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Why Indian Weddings are the Best

You have been invited to an Indian wedding but since it is your first time, you have no idea what to bring and wear and what to expect in the first place. While every Indian wedding is unique and special, these events are always rich in culture and tradition.

why Indian wedding the best

If you are wondering why Indian weddings are the best, the answer lies in the one-of-a-kind experience you will have when you attend one. Indian weddings are filled with beautiful colors, wonderful music, and amazing food, which guarantees an amazing time for all the guests.

To give you a good idea of what to expect, here are some of the top reasons that make Indian weddings the best:

Enjoy Never-ending Food

If you have ever tried some Indian dishes, you will surely agree that the cuisine of the country is one of the best in the world. Some Indian dishes are even ideal for midnight snack cravings.

The perfect combination of different rich flavors is the secret to these mouthwatering Indian dishes. And if you attend an Indian wedding, you will get the chance to enjoy all those Indian meals you love.

There is no shortage of sumptuous Indian dishes prepared for guests during the wedding ceremony, so make sure your stomach is ready for this exciting gastronomic adventure.

Colors are Everywhere

Indian costumes are known for being bright and colorful. Attending an Indian wedding gives you chance to see the exciting splash of all colors imaginable. Just the costumes alone will fire out your excitement as you look forward to the other things that the wedding has in store for you.

Indian weddings may be an emotional event, but they are also very joyful at the same time. The colors make these weddings so much better and happier.

Aside from the costumes, the venues of Indian weddings are also equally colorful. The entire place is decorated to make it even more interesting. Be sure to take out your phone to capture all those beautiful photos filled with vivid colors during the celebration.

Indian brides also dress differently according to where their family comes from. However, it is usually some sort of red sari. This bright red color is meant to be joyful and celebratory.

Surprise Events Await You

Impromptu changes are very common in Indian weddings. Even if the organizers have already prepared and arranged all the details, there can still be a few changes and tweaks depending on the mood of the family and the guests.

For example, all guests might be invited to have an instant dance-off. Someone might also be asked to give a speech all of a sudden. Considering how unexpected an Indian wedding can be, you will definitely be glad that you get the chance to witness one.

Longer Celebrations

The wedding ceremony in most cultures often lasts for an hour while the rest of the night is allotted for the reception and party. Indian weddings, however, are different as celebrations can go on for a few days.

An engagement ceremony might be held followed by several other traditions that aim to bind not just the bride and groom themselves but also their families.

Some traditional practices are also observed, and the couple will do them according to the desire of the family. So, if you have been invited to an Indian wedding, see to it that you prepare and make the necessary arrangements because you might be away for a few days.

Fall in Love with the Music

The Punjab folk dance Bhangra is a tradition in Indian weddings. More traditional Indian weddings might also have instruments like dhol, sitar, and table playing. The more modern ones can simply have a wedding band or a DJ. Whatever it is, you can look forward to a party during an Indian wedding that will entice you to dance the night away.

Unique Ceremony

The groom in a traditional Indian wedding will come in riding a white horse while the guests dance around him to the beat of the Indian drum called dhol. The family of the bride will welcome them with sweets as the symbol of good tidings.

The bride and groom will then exchange floral necklaces to represent their mutual consent. The priest, the couple, and the parents of the couple will proceed to sit below the canopy referred to as a mandap.

Once the parents of the bride symbolically give her away, the bride and groom will circle the small fire and take seven steps as they recite a set of vows.

Each of the seven steps represents their promise. The first step is that they will support and provide for each other. The second step is about developing physical, mental, and spiritual strength. The third step is about sharing worldly possessions.

The fourth step is about acquiring peace, knowledge, and happiness. The fifth step is the promise of raising virtuous and strong children. The sixth step is to enjoy the fruits of every season, while the final seventh step is that the couple will always cherish each other and remain friends.

Rich in Symbols

Interesting symbols also fill Indian weddings. The sacred fire is the first one that symbolizes power and light. During the ceremony, the groom and bride will circle the sacred time for four times as the groom recites several poetic words.

The Bottom Line

You can consider yourself lucky if you have been invited to a traditional Indian wedding. The affair promises to be filled with delicious food, good music, and a chance to witness a stunning ceremony that represents the rich culture of India.

Considering all these reasons, you should grab the chance to attend an Indian wedding if you have been invited to one. it is a chance of a lifetime and even though you might not be Indian yourself, you will surely feel that you are part of the family during the celebration. So don’t miss the opportunity and witness for yourself what makes Indian weddings the best.