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Essential Oils for Kidney Stones

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Our Kidneys play an important part in the proper functioning of the body. They eliminate excess fluids and waste products from the body through urine. Additionally, it assists in maintaining a precise chemical balance inside the body. No one can remain alive without their kidneys and that’s why it is very important to keep them healthy.  However, the bitter truth is that the majority of the modern methods of living is harmful to the kidneys and make it difficult for them to function in a proper way.

If the kidney doesn’t function in a proper way, then it may create kidney stones.Keeping these organs in a healthy condition can prevent kidney stones and one doesn’t need any treatment.

What are kidney stones?

Kidney stones can be defined as small medicine stones that form inside the kidneys or urinary tract. They are hard minerals that can affect any part of the person’s urinary tract, i.e from bladders to the kidneys. It can be quite painful to pass a kidney stone. However, the permanent damage can be avoided if it gets recognized in a timely fashion.

Kidney stones


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Essential Oils for Kidney Stones

There is a lot of pain caused by the kidney stones and there aren’t too many treatments available in the medical science that can help the patient. Generally, the surgery or uroscopy are performed to dissolve kidney stones. However, the essential oils can be used for preventing them from forming in the kidney and they can even help in passing them easier through urine. If someone is looking for an alternative option to treat 3mm kidney stones or even bigger, then the essential oils are the best option.

Have a look at the general ways for treating kidney stones by using essential oils

There are a great variety of essential oils available through which kidney’s health can be improved. However, it is very important to use these oils safely and properly for getting the ideal results for kidney stones. It can do wonders for the people who are looking a natural kidney stone method. Have a look at the some of the methods through which essential oils can be used for treating this problem:

  1. Internally

There are many essential oils that can be taken internally by making teas or using it in cooking. It can be applied to the food based oils, such as basil, rosemary or peppermint. In addition to this, these oils are very good for flavorings or seasonings on the dishes.

  1. Topically

The majority of the essential oils is used this way, but there is a need to use it safely on the skin. In this method, the oil enters the body in the skin through massage. It is important to dilute the essential oil with a carrier oil to prevent kidney stones.

However, it is best to avoid the essential oils on the areas near the eye. Additionally, don’t use these oils on the open or broken skin.

  1. Inhaled

There are some essential oils that are intended to be inhaled for the aroma. It assists in balancing the physiologic response of the body to illness and patient’s nervous system.
Always keep one thing in mind that don’t overdose it because higher quantity can lead to things, such as upset stomach, rashes, swelling and increased blood pressure.

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Top 8 essential oils for kidney stones

  1. Helichrysum Oil

Helichrysum is a natural anti-inflammatory oil that can dissolve kidney stones. It completely purifies the organs and lowers the chances of having kidney stones again. In addition to this, its diuretic properties flush out the excess water from the kidneys that can make it easier for 2 mm kidney stones to pass.

Method to Apply

The ideal method to use the Helichrysum oil is to apply it on the skin. Take a small quantity of oil and then massage it over the kidney area. It will surely give the patient some relief in the long run.

2 mm kidney stones

  1. Wild Orange

The treatment of spasms in the urinary tract that occurs when the stones try to pass can be relieved by using wild orange. Additionally, it assists in calms the nerves that alleviate the pain of passing a stone and relaxing the muscles near the ureter. In addition to this, there are some mild sedative properties in the wild orange that can calm down the person who are tense because of the pain. Also, the mild diuretic present in the wild orange can remove all the salts and minerals that cause kidney stones.

Method to Apply

First of all, combine the wild orange oil with a different form of citrus oil. It can be taken topically, internally or topically. If someone wants to use it on the skin, then they can place 1 drop into 30 ml carrier oil and apply. It can be used in cooking by adding 1 drop.


medicine stones

  1. Lime Oil

This oil can be assisted with the kidney stones method of minimizing the bacteria in the urinary tract. The lime oil can help in preventing infections because of the stones. Additionally, it keeps the infections away when a patient suffers from the kidney stones. Even doctors considered it one of the best stone breaker methods due to its inflammatory properties that relieve the pain. Lime oil also flushes out a toxic tonic from the urinary tract.

Method to Apply

The ideal method to use the lime oil is by inhaling it or simply placing it on the skin with a carrier oil. It can also be used sparingly on the eating items. Although lime oil is safe, it can have side-effects if taken in large quantity. Try to massage a small portion of lime oil on the abdomen area on the affected side to prevent kidney stones.

mm kidney stones

  1. Juniper Oil

There are many excellent properties in Juniper oil that helps to detoxify and clean out the urinary tract, which makes it one of the best essential oils for treating kidney stone method.

Method to Apply

The best way to use Juniper is adding 10 drops of essential oils to coconut oil and then massaging into the abdomen near the affected kidney. It can also be drunk safely. Just add 2 drops of juniper in citrus beverage or water and then drink it.

dissolve kidney stones


  1. Fennel Oil

The spasms that are associated with kidney stones can be reduced by the fennel oil. Fennel oil is a natural diuretic that can eliminate the minerals, crystals, and uric acid.

Method to Apply

The patient needs to rub the fennel oil on their abdomen. Moreover, it can also be taken internally by adding 1 to 2 drops in warm water. They can also inhale the aroma of the drop that places on cotton.


kidney stone method

  1. Lemongrass

Lemongrass oil is one of the best kidney stone methods for relieving pain. It promotes the blood circulation and flows to the kidneys. In addition to this, it also treats the urinary tract infects and prevent kidney stones.

Method to Apply

The patient needs to mix two drops of lemongrass oil with 30 ml olive oil. After that, they have to make a hot compress and drop some of the oil into it and then place it over the affected area. They can also drink it like a tea by mixing plain unmixed lemongrass oil with a cup of boiling water.


medical stones

  1. Lemon Oil

Lemon oil is considered as one of the perfect essential oils for preventing medical stones due to its acidic properties, that detox and clean the blood. It also stops the calcium and crystals to form stones in the kidneys.

Method to Apply

It is extremely safe to use lemon internally in smaller quantities. The patient just needs to add 1 or 2 drops in a glass of water and drink it in the morning.


recurring kidney stones


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Follow the below-written precautions that can help to prevent kidney stones:

  • Eating Less Sugar

Following a low-sugar diet can reduce the chances of having a kidney stone. There is a need to avoid drinks, such as soda as a single can consist of 40 grams sugar that is adequate to disrupt the level of minerals in the body, thus increasing chances of a kidney stone.

  • Drink more water

If a person drinks more than 2 liters of water in a day, their urine becomes diluted. The less concentrated urine makes it easier to pass kidney stones.

prevent kidney stones


  • Limiting Animal Protein

There is a high level of uric acid in animal proteins, such as fish, meat, eggs, etc. It lowers a chemical named as citrate that prevents kidney stones.

  • Limiting Sodium

If a person limits the intake of sodium, then the amount of calcium in his/ her urine will decrease. It will further result in the reduction of the tendency for medical stones to form.  The best way to limit the sodium is avoiding salty convenience foods, salty snacks, and processed meats.

  • Avoiding Alcohol and Cigarettes

The kidney stones don’t have a direct connection with alcohol and smoking, but it affects the kidney function by disturbing the hormonal control. Additionally, it can increase the risk of recurring kidney stones for the people who had it in the past.

  • Eating dairy foods regularly

According to a recent research, the formation of kidney stones can be prevented by having 3-4 servings of low-fat dairy products.



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