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10 Types of Brides That You Will Meet In a Lifetime

Every woman’s dream is to find the love of her life and ultimately become his bride. Whether she admits it or not, she had those sleepless nights dreaming of the perfect wedding, browsing the internet for the perfect destination, reading wedding magazines for the ideal motif, and the list goes on. Some got tired of waiting, while others were patiently… planning.

Different Types of Brides

You can only be at so many weddings within your lifetime – that you may even write a book about it. That book will be filled with Nicholas Sparks’-worthy stories, fairytale endings, wedding mishaps, unforgettable wedding speeches, and of course the bride. It’s all about the bride. If you think about it, you probably have met one too many brides that you can divide into factions – well, here are our 10 brides that you will (or probably have already) meet in a lifetime.

Top 10 Different Types of Brides

The Travel Buddy

Traditional weddings took a lot of turn in the past years and gave birth to destination weddings. Some travel buddy brides may still want to tie the knot in a church, only in a different city or country. Travel buddy brides will spend hours looking through either the most unique wedding destination, or the most popular among the travel buddy bride population.

CLASSIFICATION: The Travel Buddy Bride

WEDDING MOTIF (Most likely): Diving suit, or Hawaiian luau outfit

WEDDING DESTINATIONS (Most likely): Bora Bora, or Bonaire (Caribbean)

Feng Shui Bride

You don’t have to be Chinese to believe in pseudoscientific practices. The Feng Shui bride, also known as the “Zen Bride” will plan everything according to Sheng Chi (Good luck). So you will be discussing the luckiest day to get married, calculating your wedding date, the lucky color for your wedding motif, down to the proper lighting at the ceremony, and wedding reception. For a Feng shui bride, you may add the consultation fee of the Feng shui expert now on your wedding checklist.

CLASSIFICATION: The Feng Shui Bride or Zen Bride

WEDDING MOTIF (Most likely): Balance the Yin and Yang colors like red, pink, light blue

WEDDING DESTINATIONS (Most likely): Lots of natural sidelight (for a bright future) and no clocks to be seen anywhere (because the union of a man and woman is timeless)

Do-It-Yourself Bride

The most challenging competitor of wedding planners, here comes the… DIY Bride! The name speaks for itself. This bride, whether she has the money to spend for all the essentials needed for the wedding, will do everything by herself – and maybe a little help from her maid-of-honor, who will just agree with her choices, and provide moral support. She will highly likely do adjustments with her mother’s wedding gown and flaunt it on the wedding day. She will passionately design her wedding invitations, and if time will allow, she will hand them to each guest personally.

Do-It-Yourself Bride

CLASSIFICATION: The Do-It-Yourself Bride/The Sentimental Pacifist

WEDDING MOTIF (Most likely): Will allow smart casual attire with a touch of her personally stitched corsage

WEDDING DESTINATIONS (Most likely): backyard, or her grandparents’ house

The Wedding Budgetarian

She may not be as competitive as the DIY bride, but she will push every wedding planner’s creativity to the limit. This bride will typically request the lowest price available, and may even offer personal stuff in exchange for some wedding essentials. She will set a budget, and there’s no way that you can get over that ceiling amount. “Save as much as you can. The most important part of the wedding is living comfortably after the big day.” This is her mantra.

CLASSIFICATION: The Wedding Budgetarian Bride

WEDDING MOTIF (Most likely): Will likely ask the bridesmaids to pay for their dresses (it’s not part of the budget, sorry!)

WEDDING DESTINATIONS (Most likely): civil wedding at the City Hall

Most Prepared Bride of the Century

Do you want convenient wedding planning, fast, and no drama (at least after the ceremony)? This bride is the one who has been patiently… planning. She waited long enough to have the time and prepare everything that she needs for her most awaited day in her life. She has taken care of everything – literally! All that’s left is the execution and the groom. This bride may be considered as the wedding planner’s dream client. All they need to do is sit down, sign the check, and wait for the big day.

CLASSIFICATION: Most Prepared Bride of the Century

WEDDING MOTIF (Most likely): Have you seen the movie My Bestfriend’s Wedding? Good. Exactly.

WEDDING DESTINATIONS (Most likely): Again, watch the movie.

The Entertainment Queen

You have probably seen a lot of Youtube videos with dancing crews at the wedding. Well, the bride and/or the groom are likely either singers or dancers. So they usually start with a flash mob proposal, and on the wedding day – the dancing continues. If you’re meeting a singer bride, try going through her bridal bouquet, there might be some hole in there for the microphone.

CLASSIFICATION: The Entertainment Bride/Dancing Queen

WEDDING MOTIF (Most likely): wedding gown, Chuck Taylors, or a pair of Yeezy’s

WEDDING DESTINATIONS (Most likely): Anywhere, just make sure there’s a dance floor

Once-in-a-Lifetime Bride

This is the type that you can compare with the obsessive-compulsive bride. She wants everything done right because you only get married once (for the first time).  She will check everything on her wedding checklist at least thrice, and may even request a few adjustments here and there. She wants the perfect everything, on a perfect day in her not-so-perfect life. She’s been dreaming about her wedding day ever since she saw The Wedding Singer. So triple check if you have the song “I wanna grow old with you” on that music loop or else, we’re doomed!

CLASSIFICATION: The Once-in-a-lifetime Bride/Obsessive Compulsive Bride

WEDDING MOTIF (Most likely): perfectly color-themed, gowns and suits will arrive exactly one month before the wedding date – no more adjustments

WEDDING DESTINATIONS (Most likely): at the church where her parents got married

The Irresolute Bride

This is the most indecisive and apprehensive type of bride on our list. This is the type of bride who can’t make final decisions without consulting the groom, her parents, her in-laws, her bridal party, and the list goes on. Her decisions are mostly influenced by hearsay, or advice from other people. She tends to change her mind from time to time. She is not confident with her own choices, not sure what she really wants, and will most likely leave everything up to the wedding planner. The only good thing about her is that she doesn’t get disappointed easily.

Irresolute Bride

CLASSIFICATION: The Irresolute Bride

WEDDING MOTIF (Most likely): Uhm, what do you think?

WEDDING DESTINATIONS (Most likely): A church wedding is fine, but a garden wedding sounds good too. What do you think?

The Perfect Combination

She knows what she wants, and she knows how to get it done. It doesn’t matter if some wedding essentials may require her physical effort, she’ll do it. She works hand-in-hand with the groom and is willing to compromise to meet the budget and their dream wedding. She is most likely focused on marrying the right person and everything else will follow. She will not only consider her personal preferences but also what her groom and their parents want. If the situation calls for a difficult decision, she will make it and would try to let both parties understand why she made such a choice. If the groom is busy, there’s no need to worry. She will just update him of their progress with the wedding plans and will make room for adjustments if needed.

CLASSIFICATION: The Perfect Combination Bride

WEDDING MOTIF (Most likely): Formal and color-themed if church wedding, boho attire for a garden wedding, simple and elegant for civil wedding

WEDDING DESTINATIONS (Most likely): Church, garden, function hall, destination wedding (as long as the important people are there)

The Most Feared Type of Bride

The Bridezilla

This list will never be complete without the notorious Bridezilla. They are known to be the control freaks in the wedding world. She is a stressful client to deal with for most wedding planners, a force to be reckoned with for wedding suppliers, and the Alpha for the members of the wedding entourage. She will not hesitate to scold you if you are not adhering to what she wants. She may likely throw tantrums if you can’t find a way to do the wedding the way she imagined it to be. She doesn’t care about your excuses, especially if it’s part of your job (or not). Nothing gets in the way of her wedding, not even the groom.



WEDDING MOTIF (Most likely): If it’s not Vera Wang or Carolina Herrera, forget it!

WEDDING DESTINATIONS (Most likely): Book the New York Public Library – I want what Carrie Bradshaw (Sex and the City) can’t have

How many types of brides have you met from our list? Wedding planning is the most stressful, yet most exciting part of getting married. It may either bring out the best… or the bridezilla in you – but one thing’s for sure, every woman deserves to have her dream wedding come to life. Yes, including you.