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Finding True Love That Never Ends

How do you define the real love, some call it soulmate, whereas others say it life partner. We have missed many other names such as someone special, better half, honey and much more. Whether someone admits it or not, but there is a deep desire in everyone’s heart that will I ever find true love or find my perfect complement. Almost all of you craved to have someone who can stand by our side in all the bad or good times. Some of you may have partners in the past and consider it as a mistake. However, life doesn’t stop and you should have to move on from this condition.

how to find true love

It is a general fact that almost 7 out of 10 find it difficult to move on from a breakup. Some destroy themselves with the drugs or alcohol, but that’s not the right thing. If you are one of those people who has found it hard to deal with a breakup, then you should keep in mind that the love is no fairy tale and you should never think about the question that will I find true love again or not? Never allow this type of thinking to enter your mind because it will only make your condition worse.

Secrets in Finding the Love of Your Life

Never Let Yourself Down

You can never love someone else if you think crap about yourself and don’t love yourself. You will become judgmental and critical about all the skills that you wish you shouldn’t have when you don’t love yourself.  Thinking bad about yourself will then reflect this thing onto your partner and he/she will too become critical and judgmental about you. Never expect your partner to be caring and loving towards you if you don’t love yourself.  So first of all, you need to work on yourself and then worry about the question, will I ever find love or not?

Embrace the Silence

It makes it impossible to embrace the silence if there is a tendency to over-analyze all the little things and replay all the details of what your partner has said, why he/she says that, what went wrong or these types of things. Just be yourself instead of allowing your logic-based mind taking over and asking people in your circle on what you should do next. You need to relax your mind for opening up the space for the silence that will allow you to listen to your intuition. One of the best ways to connect with the silence is to practice the meditation.

Always Be Confident

You need to be confident about yourself and all your decisions. You need to get rid of the stupid questions like will I ever find love again or not? Just believe in your ability to attract the love of your life. This type of confidence will radiate your qualities. It will allow you to be your authentic and fully confident with your crush or partner. This way you will be able to attract someone who appreciates, recognizes and loves your personality. You can promote and boost your confidence just by being who you are. Always understand that it is great to have a soul-mate, but is not must. You can tackle with all your life problems on your own.

Be Happy

Happiness is the most important thing if you want to have love in your life. All the happy people want to stay near ones who remain happy. According to different surveys globally, it has been proved that the happiness has some magnetic attraction that creates positivity. So you need to think about the things that truly make you happy. If you keep worrying about the question that will I ever find love or not? Then you are wasting some precious moments of your life. God has given us all a single life and we need to utilize it in a great way. Moreover, happiness will help you in finding your true soul mate.

Be an Open-Minded Person

You must be willing to open up with the people around you if your wish is to meet someone new and find true love. You should always be willing to engage in a conversation if the person sitting next to you starts a conversation. You can have long lasting healthy relationships by developing the energy of openness in yourself.

Forget Your Past History

If you keep on to hold the negative experiences from the past relationships in your mind, then it creates curiosity and stops you from moving on to a new relationship. If you continue to think about your past, then it will only hurt you and make your mind think that will I ever find love again? Move on from the past and give yourself a fresh start. Eliminate all things happened in the past from your life and have some happiness in your life.

You need to love the person enough with whom you are in a romantic relationship because it will allow your partner to be exactly who he/she really is. If you follow the above secret tips, you will find yourself in a healthy and long lasting future relationship. In my opinion, having true love is all about loving the third person for who they are, not for the things you think that they should have in them.

Now from moving on to the people who has faced heartbroken breakups in the past to the ones who are still waiting for their first love. There is nothing a feeling that one can have while being in the first love of their life. It is a magical feeling that comes in everyone’s life and it is evident that no one ever forget this feeling. The whole experience is similar to a fairy tale that we hope never ends. While some of the people are lucky to get their first love in the early phases of their life, whereas others have to wait for a long to get it. If you are one of the people who are still to feel that kind of feeling till now, then this part of the article is especially for you.

When Is the Right Time to Have It?

Well, quite frankly, there is no right time to fall in love with it. There is a simple philosophy for this that when you feel it for someone that means you are having it. Once you feel comfortable with your first potential partners, then make the first move. Try to express what you think about him/her in an exciting way. Always keep one thing in mind that saying I love you to someone is like a binding contract, no matter even if you are only one who says it to your partner. If you have said it to someone, then don’t turn back and feel the love in your life. Don’t be afraid to tell it to your new partner frequently if you love it. I can assure that your date will accept your love at some point of time if you constantly show what you feel for him/her.

However, never be scared though because love is a game of faith and there is no way to play safely in the dating world.

Never Say It Too Early Because It Will Result in Losing the Value

It is a perfect sign if you find out that you are in love with someone. Nowadays, it has become very tough to find a lover with whom one can fall deeply in love. If you realize that you are in love with someone madly and deeply, then we strongly suggest you wait for some time before showing your emotions.

Saying it too early in a relationship will make the whole scenario feel like a trivial and it will seem like you are used to saying I love you to anyone you meet. So if you are looking to find your first love, then take some time for building the romance and wait for the right moment.

Here are some tips that one should keep in their mind before saying I love you for the first time in your life. Following these tips will make this love revelation much more meaningful and exciting.

Let the Person You Want to Say I Love You Know It

Always make sure that your date knows your intentions prior to the time of revelation. Allow him/her to know how much you are looking forward to this real relationship.  Whenever you got time to talk with each other, talk regarding the special feeling you have when they are around you.

Show Some Nice Behavior

If you constantly keep one thing in mind that “will I ever find true love”, then it will become difficult for you to be confident because there will be a constant fear in your mind. So be confident and show your romantic gestures in front of them. The people who date casually don’t make their way out for doing something nice for their partner and that’s why there is a need to love someone truly. Wait for the right opportunity and start to treat your partner like you would treat your soul mate.

Wait At Least For Five Dates

It is completely acceptable to show your true love after five dates. However, if you tell prior to that then it may have a bad effect on your relationship. The perfect time to say I love you would be a month or two. If you are a strong person and hold on your emotions, then wait for two months.

Don’t Wait For a Too Much Longer

If you wait for too much longer, then there is a chance for you to lose the relationship. Sometimes, it becomes tiring for the other person to wait, especially if you are a boy and your girl is waiting for you say “I love you”.

The Perfect Way to Say I Love You for the First Time

There are lots of beautiful ways to say “I love you” for the first time. It’s up to you, either you can create a special arrangement for this occasion or you can say it while you are in the middle of a conversation. Sort out about all the ideas and go for the best one.

We understand that telling your love for the first time is a cozy thing, but it will become much easier if follow one of the above tips. Always keep these tips in your mind and we can assure that you will be able to show your intentions at the perfect time.