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Games for Wedding Dinner

A wedding dinner is the celebration right after the wedding ceremony. This may include different traditions and rituals but generally, it includes a meal, dancing, and music. Wedding dinners are held to welcome the wedding guests.

Games for Wedding Dinner

While dancing and drinking are important during your wedding dinner, you can make it an even more enjoyable and memorable experience for everyone if you throw in some exciting games into the formula.

To give you a good idea, here are some fun games for wedding dinner that you can add to the celebration to keep your guests entertained.

Crossword Puzzle

Why not get your guests’ brains working with crossword puzzles? Create a crossword puzzle containing some details regarding your relationship. Include random questions that your guests can answer and put a few hints. The fastest table or person who finishes the crossword puzzle will receive a reward.

Scrabble game with lawyer and probate word

Dance Dance Revolution

No wedding reception will ever be complete without dancing. But, your guests will love it even more if you have a Dance Dance Revolution on offer. This is one of the best ways for your guests to get moving and have fun at the same time.

Dart Board Duel

Let your guests test their aim with a dart board duel that will surely unleash their competitive side.

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Fill in the Blanks

Fill in the Blanks is a bit similar to crossword puzzle. But, the difference is that every table will get different questions. These questions must be funny and random. Encourage your guests to answer these questions and the first group who gets the most number of correct answers will bring home a reward.

Guess the Ingredient

This game for wedding dinner is something that all your foodie guests will surely love. Here, the participants will be blindfolded as they taste and guess the ingredients in a particular dish within one minute.

Guess the Person

Guess the Person is one of the most popular wedding dinner games. The volunteers for the game will wear a blindfold and touch the arm of the other person to guess who that person is. The bride and groom can also join this game that will definitely be filled excitement, fun, and anticipation for volunteers and audience alike.

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Most of you have surely played hopscotch back when you were still a kid. Why not try to relive your childhood memories in your wedding? Many of your guests will never even imagine that your wedding dinner will include hopscotch. Surprise and delight them with the perfect chance to go back their good old days. After all, your wedding is about making happy memories not only for you and your spouse but also for your guests.

How Well Do We Know The Couple?

This particular game lets the couple blend and bond with their wedding guests. The game will test how well your guests know you and your spouse. You have to write down some fun questions that will gauge how familiar your guests are with the both of you. Who knows? This might make you realize how well your guests know you and your relationship. You can give a small token to the winner with the most number of correct answers

Life Size Checkers

Why not go for a game familiar among all your guests but this time, with a little bit of drama added? Taking this beloved board game to a bigger level will create a whimsical touch that can keep your guests entertained during the dinner. On top of that, these life size checkers also offer some wonderful opportunities for stunning photos!

Musical Chairs

Musical Chairs is an age-old game that never really goes out of style and remains so much fun for everyone. If you want to make it even more entertaining, you can also add a few exciting gifts to surprise your guests, encourage them to let them go of their competitive streak, and awaken their desire to win.

Name That Song

Name That Song is another wedding dinner game where young and old guests alike can participate. You can play common iconic songs then ask your guests to guess the song then perform the hook step for it. Each correct answer will receive a prize.

Paper Dance

It is yet another popular game that you will often see in wedding dinners. The thing about paper dance is that it is exciting and tricky at the same time. It is a game for couples where every pair will get a large sheet of paper and they will have to dance on it together as the music plays. When the music stops, they will step off the paper, fold this in half then continue to dance on it.

The participants will continue to dance until the paper sheet turns tiny and they are still able to dance on it. The pair whose feet fall off the sheet will be disqualified from the paper dance game. This is a truly fun game that deserves to be part of your wedding celebration. For all you know, it may lead to a new love story that can make even more special!

Sack Race

A sack race is a very friendly competition that could make your wedding dinner more exciting for those who are looking for some physical fun.

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The Last Man Standing 

In this game, you will ask all of your wedding guests to stand up. You will then read aloud some random statements or questions. For example, you can say “If you have never snacked at midnight, sit down.” The game will continue only one person is left standing. That person will be the one to bring home the prize for the game. Just make sure that you pick the right and suitable statements and questions after you have analyzed and considered the people gathered at your wedding.

You see, there are so many great games for wedding dinner that are guaranteed to make your celebration more fun and exciting for everyone involved! Try to add one or even all of these to your event and make it extra special!