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Why is Wedding Food So Bad?

The mere mention of wedding food is already more than enough to make some people shiver. While there is usually a wide selection of dishes to choose from, for some weird reason, some don’t find wedding food enticing.

why is wedding food bad

Why is wedding food so bad, then?

Whether it is beef, chicken, pork, or fish, some wedding food options often make people regret eating them in the first place. This is because every dish served is often the same at just about all weddings across the world. You will either get an undercooked or overcooked protein paired with a predictably colorful presentation of vegetables and some form of potatoes.

Another reason why wedding food may be bad is that it is not really the focus of the ceremony. At some weddings, the food might not be bad per se. The only issue is that the quality standard for wedding food is set pretty low so you might find yourself pleasantly surprised that the food is edible at all.

Consider reading below to know other potential reasons why wedding food is so bad.

Quantity Doesn’t Always Mean Quality

Even the best chef in the world won’t be able to prepare hundreds of entrees without compromising on the quality a bit. Preparing special meals might mean long assembly lines. Corners might also be cut here and there.

The large quantities of wedding food that will be prepared according to a set schedule often leave caterers with no choice but to make a few compromises. Unfortunately, these compromises sometimes result to not so good tasting food.

Too Many Options That Increase the Cost

Unfortunately, some wedding planners sometimes encourage the bride and groom to try to please all their guests but not themselves. It is only understandable that they want to cater to the specific needs of a relative or friend.

Sadly, adding too many options to the menu not only means more work for the caterers but can also push the tab beyond what the budget allows. The desire to cater to every guest often leads to food that isn’t up to far in terms of taste and appearance.

Wrong Choice of Location

Another very common culprit on why wedding food is so bad is because the couple became a victim of location. The sad truth is that sometimes, the trendiest wedding venue also has the lamest caterer claiming to specialize in continental cuisine when the only dish they know well is chicken cordon bleu. When this happens, the venue that is in control of the catering usually takes home more profit, leaving you with less than delightful food options.

Complete Disregard by the Couple

Another unfortunate reason why wedding food is so bad is that brides and grooms are not your average party planners. It means that they think primarily of themselves and what they would do on their big day that they end up choosing dishes they know they won’t eat.

Being the stars of the show, they are too distracted to pay attention to what they have added to the menu. After all, no one will dare speak up about the food because everything else is just wonderful.

Tips to Have the Best Wedding Food

It is only understandable that you got a lot of things on your plate as you plan for your wedding. But it is important to remember that your wedding food is not only the most expensive because it also happens to be the one thing that guests often remember the most.

Although they are present to celebrate with you, they also arrived hungry and expect a good meal to fill their tummy. Thus, you have to make sure that they don’t end up eating bad wedding food.

Tasting your wedding menu can prevent it from happening. Here are a few tips to ensure that your guests will be happy with the food you serve them.

Schedule a Meeting with the Catering Company

The team will be the one to feed you on one of your life’s most important moments. It makes sense to know who they are so you can get to know them for a bit before you hand over that level of responsibility and trust.

It is the perfect time to ask some questions. Inform them of the allergies of some guests so they can prepare everything accordingly ahead of time. If linens are offered, you can also discuss it or you can ask for their recommendations on where you can rent linens.

You might also want to check their table setting to know if it goes well with the ambiance and decor of your wedding.

Add a Personal Touch

When tasting your wedding menu, the caterer will want to ensure that you will love every dish they prepare. If you got some issues with any meal, it is also time for you to suggest a change in sauces or seasonings or you can also replace it with a completely different menu item.

You can also decide if you wish to add different kinds of h’ordeurves or cheeses to your wedding menu that will be a perfect complement to your favorite entrees.

Discuss the Process

A personal meeting with the catering company can help give you peace of mind as they can walk you through the happenings of the day. Don’t forget that they have been doing it for some time, which means they know how weddings go.

After you picked your menu, go through the timeline with your caterer and determine when they will arrive on the site, if they will bring cooked food or cook on the venue itself, the specific beverages you prefer, and the prices of the beverages and food you chose.

Enjoy and Have Fun During Menu Tasting

Arriving hungry on your menu tasting can also do the trick. Since you will try an entire selection of menu choices at your own discretion, you wouldn’t want to pass up some dishes just because you are already too full.

Be sure to taste test with your partner and if you can also bring some guests, you can even invite the best man and maid of honor. Opinions are always welcomed so you can be sure that you will be serving only the most delicious meals to your guests.