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Great Skin

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Skin care is tricky and depends on your skin type. However, there are some tried and true rules that really do work for all skin types. Here are some tricks to get great skin.

Great Skin

Hot water can cause redness and irritation in people with sensitive skin. For those with normal skin, it can  dry out delicate facial skin. Hence make it more susceptible to all kinds of issues, from red, flaky dermis to acne. Wash your face with mildly warm to air-temperature water. It will not irritate our skin.

Many vegetable oils are old-school ways of moisturizing the skin that we have long ignored. You can slather coconut oil, sesame oil or olive oil on after the shower. After using oil a couple of times, you will notice that your skin (oily or dry) evens out and is either less oily or more naturally moisturized. Most new formulations of high-end beauty products contain skin-protecting oils.

Scrubbing with most drugstore brand cleansing scrubs is much too harsh for most skin types .More frequent and harder face-washing can actually exacerbate acne. Instead of using chemical packed scrubs, exfoliate naturally using fruit. As long as you are not allergic ,rubbing the inside skin of a fresh mango, mashed strawberries, or fresh pineapple chunks directly on your face, leaving the natural, fruit acid AHAs on there for a few minutes, then rinsing off, is the best exfoliator you can get. This method may be a little too much for extra-sensitive skin but works well for all other skin types.

A healthy diet with lots of fresh fruits and veggies, lots of water, a skin-benefiting tea, minimal alcohol and plenty of sweat-drenching exercise will make skin glow more than any expensive cleanser or moisturiser. Healthy skin is not what you put on it, but what you eat. Have you ever wake up feeling a little puffy around the eyes? It is because too much salt causes the body to retain water leading to swelling of the thin skin around the eyes. Avoid popcorns and salty chips etc. before sleep.

A diet with too much of iodine (seafood) can lead to acne. But this is due to an accumulated amount of iodine over time and has no relationship eating high iodine food one day and breaking out the next. Avoided high glycemic food (bread, pasta, cakes, corn syrup) if you have a dewy skin. Alcohol is a natural diuretic, the more you drink, the more dehydrated you will be. It saps the moisture from the skin and can make wrinkles and fine line look bigger.


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