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The latest incarnation of iPhone (most popular Smartphone in America ) the iPhone 5s, is too much frenzy and fanfare. But before getting too excited, keep in mind that excessive Smartphone use could have negative effects on your health.  Many believe that our beloved cell phones and all their hyped-up technology are damaging our health in more than one ways.



Phantom Vibration Syndrome: It is the imaginary feeling that your phone is buzzing and is very common sign of excessive mobile use. According to an article published in the journal Computers in Human Behaviour showed that nine out of ten undergraduates reported experiencing phantom vibrations.

Radiations: WHO (World Health Organization) considers cell phone radiations to be possibly carcinogenic to humans. Other things included in the same classification are DDT, chloroform, lead etc.

Poor Sleep Quality: If you take your phone to bed you may find yourself plugged in while you should be winding down. Instead of relaxing your brain, you are feeding it with more thoughts. According to a survey inside Stanford University in 2010, three-quarters of iPhone using students sleep with their phone in bed.  All cell phones LED light (blue light) can disrupt melatonin production making it harder to feel sleepy.

 Text Claw: This term refers to the cramps or soreness in the wrist or fingers due to repetitive fine motor activity (texting, playing too much candy crush etc).  It causes tendinitis, and wrist and forearm pain.


Candy Crush

Addiction: Some people are so addicted to their smart- phone that they feel disconnected from the people in their life.  According to a study in 2012, 66% of people are actually afraid of to be separated from their cell phones.

Withdrawal: According to a study in 2011, cutting off cell phone completely for 24 hours resulted in mental and physical withdrawal symptoms like feeling of isolation, anxiety.

Hearing: Listening music at very high volume for long periods can damage the inner hair cells  leading to hear loss.

Text Neck: A term coined by CNN Health.  It refers to the aches in the shoulder, neck, and head due to excessive typing.

Germs: Your cell phone is a good source of germs and bacteria. Obviously,our hands are the number one things that touch our phones, and then we put the phones to our face. This easily spreads germs. According to Wall Street Journal, cell phones tested in an office were high in coliform bacteria.

Creativity:  Smart -phones can dampen your creativity. In order to think creatively,you need a little down time to let your mind wander. The Free moments are checking up new updates on social media.

Text and Drive:  Texting while driving is a horrible idea. Yet, so many of us do it. Taking your eyes off the road can easily cost you your life or the life of someone else. Do not let your smart -phone be a distraction to you while driving, it is not worth it.







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