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Pomegranate seed oil Incredible Benefits and Uses

Pomegranate seed oil

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Pomegranate fruit is one of the rarest breed founded in this world. The seeds of this fruit are used for making the pomegranate oil, which is extremely rich and nutritious. This oil is utilized internally and externally for many different types of purposes. In simple words, the pomegranate seed oil is an ancient cosmetic that is validated by science. Additionally, it is used in lots of beauty products due to its extensive power to rejuvenate hair and skin.

Over the years, there are many pomegranate seed oil benefits become popular among the people. The regenerative properties of this oil have made it an indispensable ingredient in lots of skincare products. This oil is used in the majority of cosmetic formulas, such as shower gels, massage oils, soap, and many other skincare products. Along with this, it is also used as a diffuser and a vaporizer. The pomegranate seed oil consists of ingredients, such as Alpha Pinene, Terpinenol, Mycenae, and Sabinene.

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Pomegranate seeds history and its origin

There are endless pomegranate seed oil benefits for the human body. But you ever thought what is the origin of this fruit? We will tell you in brief. The seeds of this fruit arrived from the pomegranates that are the product of a fruit bears on a small tree. Some people even call this fruit by the name of the Chinese apples.
It is considered by many that this fruit is indigenous to Iran and some of its neighboring countries. In present days, it is cultivated in the hotter parts of North and South America.

pomegranate seed oil benefits

Benefits and uses of Pomegranate Seed Oil

Have a look at some incredible benefits of the pomegranate oil:

  1. Improvement in skin texture

    There is a human compatible form of pro-estrogen in the pomegranate oil that supports the hormonal balance in both men as well as women. It assists in improving the skin texture.

  2. Fighting against free radicals

    There is a unique type of polyunsaturated oil known as the punicic acid in this seed oil. It is an omega 5 fatty acid that consists of powerful anti-inflammatory properties. Free radicals are fended off by the oil for keeping the skin aging at bay. Additionally, this oil offers protection against the sun damage. According to a recent study, the occurrence of skin cancer can also be reduced by using this oil.

  3. Stimulating blood circulation in the scalp

    One of the best benefits of pomegranate seed oil is for hair. There is a high antioxidant and vitamin content in this oil that promotes the circulation of blood in the scalp. Additionally, it strengthens the blood vessels and increases the hair growth.

  4. Hair Growth & Health

    This seed oil is a good source of vitamin C, which is an essential nutrient for the health and growth of the hair. The connective tissue within the hair follicles is strengthened by the pomegranate seed oil. Additionally, it stimulates the hair growth and makes them strong.

  5. Hot Oil Treatment

    Pomegranate seed oil can be used for making hot oil treatment for soothing the curly and frizzy hair. The hairs are detangled by oil and moisturized the scalp. Additionally, the appearance of the hair is enhanced. The benefits of oil up to the seven layers deep are absorbed by the scalp and offered deep conditioning to it. It is a non-greasy oil and will give the hair a pleasant smell.

  6. Balancing the pH level of the scalp

    The oil works in a great way for balancing the level of pH in the scalp. The effect of excessive oil production is neutralized and hair greasiness is reduced by the pomegranate oil. It flushes out the bacteria and dirt particles from the scalp.

  7. Anti-Pruritic Property

    There are endless benefits of pomegranate seed oil for hair due to its anti-pruritic properties. It soothes and fights against the scalp bacteria. The seed oil has anti-pruritic properties that assist in curing the scalp conditions like scalp eczema and psoriasis. In addition to this, the redness, inflammation, and itchiness are alleviated by this oil.

  8. Effective Hair Tonic

    From ancient times, this oil is used as an effective hair tonic by the people. It can be mixed with a carrier oil like Vitamin E oil, coconut oil, almond oil, and castor oil.

  9. Glossy Locks

    Pomegranate oil is a nutrient dense oil having all the anti-oxidants and vitamins. It has vitamin C that offers a stimulating effect on the scalp, strengthens the blood vessels, increases the blood circulation and encourages the growth of hair. In addition to this, it revitalizes the dull brittle hairs.

  10. Reduces joint pain and arthritis

    Arthritis can be defined as an inflammation of multiple joints that cause pain and stiffness. It generally worsens with age. According to the latest research, there are more than 6 million cases of arthritis in India every year. Adding pomegranates in the diet will result in the reduction of joint pain and arthritis.

pomegranate seed oil side effects

Weight Loss Benefits

There are lots of pomegranate seed oil weight loss benefits for individuals. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • Prevent overeating

    Pomegranate has an abundance of fiber, which is known as one of the most vital nutrients for weight loss. Eating high-fiber foods make the body satisfied for a longer period of time and avoid overeating. Eating a small portion of this fruit can turn out to be a refreshing and healthy treat for the person who is looking to lose weight.

  • Healthy Heart Support

    It consists of Vitamin C that is known as one of the essential vitamins needed by the body and prevent sickness. One of the best pomegranate seed oil weight loss benefits is that the person doesn’t need to eat multiple citrus fruits and they can only eat one serving of this fruit that will account for more than 40% of the daily vitamin C intake.

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How to use Pomegranate Oil for skin

There are many different ways to use this oil for skin, and we have mentioned some of them:

  • Face Mask

    The pomegranate oil can be used in the Bentonite or Aztexc clay instead of water. In order to make this face mask, you need to shop some bentonite clay and then mix a spoon of pure pomegranate juice. After that, stir it together for mixing it well and then leave it on your face for an hour. After that, wash it gently for revealing beautiful and smoother skin.

  • Oil Cleansing

    There are a variety of ways to cleanse your face. However, the most perfect way is to make your skin protect against the sunlight is to oil cleanse it. It can be performed with castor, avocado, sesame, coconut and even pomegranate oil. However, it is best to cleanse your skin with a mixture of some of these oils. Mixing a cold-pressed pomegranate oil should be added to that mixture due to it is brimming with punicic acid and flavonoids for deeply nourishing the skin layer.

  • Ground Seeds for exfoliation purposes

    If someone isn’t able to find a good Exfoliator, then it is best to use the ground for pomegranate seeds. While grinding these seeds up, it will release all of its nutrients into your skin. However, be sure to wash the face cleanly after this process.

pomegranate seed oil for hair

Side effects of Pomegranate seed oil

Along with numerous benefits and uses, there are some pomegranate seed oil side effects that you should keep in your mind:

  • High Sugar Content

    It is best to avoid this a larger quantity of this fruit if the consumer is on a diet and looking their calorie intake carefully. It will add up calories to their diet and can result in weight gain.

  • • Digestive Problems

    The increased consumption of the pomegranate can result in many digestion disorders, such as vomiting, nausea, diarrhea, and abdominal pain. However, these problems usually go after a few years. In addition to that, the gastrointestinal tract can be irritated by excessive consumption of this fruit.

  • Allergies

    There are many symptoms caused by the consumption of this fruit that can result in many allergies. The symptoms consist of hives, facial swelling, rashes, painful swallowing, and difficulty in breathing.

  • Effect of Enzymes

    There are some enzymes available in pomegranate that can hinder the functioning of some particular enzymes already present in the level. That’s why the person taking some specific medication for liver disorders should consult doctors before consuming juice of this fruit.

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To sum up, it is a great fruit that can offer a great variety of benefits to the consumers. However, you need to be wise while consuming the adequate amount of pomegranate seed oil or fruit. If you have any questions or information regarding this fruit, then feel free to give your views in the comment box.



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