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Do Moroccans Wear Wedding Rings?

Weddings are important celebrations in Moroccan culture. They celebrate the age-old union of husband and wife. Marriage is an institution that is highly respected and distinguished in Amazigh culture and is based on Islamic tradition. This is why Moroccans take weddings very seriously.

Do Moroccans Wear Wedding Rings

While all countries have their own unique way of celebrating happiness and joy at weddings, Moroccan weddings tell an exceptional story of ancient heritage and rich culture. The spectacular story starts and finishes with endless dancing, traditional music, and heaps of fancy gifts and mouthwatering food.

How about wedding rings, then? Do Moroccans wear wedding rings?

Yes, Moroccans do wear wedding rings. Just like most cultures, Moroccan couples also see wedding rings as the tangible symbol of their commitment and relationship with each other. But there are some considerations and rules that they need to remember while wearing their wedding rings.

Are Moroccans Allowed to Wear Wedding Rings?

As mentioned earlier, Moroccans are allowed to wear their wedding rings as a way of expressing their love and commitment to one another. Morocco is a Muslim country that follows Islamic customs and laws and wearing wedding rings is permitted.

Some couples may also wear their rings simply because they like their appearance. But again, there are some rules to remember to ensure that the act of wearing wedding rings doesn’t become sinful.

Can Moroccan Men Wear Gold Wedding Rings?

The Prophet Muhammad prohibited gold and silk adornments for men. These include gold watches, gold teeth, and even gold wedding rings. Women, on the other hand, are not forbidden from wearing silk and gold materials.

What Rules Do Moroccans Follow When Wearing Wedding Rings?

Wedding rings also hold a lot of meaning and significance for Moroccans. However, there are several important things that they need to keep in mind when wearing one.

Wedding Rings Don’t Protect the Marriage

Wedding rings are considered across many cultures as a symbol of the commitment of the couple to one another and their relationships. Wearing wedding rings for this purpose alone makes it perfectly concurs with the beliefs of Islam.

But some couples tend to assume that wearing their wedding rings will also protect their marriage from temptation and harm. Engravings for wedding rings are also often believed to do the same. However, some criticize this act of carving names on the rings, stating that it doesn’t help make the bond between couples stronger.

According to Islamic teachings, it is only Allah who can offer protection for you and your relationship. Attributing this power to the wedding rings is regarded as unintended shirk. When you speak of shirk, it is the act of assigning something as the equal of Allah and is deemed an inexcusable sin.

Muslims who commit unintentional shirk because of their wedding rings will violate another teaching of Islam, which states that they are not permitted to wear Allah’s name. Aside from this, they are also not allowed to enter a bathroom while wearing Allah’s name because it is considered a form of disrespect to Allah himself.

Avoid Boasting When Wearing Wedding Rings

There is no denying that jewelry is a beautiful accessory that will elevate not just a person’s outfit but even their confidence. Having said that, Moroccan couples should only wear their wedding rings with the proper intentions. It means that they should wear their wedding rings because this is what they like and not because they simply wish to show it off to others.

The teachings of Islam reprimand having an inflated ego and pridefulness. Egoism can make Muslims believe that the things they have are mainly the fruits of their hard work and labor, to the point that they forget about Allah’s benevolence. In addition, extreme pride has been deemed a hindrance to self-actualization. People with excessive pride will only essentially set themselves up for adversity.

Remember Wedding Ring Etiquette

Islamic teachings also instate specific rules for couples if they like to wear their wedding rings. Women can wear their wedding rings on their preferred fingers. Men, on the other hand, only got three options, and these are their little finger, ring finger, and thumb.

Scholars of Islam suggest that men must wear their wedding rings on their little fingers to ensure that they won’t stop them from completing their everyday activities. On the other hand, wearing their wedding ring on their middle or index finger is considered a detestable act.

When it comes to the hand where Moroccans should wear their wedding rings, an Islamic scholar recommended that one must wear the wedding ring on the right hand if it will serve as an accessory. Couples can wear their wedding rings on the left hand if the ring is going to be used to give stamps or seals.

Faith Doesn’t Require Wearing Wedding Rings

Other people claim that wearing wedding rings is not allowed by the laws of Islam since rings were not introduced and included in the scripture, which makes them a bid’ah. It means that adding wedding rings to your wedding ceremony would be deemed bid’ah and is in contradiction with the Islamic faith.

But if exchanging wedding rings will be viewed as a personal choice and cultural practice not required by Islamic teachings, it cannot be regarded as bid’ah.

The Bottom Line

Yes, Moroccans do wear wedding rings and are allowed to do so as a cultural symbol of their commitment to each other. However, Moroccan couples still need to observe certain guidelines to ensure that their rings will not be considered forbidden or haram by the law of Islam.

On the other hand, if the wedding rings don’t contribute to the betterment of their religious and marital life, this is the time when the couple can stop wearing their wedding rings.

Just like other cultures, Moroccans also follow rules and regulations when it comes to wearing wedding rings. They need to stick to these guidelines and at the same time, protect their marriage in the best possible way they could to make it last forever.