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computer vision syndrome

Computer Screens Proving Pain In The Eyes

Desk-bound folks may find themselves glued to computer screens day in and day out. Staring at monitors too long not only affects the muscles and joints below our neck, our eyes can also be damaged leading to CVS (Computer Vision Syndrome) 64 to 90 percent of office workers suffer from CVS

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Body's Thermostat The hypothalamus,at the brain’s center, acts as the body’s thermostat. So when the hypothalamus gets word that germs are on the scene, it starts to set the body's internal temperature higher. The heat helps fight the germs by making the body a less comfortable place for them. And certain cold

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Dengue Fever is a painful fever, debilitating mosquito-borne disease caused by dengue viruses. Each year, an estimated 100 million cases of dengue fever occur worldwide. Most of these are in tropical areas of the world, with the greatest risk occurring in: The Indian subcontinent South-east Asia Southern China Taiwan The Pacific Islands The Caribbean (except Cuba and the Cayman

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