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7 Important Questions to Ask Before You Get Married

questions to ask before marriage

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Getting married? Then probably you have cataloged a long litany of traits you want to see in your Mr. /Ms. Right, isn’t it? A lot of things apparently running into your mind, as life’s totally new phase is just about to begin. And, you will not ever desire to get married to a wrong one. However, many a time it happens that your partner start becoming stranger to you and you can’t simply pent-up what you actually feel which results in unending disappointments and even the worst upshots may conjure.

Let’s just scoop off this risk by frankly asking some questions to him/her. The way of responding and the actual answers will clarify you to a great extent that this is perfect one or not. Don’t hesitate to ask. Yes, it’s not comfortable for you and companion, but you really need to do this if you manifestly want to save yourself from unfavorable & unexpected situations in the future.

Here, I am easing out your task by sharing the questions to ask before marriage, clarifying you to choose the right partner. So, here you go!

What your partner love about you that stimulus him/her to marry you?

This is quite an imperative question, you must ask. If the decision has been taken out of bustle, then you need to think twice before going ahead. You need to know, what your partner actually liked in you and said yes for this upcoming union. Of course, you will not get oodles of compliments right away, but yes, you will come to know either that would be your real partner who loves everything about you either strengths or flaws.

Listen to what they answer and if it’s not about just physical traits, but actually about your overall personality either good or bad and they are ready to accept you just as you are, then don’t waste time in thinking. This one is perfect for you without any doubt. If that one is true to his/her words, then that will get shown from his/her actions too, like how they treat you in upcoming meetings, how they handle your imperfections and how they behave at your mistakes. You will get a clear idea about how true their words were and you can take decision accordingly.

What’s his/her way to interact? Does your special one show empathy to others?

Before taking a plunge, you need to perceive his/her way to socialize with others. The regular interactions with others, the way to handle any disagreement, how they handle wait and many other things will symbolize lots about them. You will get a clear insight into their behavior.

questions to ask before you get married

There are some obvious questions that you may ask yourself to know them deeply. Do they show empathy by assisting others in need? How do they handle stress? Are they sensitive towards others? Are they benign?

It’s very crucial to know about their conduct towards others, as if they don’t handle situations with patience and get weird easily with others, then mind it, the same will happen to you in no time. So, behavioral traits are the basis of every bond that may either blossom or put a full stop to your new journey of life.

What’s their relationship with their family?

What are the family dynamics of your partner and how they all choose to live with each other, is a big question to ask before going ahead. Parents and whole family impact a lot on your family life expectations. How they all treat each other, how much closer they are to one another, do everyone’s opinions is given proper importance, how they take each matter?

Family impacts a ton. Observe the family dynamics properly and ask yourself that is this one that will perfectly fit you? Don’t go blindly, observe every aspect and then take a decision.

What are the passions of your partner? Would you be able to assist them in long run?

Another question to ask before getting married is about dreams of your partner. This is something that can add another fascinating layer to the new relationship. If your partner is passionate about something either business endeavors, a particular activity or hobbies, then you can give a boost by becoming a right hand of them. However, you certainly need to think and question yourself, will you be able to assist them in long run too with their passions? Will you be ok with that and it would definitely impact negatively on a relationship? If your answers are in affirmative then you can certainly go ahead, otherwise, you need to think twice before saying ‘I do’.   

Does your partner want kids? If yes, then how will you raise them?

Well, this is something serious to discuss. It’s not necessary that you both will be on the same lines. Your partner may have a different opinion which may become an obstacle in your relationship in the future. So, you need to know about the mindset of your would be, in this respect.

Providing better solicitude & wardship is essentially a point to underscore. So, you need to discuss education, living conditions, activities and other parental decision to nourish by teaching manners with proper care. The values you and your partner wish to instill in them matter a lot. So, the questioning in this matter will clarify about your partner’s opinion of having and raising the children and thus give an exact view of your relationship.

How do they handle stressful situations?

Give time to your relationship and observe you are SO in each scenario. Every time, the things don’t go well and smooth, there are adverse situations too. So, you need to see the aggression levels in them and their way to overcome stress. The time may come when things between you will get heated then how will they solve it out.


Manifestly, they want space and if they deal it in a respectful way then that’s a perfect choice. This is a great way to check personality, frustration levels and what they actually do to get out of that sticky circumstance. You can directly ask how they would actually handle disputes and disagreements.

Does your partner have any spiritual beliefs?

Spiritual beliefs matter a lot and can have a considerable bearing on your relationship too. These differ person to person and spiritual beliefs are of numerous forms. You need to understand their perspective of living life on religious terms, having particular values and want to live in a particular manner. Their core beliefs, religious perspective towards a situation, expectations may differ from yours, so the need is to understand them for a good start.

The perspective of your partner may be different on several aspects. So, instead of directly judging for what he/she has done or said, you need to first broaden your mindset and understand his/her perspective. I think, instead of just listening, if you start understanding then you may get a more clear view of your would be. The more you discuss, more clarity you will have. I hope, you will contemplate all that I said and choose the right one. All the best!

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