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Should I Get a Videographer for My Wedding?

Brides and grooms want their big day to be extra special through and through. As a result, they make sure they make the necessary planning for every aspect of the ceremony and reception. During the planning process, couples also need to make some important decisions, one of which is whether they should hire a wedding videographer or not.

should I get a videographer for wedding

Should I get a videographer for my wedding, then? With all the different arguments against and in favor of hiring one, the decision can become downright daunting and confusing.

To simplify your choice, you might want to weigh first the pros and cons of getting a videographer for your big day.

Reasons to Get a Videographer for Your Wedding

Here are some of the reasons in favor of hiring a wedding videographer:

Get Action and Audio Shots from Your Big Day

Having a way to listen to the speeches during your wedding and how other guests responded to them is something that many couples cherish a lot. Hiring a professional videographer who can shoot every single important moment where you can hear the people close to your heart laughing and talking makes wedding videos extra special.

Watch Your Wedding’s Behind the Scenes

It is always a fun experience to be able to see your guests and bridal party and know what they were doing when you weren’t there. Maybe they were giggling during your first dance as a couple. Maybe you want to know how they prepared while you were also busy wearing your wedding dress.

Maybe you like to see what they were up to during cocktail hour. All of these behind the scene moments are often captured in video and you can watch them after the ceremony and see what everyone else is doing on your big day.

Video Gives a Different and Unique Perspective

Unlike still photos, videos can create and evoke a range of emotions. Since they include music and audio, you can have fun watching your special day with all the details you probably didn’t notice before. It is a wonderful way to relive the moment since videographers can recreate your big day for you and look at it from a different angle.

Rewatch Your Big Day Every Time and Anytime You Want

If you are the kind of person who enjoys rewatching videos, getting a videographer for your wedding is the best choice for you. You can show the video to your kids.

You can also capture and preserve special moments with older members of the family. Better yet, you can also show the video to your guests who weren’t able to attend your wedding. If you like to have a video of your special day to relive it in the future, hiring a videographer is a decision you won’t regret.

Have a Professional Video of Your Special Day

Although wedding photos are great mementos to commemorate your wedding day, a video can put these memories in live action that you can cherish for years to come.

Reasons NOT to Get a Videographer for Your Wedding

On the other hand, there are also some instances when it might not make sense to get a videographer for your wedding. Some reasons not to hire one include the following:

You are Not Sentimental

Wedding videos are usually perfect for those couples who love the idea of being able to look back on the memories of their big day often. However, if you and your other half are not that sentimental or sappy about such things, getting a videographer for your wedding might not be a good option for you. After all, you will be spending money on hiring one so it must be something that you actually want.

It Can Add More Time to Your Day

Getting a videographer may also mean that it might become a bit more difficult to come up with a schedule and coordinate everyone on your big day. You will usually need to add some extra time to pretty much everything during the event because the videographer will also require some time alone with you and your guests. They need this time for stuff such as portraits, thus stretching the day out for you.

It is Expensive

Wedding videography can be a big investment depending on the videographer’s skills and experience and the specific type of equipment they use. It is not a bad thing in itself, and it shouldn’t stop you from getting one. However, it means you also need to be extra careful when considering if the added expense will be worth it to you. If your budget is tight, it wouldn’t be sensible to hire a videographer.

Getting a professional wedding video can add up to your costs. Most of the time, it is not part of photography packages, which means you will either need to pay for the additional service or look for another vendor.

You Need to Hire and Manage More Vendors

Speaking of vendors, hiring and managing too many vendors can make the entire wedding planning more hectic for you. It can also make things more complicated as it can get a bit messy to coordinate between the videographer and the photographer.

Both will naturally want to get the perfect shots of the same moments. It can make things difficult unless the two vendors have worked together in the past.

If you are still unsure if you should get a videographer for your wedding or not, you need to think of several things. Will you be watching your wedding video after? Are there family members from both sides who weren’t able to attend your big day who would be interested to watch the video? Will it matter to you that you are willing to take time and make the investment for the day?

Everything boils down to the fact that getting a videographer for your wedding will ultimately depend on what you want. The choice is yours because after all, your big day is about you and what you love the most.