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Do Wedding Cars Need to be Licensed?

Choosing the right wedding car can turn your biggest dreams into reality, whether you have always wanted to make a grand entrance or exit in style on your big day. Wedding cars are great investments for this special milestone in your life. Aside from being a practical transport vehicle, it also serves as the perfect backdrop for stylish wedding photos that you can treasure in the years to come.

do wedding cars need to be licensed?

As you start your quest for the perfect wedding car, there are several important major points you need to consider. These include your budget, the style of car you want, and other amenities.

However, one critical aspect you should never take for granted is the license of your hired wedding car of yourself. Do wedding cars need to be licensed, though?

Yes, wedding cars need to be licensed with the respective transport authorities in your area. There are areas when this license is indicated by the discs located on the rear and front windscreens of the car. These discs indicate the registration number of the car, the number of passengers it is allowed or licensed to carry, and the expiry date of the license.

What are the Risks of Using an Unlicensed Wedding Car?

A wedding car license requires annual renewal, with the car undergoing certain tests. It is to ensure that only very high-quality and roadworthy cars are allowed to be licensed.

A wedding car that doesn’t have a valid license will not have any legal entitlement to operate for hire. It is also impossible for an unlicensed car to be insured for hire.

To get a license, the car owner or the car hire business owner must have a current and updated tax clearance certificate. It means that businesses that operate outside the tax system are not allowed to obtain a license. Transport authorities in most countries also have a designated division responsible for investigating unlicensed wedding cars.

If you book a wedding car that doesn’t have a license and it comes to the authorities’ attention before your big day, it might get seized, making it unavailable when your wedding day comes. You also need to consider the risk of the car coming to the attention of the authorities during the wedding itself, and the possible inconvenience and embarrassment it would cause you.

Is a Licensed Wedding Car Expensive?

If you get two different quotes for just the same wedding car, consider the risk that the one with a lower price might not be insured or licensed as described earlier.

Price should never be your sole deciding factor when hiring a wedding car. If someone offers you a wedding car for hire at a very cheap price, beware of the possibility that the car is operating illegally. So, while a licensed wedding car may be a bit expensive, you can at least have peace of mind knowing that it is its operation is legal.

Do Wedding Car Drivers Need to be Licensed?

Yes, even the wedding car driver also needs to hold a driver’s license. It would be useless to hire a licensed wedding car if someone without the necessary license is behind the wheel.

The process of licensing is the guarantee that the driver is tax compliant, meets certain standards, and has been considered of good character by the authorities that are responsible for the issuance of a driver’s license.

A professional wedding car operator must only employ licensed drivers with suitable personalities and character. The last thing you want is to hire an unlicensed wedding car that comes with a driver who doesn’t only have a license but is also not the kind of person you want to be involved with on your special day.

Tips to Choose the Right Wedding Car for You

Below is a general guide to help you pick the perfect wedding car for your big day:

Start Your Search Early

The planning must always start long before your actual wedding. Before you start your search in person, you can go and check online for wedding car hires available in your local area.

Starting your search early will improve your chances of getting a nice option. You can book your wedding car a month before to prevent scheduling conflicts.

While there might be lots of listings, always consider those with actual testimonials and reviews to ensure that you will hire a car that follows the lemon laws.

Your family, friends, contacts, and social media play an important role in your search. List down all potential services in your area and narrow it further to the top five. Contact each one for a visit so you can check and see the car yourself.

Inspect the Car in Person

Once you have shortlisted your options, it is time for you to visit the garage to check the wedding car you are eyeing. Review the history report of the vehicle and check for signs of neglect. You wouldn’t want to experience the car breaking down in the middle of the road on your special day or ride in a smelly and dirty car interior.

A vehicle inspection is also the best time for you to make the necessary measurements. If you are a bride, see to it that the vehicle has enough space not only for your wedding gown but also for your groom. While exotic sports cars look flashy, their limited and cramped space doesn’t make them wedding-friendly at all.

Read the Fine Print

Don’t hesitate to ask questions and read the rental agreement. This is the time for you to ask if the car comes with other services such as a driver, decorations, champagne, and the duration of the rental. Knowing these facts early on can give you more time to decorate the car or find a driver.

Consider Your Theme

Do you have a theme for your wedding? See to it that your chosen wedding car will also match your theme. For example, retro-style weddings need a vintage car, while ATVs look right in place at a beach wedding. Many car hire services present different choices according to the circumstances. Be sure to pick the one that suits you best.

Now that you know that wedding cars need to be licensed, go out there and book one for your big day!