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Start a Restaurant or a Catering Service?

Start a Restaurant or a Catering Service

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There are a ton of reasons why starting a catering service is a very great idea. As I am sure you will agree, food is a basic necessity for every human being. A long time ago, people would consider having three meals a day the epitome of a luxurious life. It didn’t matter if the food was tasty or fancy, just having three hot meals a day was considered more than enough.

Currently, there are still parts of the world where many will be happy just to have a meal per day. However, for the rest of the world where basic necessity is guaranteed, we have reached a point in time where the quality and quantity of food is actually more important than just having a meal.


So, even though there is a discrepancy in how much food that an individual can get, the fact remains that everyone needs to eat and as long as we humans exist, there will be a need for food, especially delicious and appealing food. Now that we know that the food industry business will be ever prevalent, you might question, why start a catering service? Why not start a restaurant?



Well, the answer to that is pretty simple. Starting a restaurant might seem like a better and a fancier option than starting a catering service, however this is not the case. Sure, you might be able to boast to your friends, telling them that, “Hey, I am a restaurant owner” instead of, “Hey, I own a catering service”, however the amount of effort, determination and perseverance that you need in order to become a successful restaurant owner is largely undermined and less known.

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The first and foremost reason why you should consider starting a catering service before starting a restaurant is simple. Starting a catering business is less expensive than buying a restaurant. While the cost of acquiring the kitchen equipments for a restaurant and a catering service will be relatively similar, there are other factors that can exponentially increase your spend for restaurant owners when compared to a catering service owner.

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Some might say that if you own a restaurant, you can engage in both running a restaurant and maintaining a catering service and this is the truth. If you own a restaurant, because you already have the cooking equipments (same requirement as catering service) as well as the personals and staffs that you need to cook and serve.


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To own a restaurant and run a successful restaurant, you will need a variety of skills such as excellent organizational and time-management skills. Furthermore, you will need to able to always present a friendly and hospitable face to all your customers while managing immense stress. It will definitely help if you have extensive knowledge in the cooking process as well as the kitchen ingredients. And of course, since you will have a number of staffs working under you, you will definitely need leadership as well as motivational skills in your repertoire.

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Remember that cooking for your friend and family is different from cooking as a profession. You will meet different kinds of customers who will criticize your dishes, or complain about the service. Additionally, there are many customers who just like complaining for no apparent reason. You will need to maintain a professional and courteous facade while dealing with these troublemakers. If you are passionate and have great enthusiasm in cooking, you might think that as long as you work hard enough, you will succeed. However, reality is harsh. Sure, there are cases of people who through their passion and determination have succeeded against all odds but these are rare exceptions. However, not all possess this kind of will power.


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Being passionate, and enthusiastic about cooking will definitely be a plus, yet without any experience in the restaurant industry, you will have a much harder time succeeding as a restaurant owner. Starting a catering service is the perfect way for you to get familiar with the food industry and you will learn various skills that will surely help you on your way to becoming a successful restaurant owner. Similar to how babies learn how to walk before they run, I think it would be most prudent to start a catering service before you decide to buy a restaurant.


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