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Looking Tired?

puffy eyes

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“More than any other facial feature, our eyes reveal the most about how we feel,” says Austin, Texas, dermatologist Gregory Nikolaidis, MD. So if our eyes look tired, that is all anybody will notice.

Many people complain about puffy, swollen eyes and dark circles that would not go away. But sometimes our eyes look tired even when we are not. While the lack of sleep is the most obvious cause, allergies, hormonal shifts, genetics, and diet all play a part, as well.

puffy eyes


Five-minute fixes

Use Hydrated Eye Cream. The skin around our eyes is very thin and fragile and if it is dehydrated, fine lines and wrinkles will be exaggerated. A moisturizing eye cream during morning and night can significantly show the signs of improvement.

Cut back on salt. As the skin around the eyes is thin, it is very much prone to water retention. Hence a salty diet can increase the puffiness of our eyes.

Slice a cucumber or a potato. Putting cucumber slices on eyes relieve the puffiness and redness. But if dark circles are of your big concern then use potato slices instead. “Potato contains the enzyme catecholase, which acts as a skin lightener” say New York City dermatologist Jeannette Graf, MD. Cut and put the potato slices in cool water to prevent their browning. Sit back and relax with a cool slice on each eye for 5 minutes. The chilly temperature will calm the puffiness and enzyme will work on the dark circles.

reduce dark circles




Get your brows done. A well groomed, well-defined brow can lend your face a years-younger look.

Try a lash enhancing prescription. Lush eyes make your eyes look younger and more awake.


Fake it with concealer. If all else fails, makeup can wake up your eyes in 5 minutes. Chose a color that is slightly lighter than the rest of your skin then pat it on with the tip of you ring finger. The warmth from your hands will help the product to melt into your skin.


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