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Weak Coffee with no Taste? Steps to Fix Your Keurig Making Watery

Keurig Making Watery

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Being a coffee-phile, you probably look forward to a strong coffee every morning, right? However, with Keurig, it’s always an impossible dream.

Keurig flavor is intractable. It’s excessively bitter, slightly sour and I find it almost close to death. If you are making Keurig coffee then surely it’s your last resort. You might have got it as a gift from your relatives, or it’s in your office, and you don’t have any option left except using it. What a bad break!

Well, either you love to have a K-cup or hate it thoroughly; you can’t deny the fact that Keurig offers weak coffee with no taste at all. And, you are possibly looking for some hacks to get a better taste, isn’t it?

So, here’s how to fix your Keurig making watery, weak coffee with no taste. Just implement these easy hacks for the superior morning Keurig beverage, and refresh yourself with a great coffee.

Before that, there are some common reasons why Keurig makes watery weak coffee; lay down your attention here.

Keurig coffee makers have two separate needles attached on top and bottom of the cup. From the upper needle, hot water passes down to the cup. The problem arises when this needle gets blocked. As its aftermath, the water leaks out, and this ultimately results in the watery coffee cup. You need to first clear the blockage by removing this upper needle and fix this problem.

Another common issue that every Keurig user may face after installing it at home or workplace is, it smells exactly like plastic. Being a routine Keurig user, you know that you can’t use it directly. You need to activate the charcoal filter, soak it and then run filtered water in it. And after doing this all, does plastic smell gone? *Giggle*

Even after repeating the filtering process, this stubborn smell will not leave the machine. Not at all! Alongside it, you can’t deny many more issues linked with a K-cup.

Here’s how to fix your Keurig making watery, weak coffee with no taste:

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#1:  Cleanse the machine

If we don’t keep things clean, then it makes them useless with the passage of time and slowly eats up its worth. The same rule applies to your brewing machine. Your regular habit to clean it boosts its value considerably. However, if you don’t do so, then start doing it right away.

There are various cleanings hacks, and I am sharing here the most common one. Open up the chamber and fill it up with vinegar. Brew the cups continually until the bacteria & dirt gets run out of it. Now to remove the vinegary taste, put plain water in it.

So, this is your very first step to fix your Keurig making watery, weak coffee with no taste.

After cleaning sticky bacteria, you will start feeling the difference at a moment’s notice. And, if you notice the difference, then there is no need to adopt the next tip. That’s enough for you.

#2: Use Two Pods

Another way to combat weak coffee is, using two pods instead of one. If you like strong coffee, then this idea would surely work for you. Use two cups and see if it provides you the coffee you desired to have. Two cups considerably change the taste and make it the stronger one than before.

Cleanse Keurig making watery

#3: Darker Roasts

Lighter roasts don’t make the perfect coffee. Try darker roasts and delight the taste buds with its watery flavor. It’s a coffee saver and surely makes your coffee the most delectable. So, if you can change lighter roasts and want to try as good coffee, then this option is good to go.

#4: Just Pull Out the Cup

The last drops are mostly least strong and can spoil your coffee once get mixed. Try to sneak off the coffee mug as & when you get it in enough quantity and don’t wait to get the last drops. The reason is, these are usually just water drops that make weak coffee. So, it’s good to remove the cup instead of making your coffee completely watery. Take caution while making your coffee and keep it in mind.

#5: Heat up the Machine

The major issue many Keurig users face is that water temperature is not considerably hot that is necessary for a good coffee. To beat this problem, one thing that you can do is, before brewing coffee you can run one cycle of water. As you haven’t put the machine in practice for a couple of hours, so running the water cycle will create the required heat.

As the machine has been heated up, so, now you can insert K-cup in it after removing water. This whole process will raise the temperature, and you will get a perfect coffee equivalent to your demand.

It’s a common problem, and almost all users get fed up with this issue, so, you can try this hack to fix your Keurig making watery, weak coffee with no taste.

weak coffee with no taste

What to do in an alarming situation when brewer doesn’t brew the same amount?

Possibly, you have been facing it while brewing. It’s distressing as it’s not doing what it is supposed to do.  Keurig doesn’t brew exact brew size that you have selected earlier, maybe because of the clogged needle or any other reason. To correct it, follow these steps but make sure you have a beverage pod, mug and measuring cup. Here are some tips:

  • Firstly, start the coffee maker without placing K-cup for a few times. The machine may contain imbalanced calcium and to correct it, you can apply a trick. Take some vinegar drops, or you can even buy a descaling solution from the market and mix it with water. Put it in the coffee maker for about 45 minutes. Now remove the vinegar and clean the machine by using fresh water. See if it’s useful otherwise see the next tip.
  • Unplug the machine and fill up water reservoir completely. Now shake it mildly. By doing so, the machine will be air free and will not become an obstacle in brewing. 
  • Another tip is to clean the dispensing line properly by using a paper clip or similar product. It will remove coffee leftovers stuck in the machine.
  • Check out whether Cold Water Reservoir has been properly seated. For it, remove the Reservoir from its place and align it correctly. Along with this, properly check all the parts and if any of them has not arranged properly then align it first.
  • Make sure you are giving proper time to warm up. If water is not getting hot enough then it’s impossible to get a good brew. 

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Bottom Line

Eventually, you will find these tips as lifesavers. Before boycotting Keurig coffee machine, try these tips and am quite sure that you will start loving this machine. 

These hacks are the exact answer to how to fix your Keurig making watery, weak coffee. Being a big coffee freak, I know what you feel when you have tasted Keurig coffee for the first time. And trust me, I have implemented these hacks and noticed a considerable change. These are real life savers.

I hope, you will get the desired strong taste and enjoy your beverage every morning and all day long. Have a good day!


Q: What’s the correct way to clean Keurig needles?

A: It’s easy to clean out Keurig needles. Here’s the way:

Just take a toothpick. Push it in the opening of the upper needle. This small act will remove the coffee particles stuck in it.

However, if you want to follow an official and reliable way then read out the manual that you get along with a Keurig coffee machine. The reason is these cleaning hacks may differ model to model. Some may direct you to clean the needle at its place, and according to others, you may be allowed to remove the needle first and clean it. So, by reading the manual, it would be more clear and easy to clean the needles.

Q: What’s the use of the ‘Strong Button’ in Keurig?

A: Many users don’t know about this button. They press it whenever they notice on the machine without knowing about its results.

As the name itself enunciates, Strong button gives you strong flavored coffee. It’s nothing, but just adding extra boiler cycle to coffee making process which ultimately takes more time to get it brewed.

So, if speed is a matter for you and you want an instant coffee then ignore this button. But yes, if you can wait and want a perfect strong coffee then press this every time.

However, it’s always wondering that almost all machines give this option still, these don’t brew the coffee as strong as a coffee freak wants.     

fix your Keurig making watery

Q: How could I remove the extreme bitterness from the taste?

A: It’s the big issue for many. The bitterness is unbearable. But now, no worries. I am telling you my formula that saved me millions of times from tasting the hell. Whenever I am bound to take K-cup, I prefer to add a pinch of salt (just a bit) in a cup of coffee. It takes away the whole bitterness within seconds and makes it smoother to swallow.

Q: I have purchased the Keurig coffee maker, but its weak coffee with no taste has made me intensely disappointed. What should I do with it? Is there any other way to deal with it?

A: It is a common problem. There is no limit of dismay when you don’t get even a bit of worth from money spent. Even after following all the troubleshooting tips and tried out every possible option and didn’t get satisfied, it must be the end resort to take apart from it.

Make sure you didn’t leave any stone unturned to stick with it. However, if you have finally decided to not to use it further and eradicate this machine, then surprisingly, a worthy option still left for you.

Wondering, what can you do with it? Well, it’s just perfect for a cup of noodles. Do setting of eight ounces and it will brew enough water for one cup noodles, and you can enjoy it anytime. So, it’s still an investment, don’t smash it. 

Q: How often should I use one K-cup?

A: Using one K-cup for more than once, makes the coffee weaker. For example, if you take the cup to brew two cups of 6-oz, then the taste will surely not up to the mark. Because the first time, you will get the strong coffee and in the second time, it will make it considerably weak. So, it would just be a waste to use the cup two times. I will recommend to use it for once, and not again & again.

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