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Is It Bad Luck to Wear Wedding Ring Before Married?

They say that proposals are daunting, but for some people choosing a wedding ring is even more stressful. There are lots of things and factors to consider when looking for that perfect ring. And just when you are busy deciding on the ring size, style, and price, you also cannot help but wonder about a few aspects of wearing wedding rings.

is it bad luck to wear wedding ring before married?

One of these has something to do with when you can actually start wearing the ring. Is it bad luck to wear wedding ring before married or can you go ahead and put a ring on it?

The answer to this mind-boggling question actually depends on your personal customs and beliefs. It seems that there are indeed some people who believe that wearing your wedding ring before the actual marriage itself may bring bad luck.

Will It Bring Bad Luck If You Wear Your Wedding Ring Before Marriage?

People who believe it claims that wearing your wedding ring too early may end up setting off some bad or negative vibes. This is a superstition that is similar to how grooms are not allowed to see the bride before the wedding day. Some also think that wearing their wedding ring before their marriage might jinx them.

However, these are mostly purely superstitions. It is not bad luck if you wear your wedding ring early on before your marriage. Just because your relationship fell apart doesn’t mean that it is because you wore your wedding band too early.

Why is It Good to Wear Your Wedding Ring Before Marriage?

There are already countless couples who wore their wedding rings before the official day of their wedding. Some ring providers even strongly encourage doing so because of many different reasons.

One of these is that wearing your wedding band before your big day will let you check and confirm if you got the right size for you. Of course, it will be worse if you already exchanged your vows and said I do only to find out that the ring is too loose or too tight on your finger.

Another equally important reason for wearing your wedding ring before you get married is to ensure that you don’t experience any allergic reactions to the specific materials that the ring was made of. Different people may react differently to specific materials so the last thing you want is to put on the finger just for your finger to feel itchy afterward.

What Do Wedding Rings Symbolize?

Now that you know that it is not really bad luck to wear your wedding ring before marriage, you also need to learn why some people feel anxious about the idea of doing so. Well, it has something to do with what wedding rings stand for.

For some people, wedding rings are a representation of the commitment made between the married couple. Wedding rings symbolize the promise of forever. Others consider wedding bands as the symbol of protection and love. To most people, these rings also symbolize the eternal partnership between lovers.

The circular shape of a wedding ring is a symbol often linked with infinity, while the empty hole in the middle represents a path to their future together. Many ancient cultures also viewed the wedding ring as the marriage contract wrapped around your left hand’s fourth finger where the “vein of love” leads to your heart.

Some cultures also deviated from wearing the ring on the traditional ring finger. For example, the early Celtics were known to wear their wedding ring on their middle finger. During 17th century England, it was also customary to wear the wedding ring around the thumb.

The explanation behind the symbolism of wedding rings goes even deeper. Different inlays filled with precious stones can also alter the meaning and purported health benefits of wedding rings. Garnet gemstones, for example, symbolize love. These also offer their wearers some assumed healing benefits.

Meanwhile, a malachite ring can help heal impurities and fight off intestinal problems and other diseases. No matter what your personal beliefs may be, it is easy to see that wedding rings are an embodiment of all sorts of mysticism as the result of several centuries of rich traditions that have been passed on from one generation to another.

Things to Consider When Choosing Your Wedding Ring

It only makes sense that you wear your wedding ring before marriage because this is the only way for you to tell if it fits you properly. You need to confirm if both your and your partner’s rings fit on your finger comfortably. It shouldn’t be too tight nor should it be too loose to the point that it slips from your finger the moment you wear it.

Learning that the size of your rings was wrong right on the day of your wedding will only make things too late by then. It leaves you with no choice but to send back the rings to the jeweler right after your wedding for resizing.

Depending on your finger type, you also need to ensure that you really like the ring itself. It means you need an opportunity to wear it in different situations. Doing so will let you check if the material suits you. Does the ring match your taste and style? Does it go well with your daily outfits?

Some customers often find out too late that they prefer a shinier luster or a darker ring. Whatever the case might be, you will never know until you actually wear the ring on your finger. Since you will be wearing your wedding ring for as long as your lifetime commitment to your spouse, you want to make sure that it is something you truly love.

Wearing your wedding ring before marriage is also the time for you to check if it is comfortable enough for constant regular wear. You have to try wearing it as you go about with your everyday activities.

Just so you know, your finger expands during warmer climates and the opposite happens when the climates turn colder. If the ring feels uncomfortable during the changes in season, you might like to have it made from another material.

No, it is not bad luck to wear a wedding ring before marriage. You are the one who decides your luck, not when you decide to wear your wedding band.