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Ways to Create Rustic Vibe Theme Wedding

Have you always dreamed of having a rustic vibe theme for your wedding? Cookie-cutter weddings are already a thing of the past. While glamorous white weddings don’t lose their appeal, the ever-popular rustic trend is now considered as a chic alternative.

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The different elements reminiscent of woods and nature combined with the different DIY choices make this country-inspired wedding them the best setting of choice for more intimated and relaxed affairs.

To help you pull off the perfect rustic vibe theme wedding, there are just a few things you need to do:

Achieving the Overall Rustic Vibe

What makes rustic weddings more beautiful is that apart from endless customization possibilities, their imperfect appearance is what makes them perfect.

All rustic weddings share similar signature traits including DIY elements, stunning natural landscape, lots of wood, and gorgeous pieces that you might already have in your garden and home.

Don’t worry if you will have an indoor location. Although a verdant lawn can serve as a scenic backdrop for your rustic wedding, adding nature-inspired touches to your indoor venue will let you plant odes to the great outdoors.

Since rustic vibe weddings boast of DIY charms, you can also reuse some recycled materials and antiques if you want.

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Rustic Styling Ideas for Brides and Grooms

One of the main challenges for many couples is deciding what they should wear for their big day. There are many brides and grooms who opt for boho styling but rustic vibes tend to be more glamorous. Styling ideas make use of earthy and neutral colors that are the perfect balance of glam and natural.

Wedding Invitations with a Rustic Touch

Your wedding invites can give your guests a good idea of what the theme of your wedding is. It means that if you are planning to go for a rustic vibe theme for your wedding, make sure that your invitations reflect exactly just that. You can use earthy embellishments and natural colors for an elegant and rustic design.

Rustic Guestbooks

Although traditional wedding guestbooks are lovely mementos of sentiments and wishes from guests, rustic guestbooks will surely get your guests mingling while letting the personality of the couple to shine through.

If you got some space, you can have your guests sign on wooden bench. You can also turn the wishes of your guests into wonderful artworks by letting them put leave their thumbprints on canvas trees or letting them write on individual jigsaw puzzle pieces. You can also allow your guests to write on jenga pieces or you can use a typewriter to type well-meaning lines that you can turn into a book later on.

Rustic Backdrops for the Ceremony

A weathered door is probably one of the most popular backdrops for rustic vibe theme weddings. The older is often better since it creates a vintage feel and even serves as a gorgeous and one of a kind setting for your wedding photos. If you have a DIY streak, you can even make your very own arbor using branches, flowers, draped fabrics, and fairy lights.

Rustic Lights

Soft and subtle lights can help you create an intimate and romantic atmosphere for your wedding. You can hang some light bulbs on the ceiling beams or put a string of fairy lights across the trees in the venue. Let the warm glow of some Chinese lanterns light up the reception area and dance floor. Strategically placed candles of different size can also be placed all over the venue to achieve divinely romantic atmosphere.

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Rustic Signages

Handmade signs are some of the most common features of rustic vibe theme weddings that set the tone for a more personalized and relaxed affair. You can put up a hand-lettered chalkboard to warmly welcome your guests to the reception or you can use hand-painted wooden signs to direct them to the area for drinks and foods. The charming Mr. and Mrs. wooden signs are also popular and adorable that can hang on the back of the chairs of the groom and bride.

Rustic Ideas for Wedding Cake

Your wedding cake must have a wow factor. After all, this will be the centerpiece of your reception and will be part of most of your wedding photos. You can opt for a wedding cake design with natural colors to ensure that it will blend with your rustic theme.

Rustic Table Settings

The table arrangements are no doubt the ultimate scene stealers in rustic weddings. A standout centerpiece is sometimes all you need to leave your guests amazed and captivated. Some of the best budget-friendly choices you can consider include going for shabby-chic wood boxes or mason jars instead of traditional crystal or glass vase. Branch-heavy and tall centerpieces or handmade terrariums are also amazing alternatives for couples searching for a woodsy and unique style with no need to blow their budget.

You can also go for woodland tables if your budget and your location allows. These tables are beautiful and charming on their own with no need to use a table runner. Using vintage-style napkins can also add a classier touch to the table settings. You can achieve a more elegant and personalized appearance by ironing your initials or names. Folksy ceramics and old world tableware are perfect complements for any rustic wedding as well.

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Rustic Wedding Favors

Probably the most popular go-to rustic wedding favors are none other than mason jar treats as these are very versatile. There are endless possibilities here, such filling them with old-school ice biscuits, honey, or even homemade jam.

Some other common effortless takeaway presents include brown-bagged goodies that can include anything you like such as candies, popcorn, and cookies topped with old-school twine and paper doily. You can also prepare empty stacks of these bags near a cookie or popcorn bar that your guests can fill up as they like.

Your guests will also thank you even after the day is over and they get home if you give away functional wedding favors. Succulent favors are ideal decorative home or office accents whole homemade candles and soaps are fragrant and luxurious gifts that your guests can use for pampering after your big day.

When it comes to rustic vibe theme weddings, your imagination is the only limit to create the most spellbinding affair everyone will remember and treasure!