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Healthy Foods For Improving Your Mood


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Psychologically described as a condition of emotional or mental strain or tension triggered by adverse and very demanding circumstances over a period of time which spoils the aptitude of the singular to accomplish this part, stress lowers your quality of life and causes serious mental and health problems.


Luckily, we can totally manage to live with or minimize the effect of stress. And one of the most effective ways to do it is through your daily diets. Below are some healthy foods you can opt for improving your mood without resorting to antidepressants.


  1. Dark chocolate

    dark chocolate

There must be a reason for the saying: “there’s nothing that chocolates can’t fix”. An oz of dark chocolate is accompanied by a release of endorphins in our brain thus boosting serotonin levels which are the real mood lifter for our mood. This fact has been supported by numerous research that all lead to one conclusion: people who eat more chocolate tend to produce low-stress hormones.


  1. Milk


Milk is a long proven stress reducer. It contains antioxidants, protein and several vitamins such as B2 and B12. Protein found in milk is the latest treatment for stress and tension. A glass of warm milk is all it takes to reduce blood pressure and risk of stroke potentially initiated by stress.

  1. Oily fish

    oily fish

Oily fish like salmons, trouts, tunas, sardines are good sources of omega-3 which is scientifically proved to have powerful impacts on improving your mood. Researchers showed that 60% of the dry weight of our brain is fat and omega-3 fatty acids make up for 30% of that amount. So the amount of fish in your diet is significantly related to the function of the brain cells which play an important role in keeping our mood in balance and at ease. This can partly explain why people who live by the sea and consume a lot of fish are allegedly happier than those who don’t.

  1. Banana


Bananas are remarkably rich in vitamin A, B6, tryptophan as well as potassium and carbohydrate. All of these chemicals help produce a mood-lifting hormone called serotonin, also known as “happy hormones”, thus increasing a feeling of happiness. So when you find yourself stressed or angry, grab a banana, serotonin will do the miracle to lighten up your mood.

  1. Whole grains

    whole grains

Selenium – a perfect antioxidant which helps improve our mood is abundantly found in whole grains such as oats, brown rice, whole-grain bread, etc. These types of carbs are popular in fighting against stress for their low glycemic index (GI). Choosing low GI carbs can help to keep glucose levels in our bloodstream stable, which in turn maintains our energy levels and ultimately our mood.

  1. Brazil nuts


Brazil nuts are a key player when it comes to combat stress due to their rich concentration of selenium. Enjoy 2 to 3 Brazil nuts a day is all you need to maintain a healthy level of selenium in your body and stay away from depression and anxiety.

  1. Green tea

    green tea

A study led by  Dr. Lekh Juneja from Nagoya University in Japan has found a special type of amino acid that can be only exclusively found in green tea called L-theanine.  L-theanine is proven to have soothing and calming effect on people drinking it by stimulating alpha waves – the waves our brain produces only when we’re relaxed. Hence, whenever you find yourself tangled, depressed or angry, the fastest and most enjoyable way is to simply drink a cup of tea.

  1. Green Leafy Vegetables

    green leafy vegetables

Dark leafy greens like spinach are rich in folate, which helps prevent disorder of central nervous system by producing serotonin and dopamine. Higher intake of folate-rich food such as spinach will help you fight bad mood effectively.

  1. Water


As simple but evident as it sounds, a lack of water in our bodies, even a small degree can be associated with the physical and mental disorder. Staying in hydrated status can restrain cortisol – one of the stress hormones. Make sure that you drink a sufficient amount of water, normally 2 to 3 liters a day.

  1. Onion


Onions contain a high level of quercetin which can act as a sedative. If you have any feeling of anxiety, depression or tiredness, adding raw onion pieces in your meal is an effective remedy to help you feel better. Although you might get onion breath after the meal, the benefit of eating onions is undeniable. You also had better know some home tricks to combat onion breath in order to be able to fully enjoy a good mood onions bring.

Above are some stress – improving foods you can simply eat to feel better. All of this mood – lifting remedies can be found in every kitchen. To kill the feel of stress, besides paying attention to your diet, you can combine it with countless of other methods like listening to music, playing with your pets, watching delightful comedies, taking a good sleep, practicing a positive outlook on life, etc. Since stress is so common in the modern day, this article hopes to show you some simple and still enjoyable ways to deal with it properly.

Author Bio: My name is Ashley Bennet and I am a co-owner of AuthorityRemedies. I have worked and trained in the field of Nutrition and Health for over 3 years, consistently providing people with useful information about nutrition as well as helping them with their common health problems.

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