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Is It Bad Luck to Throw Away Your Wedding Dress?

A wedding dress is anything but small. With such a huge size, wedding dresses with their puffy white meringue style can take up a significant amount of storage space. This leaves many brides wondering if they can let go of their wedding gowns.

is it bad luck to throw away your wedding dress?

However, superstitions often stop them from doing so. Is it bad luck to throw away your wedding dress just like other people claim?

It seems that throwing away your wedding dress isn’t in any way connected to bad luck. But for some reason, many ladies choose to keep their wedding dresses for many years.

They probably didn’t do it because they are afraid of bad luck. They simply chose to tuck it away either boxed in the basement, garage or attic, or at the back of their closet. It doesn’t serve any particular purpose, but it is there for the sake of it.

Why Do Women Refuse to Throw Away Their Wedding Dress?

Now, you might be wondering why many brides still keep their wedding dresses. It is not like someone else will wear it again. There are also no emergencies where a lady will decide to get married all of a sudden and think that the dress will come in handy someday.

If she does remarry, the last thing she’d want is to wear the same wedding dress. If she had it for several years already, there is also a big chance that it will no longer fit her.

However, some women don’t throw away their wedding dresses because they fondly consider passing them on to their daughters one day. This way of thinking probably worked centuries ago. Fashions change fast, though, and many young brides today would prefer wearing a wedding dress that reflects their own style. Secondhand wedding dress sellers also generally consider dresses obsolete in just five years.

It is also common to see women who keep their wedding dresses to remind them of their special day. But most of the time, there are lots of photos that can do the job without using up too much space in the house. Thus, keeping the actual garment itself might not be necessary.

What Does a Wedding Dress Symbolize?

Probably the reason behind the belief that it is bad luck to throw away your wedding dress is because it might be similar to throwing away the marriage. But those who sold their dresses actually enjoyed a long-lasting and thriving marriage.

Today, wedding dresses come in various colors in addition to traditional white. It seems that these different colors of wedding gowns also symbolize and mean different things.


Black may look like an eerie color for a wedding, making it an odd option for a bride. However, more and more ladies are now donning black wedding dresses and it seems the trend will continue into the future. Black is often a color of class or elegance, as in the case of black evening gowns and black-tie events.

Black also symbolizes wealth, depth, mystery, formality, sophistication, power, sexuality, and most importantly, sheer style.


As expected, blue is linked with the color of the sea and water. It is a representation of peacefulness and calmness. The color also conveys life, femininity, and purity just like water. It also symbolizes security, stability, and lifelong loyalty, making it the perfect choice for brides.



A purple wedding dress is a symbol of royalty, elegance, and sophistication. It is also a symbol of wealth and status. For many brides, a purple wedding dress is the perfect way to show their unique style and personality.


Ivory is another traditional wedding dress color. Some people, however, believe that ivory symbolizes tainted innocence. But it is only old-school thinking and these days, brides choose ivory because it complements their skin better than white.


Pink is a color that represents innocence, freshness, a child-like personality, love, purity, good life, and good health. Brides who wish to show off their flirtatious personalities can also wear a pink wedding dress. For the longest time, pink is a color linked with ladies and their femininity.


Red is a color that symbolizes many things. Some of its positive representations include being in love, excitement, strong emotions, infatuation, passion, strength, and energy. Many cultural-based weddings have brides wearing red wedding dresses. However, brides who want to stand out from the rest of the crowd and make a statement can also go for a red wedding gown.


White has always been associated with purity, innocence, goodness, light, and virginity. It is also the color of perfection. Traditional brides choose this color, and it will always remain a staple in both present and future bridal fashion.

Is It Bad Luck to Sell Your Wedding Dress?

People who believe and don’t believe in the bad luck brought about by selling a wedding dress have different perspectives and beliefs. At one glance, most brides probably won’t even think of selling a wedding dress that is no longer worn.

Meanwhile, some people may consider it as an investment, making them more willing to sell their wedding dress after the wedding party is over, with the special memories all preserved.

It means that it is basically your choice if you will believe that selling or throwing your wedding dress away will bring bad luck.

Why Consider Selling Your Wedding Dress?

For most brides, their wedding dress is a memento, so they wish to preserve it as much as possible. But you might want to consider selling it rather than letting it sit around without any purpose.

The money you can get from selling the dress can then be added to your emergency savings account. Any surplus can be allotted for other goals, like buying stocks, saving for retirement, or clearing out debt.

If you are looking for a way to help other people and make some money on the side at the same time, the answer might be to sell your wedding dress. A bride who is going through some financial problems and cannot afford to buy a new dress will be ecstatic to get one that is gently used for a reasonable price.

At the end of the day, the decision to throw away your wedding dress is your personal choice. It doesn’t have anything to do with bad luck. After all, your life, your choices.