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Flat Feet


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Feet with a very low arch or no arch are known as Flat Feet and the condition can be very painful.  Our foot has 26 different bones held together by 33 joints and more than 100 muscles, tendons, and ligaments which give it its own unique shape. Together, they align to form the foot’s arch.



The cause behind the Fat Feet may be hereditary or it may occur due to other external / internal factors.

We can inherit Fat Feet from our parents like other features of our body for e.g.color of our eyes. And arches do not start to form until around the three years of age,only 1 or 2 of every child will continue to have Fat Feet into adulthood. Going shoeless during those early years may be beneficial in foot development.

Internal factors(aging,illness,pregnancy) and external factors(injuries,foot abuse) can excessively stress the tendons and ligaments in the foot. And foot abuse due to wearing high heels or shoes without proper support can cause weakness of the muscles and tendons. Some people experience no pain, but for others, the tendons and ligaments may be noticeably weakened, strained, or damaged. Flat feet can also result in poor alignment in the ankle, causing the feet rolling inward in a process and the condition is known as over-pronation.  Other body parts may also be affected over-pronating, like along the shin bone (shin splint), or general aching and fatigue in the leg, lower back, hip, and knee.

How to control?

Wearing insoles or changing to shoes with more supportive arches may help alleviate discomfort from Fat Feet.

Other research indicates barefoot exercising may be effective at strengthening the feet as a type of rehab for weakened arch muscles due to foot abuse over the years.

Cut back on the activities that cause foot pain.

Weight loss can also help.

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