Tuesday, September 25, 2018


tonic water

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The standard water with some carbon dioxide, fruit extracts, and sugar to boost the flavor. Just 4 ounces of this favorite cocktail mixer boasts 11 grams of sugar (the same amount in four ounces of Sprite).

tonic water

More than half of Americans consume drinks with added sugar (like soda and flavoured waters). These can contribute to weight gain and type 2  diabetes. Sugar content is a major part of  the tonic water which adds calories too. According to one study, teenagers get 10 to 15 percent of their daily calories from sweetened drinks. Also, calories from drinks influence weight gain more than calories from food.


One ten-year long study found that daily diet soft drink consumption was associated with an increased risk of stroke. The calorie-free sweeteners may mess with the brain’s ability to interpret how many calories we consume which lead us to eat more.


But this liquid offender is easy to swap out. For a cool and refreshing drink, you can choose seltzer (straight water with bubbles without additives) and add a squeeze of lemon for flavour.  In a cocktail, you can add fruits to seltzer and lemon and add a splash of bitters to mimic the flavour of the quinine in tonic water.  Quinine gives tonic water its distinctive flavour, but it could prove problematic for anyone who needs to pass a drug test.

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