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Holiday Weight Gain

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When the temperature drops, we not only put on layers of clothing but also poundage. Studies show most adults gain weight of at least one pound during the fall and winter, and these pounds are likely to pile up over the years.

Holiday Weight Gain
Since the body transfers energy from food into heat, it is natural to crave foods that provide warmth when body temperature drops. But those warm and tasty comfort foods are often rich in carbohydrates and high in calories. And adults who gain weight during the holiday season and are not likely to lose it, accumulate those extra pounds over several years of Christmas parties. With the winter months comes a barrage of holidays centered on food and a whole lot of occasions to overeat.

On top of the temptation to stuff our bellies with mac n’ cheese, shorter days and less sunlight might also mean less exercise.

Even with holiday parties and an abundance of casserole, pasta, and pumpkin pie around the corner, it is possible to beat winter weight gain with a few helpful tips:

Eating a piece of fruit before heading to a holiday party can take the edge off hunger and help prevent overloading on carbs.

Check out the healthiest choices available before filling up a plate. Fill half to three-fourth of the plate with veggies, and the rest with lean protein like skinless roasted turkey or seafood.

Tracking everything you eat can make us more aware of our food choices, especially during the holidays.

Festive drinks can be full of  empty calories and loads of sugar (just one cup of eggnog has 340 calories). Spiking the hot cocoa with alcohol can wreak havoc on the waistline and even the skin.

Exercise can help to curb winter weight gain, and one study suggested prolonged exercise in cold weather boosts metabolism.

If staying indoors is the only option, there are plenty of ways to stay active. Try popping in an exercise DVD.

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