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Styling Your Special Day with Eyeglasses: Tips and Tricks

If you’ve been trawling through TikTok and Instagram for wedding inspiration in anticipation of your big day, you’ve probably noticed a shift towards making wedding trends work for couples instead of the other way around.

Discover the perfect blend of style and sight on your big day! Uncover expert tips and tricks for elevating your wedding look with eyeglasses in our comprehensive guide to styling your special day.

In an effort to make their nuptials more fun, intimate, and unique, couples are opting for candid photography, mismatched bridesmaid dresses, and even personalized wedding scents.

This approach to authenticity can also be applied to other aspects of your wedding day, including wearing eyeglasses for your bridal look. Whether you’re a long-time glasses wearer or just embracing them for your special day, we’ve got the ultimate guide for you to showcase your personality through those frames.

Step into your wedding with confidence and style as we unveil the secrets to rocking your spectacles down the aisle. Glasses aren’t just an accessory — consider them a statement piece that can enhance your bridal look! From finding the perfect pair that complements your dress to makeup tips that make your eyes pop, we’ve got all the details to ensure you say “I do” with a vision of elegance.

So, brides-to-be with glasses, get ready to frame your love story in the most stunning way possible!

The Pros and Cons of Wearing Glasses on Your Wedding Day

If you’re still undecided about whether or not you want to don spectacles on your big day, we’re here to help! Here are a few pros and cons to consider:


Turning your frames into a unique and stylish accessory is an excellent opportunity to express your personal style. Lots of brides opt to purchase a special pair for their big day. Glasses don’t have to be frumpy and can actually elevate your entire look, especially now that there are retailers like OPSM who have a range of designer glasses. For instance, if you want a subtler look, Michael Kors’ transparent Georgetown frames with gold arms can lend an air of elegance. Meanwhile, the Nina Optics frame by Ray-Ban featuring a tortoiseshell print, cat-eye silhouette, and red arms is a bold option for brides who want a look that stands out.

It’s also important to consider comfort as a significant advantage for those accustomed to glasses, as they can help you steer clear of the potential discomfort associated with contact lenses. And the practical benefits, like improved vision, ensure you don’t miss a single special moment.


On the flip side, challenges can sometimes arise when wearing glasses on a special occasion, such as reflections or glare affecting photos. Glasses may also require adjusting your makeup application. We should also mention that there’s a possibility that the frames might get in the way of your first kiss and require you and your beau to choreograph the moment to avoid awkward collisions. Additionally, some brides may find glasses uncomfortable over extended periods, leading to noticeable pressure marks.

Styling Tips

Hair and Makeup

All brides want and deserve to look gorgeous and glowing when they tie the knot, so it’s crucial to pick a makeup look that enhances your features with glasses. Professional makeup artists recommend sticking to taupes and pink hues for a natural look. To make your eyes pop behind your glasses, use brown eyeliner on the waterline to define the lashes, then add highlighter to the inner corners of your eyes.

One major tip that all brides should know is to hold a trial day ahead of the wedding date to collaborate with your hair and makeup artist on achieving the perfect look. It serves as a practical rehearsal, giving the opportunity to fine-tune the hairstyle and makeup to complement the bride’s features, accessories, dress, and overall vision.

Plus, a trial day ensures that there will be no surprises on the wedding day and enables the bride to test the longevity of the hairstyle and makeup, guaranteeing that they withstand the emotions, tears, and demands of a long day.


As for the accessories, we’ve discussed in a previous article that your shoes and bag don’t need to be completely identical for you to look polished. Instead, the easiest way to look put-together is by opting for shoes and a bag that have similar undertones. Blush-colored accessories are best paired with neutral hues that have a pink undertone, while navy goes well with cool-toned neutrals.

In terms of jewelry, be careful not to overdo it. If you want your glasses to be the focal point of your wedding look, choose minimal stud earrings and, depending on the neckline of your dress, go for a dainty chain necklace with a small pendant.

Photography and Posing Tips

In the cons section above, we briefly mentioned that glasses may cause unwanted glare or reflection in your photos, but there are actually eyeglasses with lenses that are treated with a special coating to prevent this from happening. However, there are also posing and photography tips that can help with this. When posing for the camera, try looking away from the light source. This doesn’t have to be dramatic, as all it takes is a small shift or tilt of the head. You can also have your photographer set up the scene so that natural or artificial light acts as a backlight, bypassing lens glare.

Capturing moments you want to relive through your wedding photos is no easy feat. This is why we can’t stress enough how important it is to invest in a skilled wedding photographer. They’ll know exactly what intimate moments need to be immortalized, such as the first look, without making you feel like they’re intruding on special interactions.

As you get into the finer details of your wedding day look, embrace the beauty of being yourself, and don’t shy away from letting your frames be a part of your bridal charm. Whether you opt for subtle sophistication or bold elegance, the key is to feel confident and radiant. Your wedding day is a celebration of love, and what better way to celebrate than by being authentically you?

So, here’s to a day filled with love, joy, and the perfect blend of fashion and function. Cheers to a happily ever after with your glasses as the chicest accessory of all!