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Want to ditch stomach problems?

stomach pain

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Many of us are sick of acid reflux and heartburn. Taking too much acid producing food in our diet might be the reason.
Nutritionists believe that an alkaline diet is a key to keeping the body healthy. The acid forming foods( fish, meat, some grains) lead to stomach problems, weaker bones, and lower back pain, while foods with lower acidity( fruits and vegetables)le keep the body in better balance.

stomach pain

What is an alkaline diet?

Alkaline diet( fruits and vegetables) balance the body’s pH. Let’s teleport back to school chemistry class, pH is the measure of how acidic or basic a solution is. A pH of 1.0 is highly acidic, while a pH of 14.0 is very basic, and 7.0 is neutral. Our blood usually maintains a pH of between 7.38 – 7.42, while the pH of stomach acid can be as low as 1.35. When the pH varies from these values, it can spell trouble for our bodies.



Because a food is acidic or has a low pH does not necessarily mean it is considered “acid-forming.” This is measured using potential renal acid load (PRAL) scores.Lemons are a great example having a pH of 2.0. Its PRAL score is -2.5, meaning it is alkaline when digested within the body.Therefore the term“acid-forming” means how the food changes the acidity of body fluids in the kidney and urine post-ingestion.Fruits and vegetables had low PRAL scores, while processed foods, dairy, and meats have high scores . A higher PRAL score (indicated by a positive number) means that a particular food is very acid-forming, while a lower PRAL score (indicated by a negative number) classifies it as alkaline, meaning that it produces more basic compounds rather than acidic ones.

How beneficial is an alkaline diet?

People who consumed a low-acid diet with potassium-rich fruits and vegetables lost less muscle mass than those with a lower potassium intake. As potassium is considered an important mineral for proper muscle function, so getting enough of it can keep your tissues in proper shape.

Diet rich in fresh produce is linked to lower risk of heart attack and stroke.

When the body’s acidity is too high, it pulls minerals such as potassium, magnesium, and calcium from bones in order to help neutralize itself. Pulling too much calcium from bones can lead to weaker skeletons.

But with a strictly “alkaline” diet, you’ll be missing out on healthy doses of omega 3s in fish and other healthy fats it suggests scaling back on.

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