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Important Pre-Wedding Activities

If you think that your wedding day is the only time and day of celebration, you might want to think again. Just so you know, the celebrations don’t just begin and end at the wedding ceremony itself.

Important Pre-Wedding Activities

You might be surprised but your wedding is not the only event that you will have to attend. There are several other occasions and parties before your big day comes. Yes, there are still many ways and chances for you to celebrate with your family and friends before you finally say “I do.”

The following are some of the important pre-wedding activities. Now, don’t freak out just yet because there is no rule to have all of them. Pick the ones you really want and just have fun as you go along with no pressure at all!

Engagement Party

The engagement party us one of those first parties where family and friends of the couple honor them. The parents of the groom or bride are the ones who typically host the event. This can happen a few hours after the woman says yes or after 3 months if the engagement period is a little bit longer. All guests during the engagement party must be a part of the wedding as well. The home of the host, restaurants, parks, or bars are the most common locations for engagement parties.

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Bachelor and Bachelorette Parties

These two parties are basically the last chance of the groom and bride to loosen up before they tie the knot. At the same time, it is also the perfect opportunity for them to bond with their best buds amidst the chaotic wedding planning.

The activities for these parties may vary, such as a night out at the club, a camping getaway for the weekend, or a relaxing visit to the spa. Traditionally, the best man and maid of honor are in charge of these parties that often take a place a few days or a week before the big day. The bachelorette party is the time when the brides receive lingerie as gifts that they can use for their first night as a couple.

Bridal Shower

There is a common misconception that the bachelorette party and bridal shower are the same. But, they are not. In this modern society, the bridal shower can be a celebration honoring the bride with the all-female group. This can also be a couple’s shower that honors both the bride and groom attended by guests of all genders.

This event is often hosted by one of the wedding party’s members and it is often a more intimate gathering of the family and friends. The guests during a bridal shower usually share a meal, play games, and gifts will be opened in front of all attendees.

The couple needs to complete their gift registry in advance to make shopping easier for the guests. Some of the most common gifts during a bridal shower include stuff they can use for their home.

Get Together of Family and Friends

Several days before the wedding, most guests from out of town will start arriving so it would be a wise idea to plan a few activities for them to have something they can do during their stay in town.

Some common activities for this get together of family and friends include a local tour, picnic, hiking, scavenger hunt, kayaking, wine tasting, or bonfire.

This is a casual and nice way to have a great time with family and friends. This is also a good chance to show them your appreciation for the effort they made to attend your wedding.

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Housewarming Party

There are many couples who buy a house and plan their wedding at around the same timeframe. In case you are a proud new homeowner, it might be perfectly line with the rest of your pre-wedding activities to throw a housewarming party.

Your guests will surely have a fun time touring around your newly purchased home. This housewarming party is typically an informal get together that involves refreshments and light snacks. Guests will often bring gifts like a bottle of wine, flowers, or plants.

Rehearsal Dinner

The night prior to your wedding day, the members of your wedding party will typically get together at the wedding venue to rehearse the flow of events. There is then a rehearsal dinner right after it for the close family and wedding party and the parents of the groom is the one who traditionally hosts it. The rehearsal dinner is a scaled down and laidback version of the wedding itself where speeches and toasts are often given.

Welcome Party

The welcome party is usually the last event that you will need to attend before your big day. Just like the rehearsal dinner, the welcome party also serves as the best pre-wedding chance for your family and friends who came from out of town to mingle together and get to know each other better.

Welcome parties are sometimes held right after the rehearsal dinner and this can be as extravagant or simple as you want it to be. While this event welcomes all guests to your wedding, their attendance is not necessarily required.

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Simple Tips for Your Pre-Wedding Activities

If you have decided to do one or even all of the pre-wedding activities above, you can try to incorporate a fun them to the décor for the event, the activities, and the food and drinks to give a unique twist to the celebration.

Some of the common themes you can consider include Mardi Gras, Wild West, luau, time period party, the great outdoors, or you can also get inspiration from your favorite foreign city. No matter what your chosen theme is, you can be sure that these important pre-wedding activities will make your wedding day even more special and memorable.

Should You Host These Pre-Wedding Activities or Not?

It is now up for you to decide if a specific activity is important or not or whether you budget even allows it. There are couples who choose to celebrate all of these events while others just choose to stick to the basics. But at the end of the day, what matters here is for you to just celebrate your big day with the most important people in your life!