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Fitness and exercise : The first cross fit!

Fitness and exercise

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Many people love this “sport of fitness” while for others it is out to kill them. It is very efficient and powerful exercise but can be dangerous also.
Here are some tips for your first cross fit. If you will follow these tips you can surely get the fitness you want.Some tips for Fitness and exercise:


Fitness and exercise

1.The first cross fit workout is like your first week at a job. Injuries due to cross fits are a result of newbies doing it           too much or with too intensity.
It’s ok to take it slow at starting.You won’t be doing the most advanced moves at starting but hard work is what            gets the results.
2.There are nine fundamental movements:

                          Air Squat (without the bar)


                         Front Squat

front squat

                          Overhead Squat

overhead squat

                          Shoulder Press

shoulder press

                           Push Press

push press

                           Push Jerk

push jerk

                           Dead Lift


                           Sumo Dead Lift

sumo deadlift

                           High Pull

high pull

                           Medicine Ball Clean


You often must be picking up your kid from the floor that is a Dead Lift. Likewise while going from sitting to standing, you may not be thinking about your position, but that is basically a squat.

All these movements are an introductory piece of cross fit. Don’t start with complex moves.
3.A good coach is of prime requirement. The gym should have a good coaching staff and community that will invest        in who you are going to be as a person.
4. A box. You don’t need a typical amenity filled gym with showers, TV screens or treadmills, just four walls or an             empty box is enough.
5. WOD (workout of the day) keep on changing day by day. Gyms create their own WODS which generally include          10-15 minutes warming up then 10-15 minutes on certain skilled moves for the workout followed by an easy                 cooldown.
6.Be competitive. It allows you to track your personal progress.

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