage and guests.
  • Prepare the invitations and address them accordingly.
  • Set an appointment with the save the date video team. Talk about the concepts, logistics, and locations. All aspects of the production must be finalized in the following 3 months. Aside from the makeup artist and hairstylist, it is also recommended to hire a fashion stylist who can come up with the suitable wardrobe for the video. Don’t forget that this video not only serves as the visual representation of the relationship as it also serves as an enticing invitation for your big day.

6 Months Before the Wedding

  • Shoot the save the date video. Producing the video may take a few days. For the next 3 months, be sure that you regularly work with the video producer to ensure that the final product will have both the message and aesthetics that you want your guests to see.

3 Months Before the Wedding

  • Send out your wedding invitations. See to it that the invitations include a copy of the save the date video.
  • Hire the vehicles that will transport the bridal party to your ceremony and to the reception afterwards.
  • Let your attendants know about their respective fittings and other accessories. Shoes can also be made to order if possible.
  • Reconfirm the arrangements with the caterer or wedding venue for the table arrangements, menu, bar or drinks, parking, decorations, and linens.
  • Set an appointment for the initial fitting of the wedding dress.
  • Book an appointment with the hairdresser if you are planning to get your hair done during your wedding day.
  • Place an order for the one if you are planning to outsource it.
  • Choose your wedding rings.
  • Make the housing arrangements for guests and attendants from out of town including their hotel rooms.
  • Remind the groom and best man to arrange their fitting.
  • Order your wedding giveaways.
  • If you will be working with an independent florist, be sure that you recheck the floral props and arrangements.

1 Month Before the Wedding

  • Apply for the marriage license.
  • Check all the accessories that you and your attendants need.
  • List down the clothes you need for your honeymoon and make sure that everything is pressed, cleaned, and ready for packing.
  • Go through your luggage to ensure that it is in good condition and is enough for all your stuff.
  • Make the necessary final arrangements with every professional service you are working with.
  • Create the seating plan for the parents’ tables and bridal table at the reception and prepare the place cards for each of them.
  • Let the maid of honor set the details for the bridal shower.
  • Plan the rehearsal dinner.
  • Inform the wedding party of the time of the rehearsal.
  • Schedule the final fitting with the couturier.

1 Week Before the Wedding

  • Get in touch with all the vendors and professional services.
  • Call the caterers and venue for the last minute details.
  • Check to ensure that wedding giveaways are complete and properly accounted for.
  • Prepare your guest list book and let the maid of honor take charge of it.
  • Visit the spa for massage, hot oil, and facial.
  • Make arrangements for the place where the bridal party can dress and prepare if you didn’t book a hotel on your wedding day.
  • Have the final review of your hair and makeup with the stylist.
  • See to it that you already have your marriage license by mid-week.
  • Make all the final confirmations from the service providers and vendors including hairdressers, makeup artists, travel agent, and more.
  • Call the marriage officiant to review the last-minute details.
  • Finally, secure the wedding dress, gowns, and suits of the entourage.

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Preparing for your big day doesn’t have to be too complicated or nerve-wracking. It also doesn’t need to be something too complicated and stressful on your part. The key here is to know where and how to start so you can save yourself from all the headaches. Remember that your wedding day is all about you so be sure to follow the tips above and plan the perfect big day that you and everyone you love!