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23 Rustic Burlap Wedding Ideas for the Perfect Country Celebration

Burlap, with its earthy texture and natural appeal, has become a popular choice for couples seeking a warm and inviting atmosphere for their wedding day. If you’re planning a wedding and looking for inspiration that seamlessly blends the simplicity of burlap with the magic of love, you’re in the right place.

Discover 23 charming burlap wedding ideas for a rustic and elegant touch to your special day. From table runners to bouquets, burlap adds a charming, natural element to your wedding decor. #BurlapWeddingIdeas #RusticWeddingDecor #RusticChic

In this blog post, we’ll explore 23 creative and delightful burlap wedding ideas that can add a touch of rustic romance to your celebration. From decor to favors, let’s embark on a journey through the enchanting world of burlap weddings.

Why Burlap Adds Rustic Charm to Weddings

The appeal of burlap in wedding decor lies in its ability to effortlessly evoke a sense of rustic charm. The coarse texture, natural color palette, and durability of burlap make it an ideal choice for couples envisioning a celebration that exudes simplicity and elegance. Whether against the backdrop of a country barn or the sandy shores of a beach, burlap adapts to diverse wedding settings, bringing a touch of the outdoors into the heart of the festivities.

Rustic Elegance: Burlap-Chic Wedding Seating

Wooden chairs draped in burlap create a rustic charm at a joyous wedding, setting the stage for a delightful celebration. The warm, earthy tones of burlap add a touch of simplicity and elegance to the seating arrangement.

Rustic wooden chairs with burlap
IG: koyalwholesale

The Versatility of Burlap in Wedding Themes

What sets burlap apart is its remarkable versatility. From table runners to bridal bouquets, invitations to cake designs, burlap seamlessly weaves its way into various facets of wedding planning. This adaptability allows couples to explore different themes and aesthetics while maintaining a cohesive and charming thread throughout. Whether the vision is vintage, bohemian, or classic, burlap serves as a versatile canvas upon which couples can paint their unique love story.

Burlap Harmony: Sunflower Soiree Table Setting

A captivating table adorned with burlap tablecloth harmonizing with sunflowers, plates, and silverware. The versatility of burlap shines as it complements the vibrant colors of blue and yellow, creating a visually stunning tableau for a cheerful gathering.

Sunflower centerpiece on burlap table

Burlap Wedding Decor for Ceremony

Burlap holds a special place in wedding ceremonies, adding a touch of rustic charm that complements the solemnity of the occasion. Incorporating burlap into the ceremony decor opens up a myriad of creative possibilities, allowing couples to infuse their personalities into the sacred moments.

Rustic Romance: Burlap Runner in Barn Bliss

In a rustic barn setting, a long burlap runner graces a table adorned with sunflowers and greenery. Surrounded by white chairs, this photo captures the essence of rustic romance, blending nature’s beauty with the rustic charm of burlap.

Rustic barn wedding table with burlap runner
IG: sarahbrehantevents

Love in Bloom: Burlap-Adorned Dessert Delight

A dessert table adorned with three burlap runners, pink and white flowers, and a sweet banner that reads “LOVE IS SWEET.” Burlap effortlessly contributes to the romantic ambiance, enhancing the sweetness of the occasion.

Dessert table with burlap runners
IG: missywrightuniquechoices

Elegance Illuminated: Burlap and Candlelit Splendor

A wedding reception table exuding sophistication with a burlap runner, a towering centerpiece featuring greenery, purple flowers, and a lit candle. The soft glow of candles enhances the intimate atmosphere, making the burlap-themed decor a timeless choice for elegance.

Wedding reception table with burlap runner
IG: achairaffair

Burlap in Bridal Attire

The incorporation of burlap into bridal attire introduces a unique and rustic element, adding a touch of organic charm to the wedding ensemble. From bouquets to accessories, burlap offers a versatile canvas for brides to express their individual style on this momentous day.

Bridal Bliss: Red Bow Burlap Wedding Shoes

A delightful pair of burlap wedding shoes adorned with a vibrant red knotted bow, perfect for brides seeking a charming touch of burlap elegance on their special day.

Burlap bridal shoes with red bow
IG: stevitrishoes

Burlap Chic: Baby’s Breath Boutonniere Bouquet

Seven boutonnieres crafted from dried baby’s breath, delicately tied with burlap ribbon. A natural and rustic choice for wedding festivities, adding a touch of burlap charm to the celebration.

White flower boutonnieres with burlap ribbon
IG: thebluebirdstudio

Little Elegance: Burlap Bow Flower Girl

A young flower girl adds a sweet touch to the wedding with a large burlap bow adorning her hair. The simplicity of burlap creates a charming accessory for a youthful and elegant appearance.

Flower girl with large burlap bow
IG: mycutebowsonline

Burlap Table Decorations

Creating a warm and inviting atmosphere at the reception is essential, and burlap table decorations offer a versatile and charming solution. From table runners to centerpieces, incorporating burlap into the tablescape enhances the rustic aesthetic and ties together the overall theme of the wedding celebration.

Rustic Delight: Mason Jar Burlap Centerpiece

A rustic centerpiece featuring a mason jar filled with pinecones, twigs, and dried flowers. Adorned with a burlap ribbon, this arrangement radiates warmth and complements a burlap-themed wedding setting.

Rustic centerpiece with mason jar and burlap
IG: theredbarnatbushnell

Vintage Charm: Burlap and Birdcage Table

A beautifully decorated table with a vintage birdcage centerpiece. Adorned with flowers, candles, and decorative elements, the burlap accents add a warm and inviting atmosphere to this charming display.

Vintage birdcage centerpiece on decorated table
IG: pequenasmusasbyemilie

Elegance Unveiled: Burlap Runner Extravaganza

An elegant dining table at a wedding event with a burlap runner spanning its length. The sophisticated setup, complete with floral arrangements and candles, showcases the versatility of burlap in creating a refined atmosphere.

Elegant wedding table with burlap runner
IG: kaywareweddings

Burlap Wedding Favors

Expressing gratitude to wedding guests through thoughtful and charming favors is a tradition that adds a personal touch to any celebration. Incorporating burlap into wedding favors not only aligns with a rustic theme but also offers a wide range of creative and eco-friendly options that guests will cherish.

Succulent Tokens: Burlap Bag Wedding Favors

Small succulent plants arranged in burlap bags make for delightful wedding favors. The earthy charm of burlap paired with succulents provides guests with a memorable and green keepsake.

Succulent plants in burlap bags
IG: queenofsucculents

Rustic Elegance in a Jar: Burlap-Framed Glass

A stack of glass jars adorned with white lace ribbons and burlap. Perfect for burlap-themed wedding favors, these jars offer a charming and elegant way to thank guests for celebrating the special day.

Glass jars with lace and burlap
IG: madebymaywithlove

Heartfelt Burlap Favors: Lace and Blooms

Close-up of burlap wedding favors, each tied with white lace and adorned with a small white flower. The heart-shaped tags add a personalized touch to these charming and heartfelt wedding keepsakes.

Burlap wedding favors with heart-shaped tag
IG: margoandbees

Burlap in Invitations and Stationery

The first impression of a wedding often comes from the invitation, making it a perfect canvas to set the tone for the rustic-chic celebration. Incorporating burlap into wedding invitations and stationery adds a touch of natural elegance, creating an anticipation for the unique and charming affair to come.

Natural Splendor: Leafy Burlap Wedding Invite

A beautiful burlap wedding invitation featuring a green leaf pattern, tied with a rustic brown ribbon. The simple yet elegant design showcases the natural beauty of burlap, setting the tone for a nature-inspired celebration.

Burlap wedding invitation with green leaf pattern
IG: paperstudiobyc

Elegant Emboss: White Leaf Burlap Invitation

A beautiful burlap wedding invitation with delicate white leaf embossing. The invitation’s rustic, earthy aesthetic makes it a unique and memorable choice, capturing the essence of an elegant celebration.

Burlap wedding invitation with white leaf design
IG: paperstudiobyc

Lace and Elegance: Burlap Wedding Invite

A burlap wedding invitation with intricate lace details, adorned with a coral-colored card. This elegant design adds sophistication to the wedding stationery, setting the stage for a stylish celebration.

Burlap wedding invitation with lace details
IG: 1stimpressionparties

Burlap Wedding Cake Ideas

The wedding cake stands as a delectable centerpiece, and incorporating burlap into its design offers a unique and charming twist to this sweet focal point. From rustic textures to elegant accents, burlap can seamlessly integrate into various cake designs, adding a touch of natural beauty to the culinary masterpiece.

Rustic Charm: Burlap-Covered Cake Delight

A three-tiered wedding cake adorned with delicate purple and white flowers, covered in rustic burlap. The gold-lettered “Mrs.” and “Mr.” on top add an extra touch of elegance to this charming and delightful masterpiece.

Three-tiered wedding cake with purple and white flowers
IG: mycakecrumbs

Sweet Simplicity: Burlap-Themed Cake Creation

A wedding cake with a rustic, burlap-themed design featuring white frosting and brown accents. Placed on a wooden slab, this cake exudes simplicity and charm, making it a delightful centerpiece for the celebration.

Rustic burlap-themed wedding cake on wooden slab
IG: bakingforandersonsc

Vintage Elegance: Burlap-Patterned Wedding Cake

A three-tiered wedding cake adorned with intricate details and a rustic burlap pattern. The vintage charm is enhanced by a silver horse figurine on top, creating an elegant and sophisticated dessert centerpiece.

Three-tiered wedding cake with burlap pattern
IG: cakesbyangelava

Burlap Wedding Arch Decorations

The wedding arch serves as a symbolic and picturesque frame for the union of two souls, and incorporating burlap into its decorations adds a touch of rustic elegance. From draping swags to floral arrangements, burlap transforms the arch into a captivating focal point that enhances the ceremony’s beauty.

Beachside Elegance: Burlap-Draped Wedding Arch

A wedding arch adorned with burlap drapes in a stunning outdoor beach setup. The natural beauty of burlap enhances the coastal atmosphere, creating a picturesque and romantic setting.

Outdoor wedding arch with burlap drapes
IG: yourdreambeachwedding

Sunflower Serenity: Burlap Beach Arch

A beachside wedding arch adorned with sunflowers and burlap, radiating rustic charm and elegance. The chandelier above adds sophistication, making it a captivating focal point for a memorable ceremony by the shore.

Beach wedding arch with sunflowers and burlap
IG: yourdreambeachwedding

Seaside Elegance: Burlap & Lace Beach Arch

A beautiful wedding arch set up on a sandy beach, with a burlap and lace theme. The arch is adorned with white and purple flowers, creating a romantic and elegant atmosphere. A chandelier hangs above the arch, adding a touch of sophistication to the overall design.

Beach wedding arch with burlap and lace
IG: leatherandlaceweddingco


Burlap, with its versatility and rustic charm, provides a canvas for crafting a wedding that is uniquely yours. Whether you’ve been captivated by burlap table runners, rustic burlap bouquets, or charming burlap signage, remember that each element contributes to the overall ambiance of your celebration.