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Best Wedding Advice for A Happy Marriage

A wedding is been a dream for some – a big day. It signals the beginning of a union, and everybody aims for a perfect one.

Best Wedding Advice for A Happy Marriage

Before the pandemic, weddings came with big celebrations. A picturesque nuptial, a fun program, a solemn ceremony, and a private one – different preferences for different folks. Some choose their favorite destinations, local or abroad for their location. Others include themes of their favorite Korean drama on their prenuptial photos. But everybody wants it to be beautiful.

Things have changed. There are restrictions in holding such events. This occasion was commonly enjoyed by a large crowd. But due to the limitations, guests are limited to immediate family members and closest friends, the entourage is lessened – extravagance to simplicity.

This reminded us of the simplest definition of a wedding – the celebration of the union of two people who want to spend the rest of their lives together.

10 Best Wedding Advice

If you are looking for the best wedding advice, here are 10 of the best wedding advice that would lead to a happy married life, not just for the best wedding day celebration.

Be Ready

Are you ready for married life? Probably the first question to be asked when you are planning to get married. If you are ready to start a new journey, these are the next steps to consider.

Be Honest

It is important to consider each of your interests in planning for the big day. Tell your partner how you envision your wedding including the little things that would mean a lot to you. Say if you want a garden, church or beach wedding. Decide what will be the theme, motif, and number of guests. Do not hesitate to communicate. Lines must be open. After marriage, this would be useful too in making other decisions in your family life. Marriage is being true and open about yourself.

Accept the Differences

After stating your and your partner’s interests, remember to accept and work out each of your differences and try to meet halfway. It is common to have some conflicts of interest while planning for a wedding, and also in your married life. Talk about it. Do not count how many times you have compromised for your partner. Remember that marriage is an endless give and take.

Plan for It

Considering the situation brought about by the pandemic, it is much more important to have the details of your wedding planned. Have contingencies in case Plan A doesn’t work. It is essential to consider the cost and the safety of you and your guests too. Moreover, planning includes financial, mental, social, and physical preparations before, during, and after the wedding. The wedding day is just the first step. Marriage is planning your future too.

Adapt and Be Flexible

Even if you have planned everything down to the smallest details, eventually, things will come up and there will be changes. Just like a marriage, it requires adaptability. Every day is a chance to discover more about you and your other half. As soon as you start knowing these differences, adapt to them. Learn how to deal with them and not be frustrated. You have chosen to promise to stay in each other’s life.

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Weddings have been a tedious task for some. Different documents to prepare, from invitations to souvenirs. Sometimes, it can be stressful. But find time to enjoy the accomplishments, hardships, and everything in between. Remember that more than the celebration, you and your partner are important.

Enjoy the Moment

When the big day comes, and you are about to say your “I do,” make it the most memorable by living in the moment. Treasure the love between you and your partner, that made you promise for a lifetime to share. Cherish the smiles and tears of those people around you while wishing you the best in your new chapter. Feel it as your big day. As for your marriage, enjoy the milestones – big or small. These are the moments that you would look back to when things get rough.

Be Grateful

Having a partner in life and celebrating it with people that you value the most is something to be grateful for at a wedding. As newlyweds, be thankful and express your appreciation to one another, and your family and friends. This should be done too after the wedding. Do not forget to make your partner feel appreciated and loved as the years pass by. A simple “You look beautiful today more than ever” in the morning would mean so much.

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Appreciate the Little Things

Some might focus on how the totality of the wedding would be, that they tend to forget the little things. The flowers in the wedding, the beautiful suits and gowns of the entourage, the perfect weather, and the sumptuous food – these details complete the perfect day. Just like in a marriage, appreciate what your partner has done for you. Little things can make a great impact. Showing appreciation rekindles the fire.

Learn and Grow Together

In life, we always have to move forward. Keep in mind that after the wedding comes a new chapter – family life. This is one of the biggest changes that a couple will experience. Embrace these changes, for these are learning experiences. Be each other’s strength and remember that you are one. As you promised to be one, you have fully committed each other’s life to one another. Marriage is a commitment for two.

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After having everything set and planned, sometimes all we have to do is to take a little leap of faith. To believe that there is a stronger force above all of us – God. Pray that everything will go according to His will and for the common good.

There are different tips to list down for the best wedding. But these pieces of advice are not just for the wedding day, but for the days to come, the years to explore, and the journey to travel as husband and wife.