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What Is a Jack and Jill Party?

Have you ever been invited to a Jack and Jill party? Now, that party sounds interesting! But what is a Jack and Jill party in the first place? What happens during this party and who attends it?

What Is a Jack and Jill Party

A Jack and Jill party is basically a celebratory party held for the groom and bride. This is the modern take on the traditional bridal shower. Not only the closest friends and family members of the bride attend this party but also those of the groom. Guests of Jack and Jill parties include women and men.

Jack and Jill parties are starting to become more and more popular these days for a good reason. This is also the best time for the groom to take part in the celebratory events that used to be formally exclusively open to the bride.

Read on below to learn more about Jack and Jill parties and all basic aspects of this festive occasion:

What are Jack and Jill Parties?

A Jack and Jill party was historically a celebration held prior to the wedding itself to raise money for the new couple.

The perfect example for this is hosting a party where the guests need to pay an admissions fee of about $5 that will then be given to the couple afterward.

Another good example is to charge for drinks or better yet, hold a raffle. Since Jack and Jill parties are not bridal showers per se, both ladies and gents are invited since both the groom- and bride to be will attend the event.

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Jack and Jill Parties in the Modern Times

Today, Jack and Jill parties have evolved and are no longer as rigid and conservative in their ways as they used to be in the past.

This paves the way for the rise of the so-called co-ed showers. As mentioned above, you can choose to either charge the guests an admissions fee or not.

Just take note that if you opt to charge admission, there is a possibility that the guests will no longer bring guests or the number of attending guests will also be smaller.

If you decide to charge admissions, small raffles are another great option, and you can charge a few dollars for these. You can also grab the chance to spice things with prizes, games, props, food, and more.

The location of these parties is also up to you to decide. You can choose to hold it in your favorite restaurant, a local bar, or other venues. If you like it to be more intimate, you can also host it right in the comforts of your home. You can have a cocktail party, a wine and cheese party, or even a backyard BBQ.

Jack and Jill parties are basically a matter of preference and wishes of the couple.

How Long Do Jack and Jill Parties Last?

A Jack and Jill party often last anywhere between 2 to 5 hours. These events are often held at night or even in the afternoon.

It gives the guests a lot of time to have fun and celebrate, engage with the couple, and offer them toasts with no need to worry that the event will last too long to the point that it becomes too tiring for everyone.

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Who Attends Jack and Jill Parties?

Close friends and family members of the groom and bride often attend a Jack and Jill party. However, this type of event is usually made up of people who are almost of the same age as the bride and groom.

The guest list is also often composed of the same people who are also invited to the wedding itself. In general, a Jack and Jill party will have around 10 to 30 guests, which makes the entire event more intimate.

But once again, remember that the total number of guests is still up for the groom and bride to decide.

What Happens During a Jack and Jill Party?

A Jack and Jill party usually consists of activities, food, fun games, and exchanging of gifts. These gifts often come from the guests of the groom and the bride. The gifts are also typically common household items and experiences that the groom and bride will both enjoy.

Couples’ trivia is one of the most popular types of games played during Jack and Jill parties where the guests will answer questions about the groom and bride.

For more competitive games, common options include tug of war, ping pong, or other activities where boys are pitted against girls.

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When are Jack and Jill Parties Held?

Jack and Jill parties are often thrown 1 to 3 months before the day of the wedding. However, there are also parties held as far as 5 to 6 months before the wedding day for those instances when the friends or family members of the bride and groom still need to travel to attend the event.

As far as timelines are concerned, a Jack and Jill party is held long after the couple’s engagement but still ahead of the bachelorette and bachelor parties.

The groom and bride must consider the schedules, commitments, and responsibilities of the guest list to ensure that everyone can attend with no worries and hassle on their part.

Where are Jack and Jill Parties Held?

You can hold a Jack and Jill party in any location as long as it is gender-neutral. Common venues include someone’s house, a pleasant outdoor area, a restaurant, or somewhere that is a bit more involved, such as a sporting event, for example. The best choice here is to pick one that holds an important meaning or is relevant to the couple.

In terms of décor, if the party will be held at a house, it is recommended to decorate using pieces and items that resonate with the bride and groom or give insight into their relationship.

Photos are often prepared, especially those from trips the couple had together or other special moments they shared through the years.

With a Jack and Jill party, brides and grooms can make more special memories with their loved ones and friends!